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  • Hi Bones,

    Its this one:

    CHO PAT Knee Support Strap by Mueller

    Also the deep tissue really gets the knots outs and really helps the IT Band, worth doing every coupla months no matter how painful!!

  • Hey bones, when I first had problems with my knee about 3 years ago, I was told it was caused by my it band, I was then pointed towards the chopat. The physio told me this takes the pressure off it by supporting under the knee cap. All I can say is that ( barring messing my cleats up and aggravating my knee) I have sworn by using one ever since. Shop around, it worked for me, if you did then I would deffo go for the proper chopat brand.

    Nice run and swim tonight, seafront blowing a proper hoooly, it's good running when it's nice but you can't beat a seafront run run with the wind and rain in your face...ace!!
  • TT many thanks for the advise, I have and will read more into it. I always though try to get to the root cause of the problem so as not to mask it each day, our training levekls are going to hit the roof soon and I want to be ready. Im already re looking at my hip flex's and have found a good  clip which may (or may not help). I will try anything once, twice if I enjoy itimage


    I may just take a couple from this and see if it helps. I can already feel through all the rolling etc that my right leg feels different from my left so I need to make sure whatevere I do I do it on both legs.


    Well done on your run mate dont get much sea spray up here. Did my first cycle commute for a couple of weeks this morning, coasted as much as I could and didnt try to overtake everything in sight. All felt good

    I was fixing the washing machine last night and tried getting the drain value open and as I was putting loads of pressure on it something in my wrist ripped so I now have that strapped up as well, but at least the pain from that is taking my mind off the leg.


    Learn to acceot and love painimage

  • If it helps description wise, the pain i get is like a piece of duct tape going vertical up knee cap and the more it bends the more the duct tape pulls!

    Sounds like you not having a good run of luck but doing right things.

    Cycle/run brick tonight...indoors...then maybe liverpool can pull off a win in our battle for 8th place!!

  • Hey Joddly, hope you feeling better, my eldest daughter now has cough and feeling 'bungy', these bugs just seem to continually go around and around so hope you shaken it.

    Good brick tonight, lots of sweat, ice pack on and Liverpool 1 up,..... can it last!
  • Morning all


    Things are looking good for you TT, well done on the training, the ice and the football!!.

    I did cycle home last night then stretched and rolled for about half an hour. Good to be back on the roads again.

    Got drenched coming in today and tonight will either do a swim or run depending on how everything feels, wrist is buggered though, but as I said I can cycle and will be able to run, its just the turns on the swim.

    Where is everyone else?, out training I hopeimage

  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭


    Sorry to hear about everyone's knee / wrist problems.

    I think it's really important to accept that injury is always lurking somewhere, to recognise it early, and to accept that there will need to be  a period of stopping / backing off training. The hard part is recognising when you're at a point that you can build back into training, and being honest with yourself if you realise you've tried to comeback too soon. But it's all part of the challenge, and the key to consistency.

    I'm back into something resembling a routine this week - Monday rest, Tuesday swim/turbo, Wednesday run. I'm off work today and planning a "long" (but only 3hrs) bike - should be a nice day for it, if a bit windy. I definitely feel lacking in longer rides at present, but with 6 months to go, that's probably not a very valid concern!

  • hey people how you bin....just catching up with this......I wear a high vis jacket for cycling...or a pirate to (almost the same) in the summer image....but for running even at night i dont bother...though i dont run on the roads if i'm at night....go routes where theres a pavementimage

    Just a word about injuries and especially niggles......Thats the 'fear' playing tricks on'll always have something that hurts...and you'll always worry about it....this intensity of training isnt supposed to be comfortable (i have PF in my left foot that i just cant get rid of)'ll have knee....shoulder....ankle.....wrist....neck...back......problems for the next six months....try not to dwell on em....if it hurts so much you have to stop....dwell on it then....if you can keep going....then keep going....cause on the day you'll have 12-16 hours with nothing to think about but the pain!!!    and its all about how you manage it!

    was out on part of the course today....Mad Mad wind up by the lonely tree!!! daft to go out in that but hey ho...we're obviously daft

    keep it up


  • I'll be at the lonely tree on Saturday afternoon, at the end of my ride and will be loking forward to a few miles back home and a sleep in the bath!! not intentionally but...

  • Yaaaaah everyone is backimage.

    Its good we can talk about the acceptance of pain. January has gone some how and I was looking at my diary dairy last night and for me it was a bit of a washout. Knee is still holding up did my 13mile cycle commute last night then tried a 2 mile run and all good, iced and rolled straight after.

    Didnt cycle in today as had to be up at 2.30am to get my son to school by 3.30 for a trip to Poland, but the coach didnt turn up until 4.15am! so gave up any chance of sleep by the time I got home so took the trainimage

    How did your bike go Joddly?.

    I must find somewhere to stay this weekend as well before everything gets booked up.

  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭

    Evening all. 

    Yesterday's bike was a bit tiring, and parts of it were almost beyond my gears and brakes. I've been down in Devon for a couple of days (hi TT!) and there are some rough and lumpy roads around. I was on my CX bike with knobblies, and there was one hill which nearly had me walking as I could barely turn the pedals and the wheel was spinning - then on the way down my very sloppy brakes were alarmingly feeble. Very scenic, though!

    Legs were tired for today's 2hr run, so it didn't help that almost half was on stupidly muddy coast path. Cue jelly legs and a massive fade towards the end of the run.

    Andy - I'm not sure I agree entirely with your philosophy on what to do when something hurts during training, especially as we get less good at mending as we get older - but fortunately we also get better at recognising what we can and can't train through too. The most important thing is not to ask for any advice on here image!

    Bones, I hope you get a chance to catch up on sleep this weekend.

