Big Sized Shoes....Help!!

I'll get straight to the point...I've got ridiculously big feet, UK size 14 to be precise!! As you can imagine this limits choice somewhat when I'm after some new trainers- in the past I've basically been limited to a choice of a few Asics models and that's about it.

However, at the start of this year I came across some Nike Free 3.0V3 trainers on which I bought to give this minimalist running malarkey a go- they've been absolutely fantastic and completely transformed my running. I've since done 7-800 miles in them (everything from speedwork at the track up to 20 mile long runs) and they're a bit battered, so the time has come to get some replacements.

This leads me on to the problem- I'd love another pair of trainers exactly the same as my Free's but,instead of still producing the trainers, Nike has seen fit to update them into the abomination that is the Nike Free 3.0V4. I've bought a pair of the V4s and hate them- they're heavier, not as flexible, plasticky, difficult to tighten the laces and generally uncomfortable (I've done about 50 miles in them, so I have given them a chance!!).

So...what are my options? It seems Nike Frees are out of the equation now- who else makes massive sized shoes that don't have two inches of cushioning under the heel?

I'm not keen on moving to full on bare footed running, but I'm starting to think that my hand is being forced!!

Alternatively, if anyone knows anywhere that is still selling V2s in size 14 then a virtual beer is yours!

Also- I'm on the lookout for a new pair of trainers for the upcoming cross country season; currently run in Walsh PB, but they're only a 13 so not very comfortable- in an ideal world I'd have Salamon Speedcross's but they don't go big enough. Anyone know of anything suitable? They need to be aggressive (i.e. fell rather than trail) and not those Adidas fell trainers as I've found the soles to be a bit plastic and slippery on wet rocks.

Any advice is much appreciated!!


  • Contact shoe companies direct and ask them, and do it well in advance of when you need a new pair. Some companies do go big, and might either have some in their warehouse that the stores haven't ordered because they don't have demand, or may be able to order some in from their global headquarters, if they exist. Bear in mind that they may take months to arrive though, and be organised!

  • I have the same problem as you Tim, also a 14. What I do is if I find a pair that I really like, I buy an extra couple of pairs and shove them in the wardrobe. Bit late now I know, but may be useful if you manage to find a replacement.

  • Ignore me = searched for V3 and not V2s

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