    OK - Friday night - time to party..... not!!!

  • Hey-up all,

    Really sticking to Fink and all going well, turbo last night, run this morning and a swim and my eldest started her 'Sway' classes today ( a discipline not included in the Ironman, but could be used as celebration at end if i get there!).

    Whilst trawling running shops/cycling shops on line for any bargains (as i imagine a few of us may do!), came across some Vision TT bars reduced from £114 to £18.42!  I have no idea how i will get on with them but they arrived yesterday and fitted them today easy enough and i have to say 'V STURDY and a proper BARGAIN!', they seem great, test day tomorrow (or may have a go later.  But if anyone interested i would say this ia cracking deal and for that price if i dont get on with them i shant be too worried!

    In my neck of the woods eh Joddly!!!  which coast path did you venture?  we had some glorious sun lately (cold but sun!)

    Andy, pain/hills/gels/ibrufon/pain/ice packs are all friends (as Inbetweeners would say "PAIN FRIENDS!")

    Good luck with accom hunting Bones DM if you have no luck i may have some recommendations (or anyone else if stuck).

    Cycle with the bars tomorrow, and a lie in ....Bonus Sunday!


  • TT - funny you should mention TT  bars, I have just bought and fitted some. I tried them out today and they were great, they do make you work that much harder and you do go quicker. I intend to use them on the IM event in August.

    Earlier this week I spoke to an endurance coach and many times IM distance finisher, 5th I believe at Frankfurt this year, so he is a good standard.

    As Fink is a generic plan, I asked for some personal advice about IM training. I wasn't surprised when he told me to back off my strongest area, which is running,  until 16 weeks before the event and then start a marathon training programme. In the interim period he said to keep up the intensity, tempo, interval sessions and keep the long run to a max of 90 mins / week. 

    He said to concentrate on the bike and swim, my weakest areas.    

    Regarding the bike, he advised a minimum of a tempo, intervals and a distance session each week, again no great surprise. What he did say was to enter as many TT events at varying distances as possible and really work hard at pushing big gears to build strength, speed and endurance.

    In terms of the long ride -  forget the 15 mph ave Sunday cafe runs and ride with group that will really push and stretch me to the maximum.  As he said if I ride alone I will fall into that comfortable easy / steady pace and gains will be minimal. Ensure the long ride is hard and at least 4 - 5 hrs in duration.

    He advised against indoor turbo sessions and where possible get out onto the road. Clearly, if there is snow and ice then the turbo is better than nothing.   

    He advised 3 swims / week and suggested I follow a swim programme which is on the Endurance store web site.  

    Pleasing to see that everyone is getting stuck in and enjoying the journey.  Happy training.



  • TT bars.....verdict...bit hairem scarem, gonna take some getting used to...but felt good and more comfortable than I thought, noticed a difference in speed/exertion so gonna stick with them!

    I'm doing same kav and backed off running which is frustrating as I really enjoy it, I've also had the mind wandering to thoughts of the Marathon des Sables......maybe one day!!
  • TT bars should be treated with respect, if you have not used them wait until you arr on a good straight quiet stretch of road and do say 20 secs on then 30 secs off. Theres no point trying to get used to them on your rollers or turbo as it id nothing like being out on the road. Braking, turning and bumps are all different. You will also feel a difference in your quads as your lower down, careful if you have any back issues as again you are in a diufferent position, but is good for alternating. The big thing is it will take a fraction of a second longer to get your hands back to your brakes when they are needed so be warned!!!.

    OK this weekend was my first back and I declined a club ride and just went for turning the pedals to see how my knee held out. Did my ususal 35 mile time trial course, but took it very easy, 12 minutes slower then last time, opps!, but I did not want to race just to build my staminer back up again.

    Yesterday was a 4 mile run, tiwce the distance in the week and all good.

    Back on daily cycling commute and will swim tonight.

    Ordered 2 pairs of new running shoes in the sale last week so hoping they will be here soon.

    Stephen you advise mirrors what our coach tells us. I need to swim big time, get back into club rides and log everything I do including the rolling and stretches!!


    Happy Monday


  • Bones - Good advice re the TT bars, road bumps and braking etc. I hope the knee holds up, sounds as if you ease yourself back into it you sould be fine.

    I have just done a 20 mile bike circuit. The wind was bad but it was up my chuff for the majority of the latter half. I am really en joying the biking and the TT bars are brill.

    I did a straight 2500 mt swim yesterday in 1hr 5mins, so things are looking better on the swim front.    

    I have not had a rest day since Fink started on the 7th Jan, but I feel fine, so I will press on. Not advisable I know but....... 

  • Morning all, a bit fresh on the bike coming in today and evberyone seemed in a bad mood on the roads as well.

    Did 125 lengths in the pool past night. It took about 1hr 15mins as there was over a dozen of us in the lane for the first hald hour or so, i wish people would swim in the right section as a couple of blokes were doing some kind of back stroke and should have been in the medium or slow lane!.

    Have a great day everyone and keep eating!!!!

  • Yep TT bars are deffo bit on the nervous side when you have to right yourself back up to hit the brakes....but great when you get going on them!

    Great swimming Bones, i feel some way off the distances everyone talking about and i shall be concentrating in the pool for next few weeks.

    It doesnt help that some nice person had a poopy in the pool on saturday and meant my lesson cancelled! 

    I am still in slow/middle lane and keep in behind people within my capabilites.  Fats lane is a pipe dream at mo!

  • Obviously not the Fats lane i'd better change that to Fast!!


  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭

    Great training, guys. When I first got my tri bars I was a real wuss and only managed a minute or two at a time, until I did a race (Swashbuckler) and spent virtually the whole time down on the bars. Amazing what a bit of adrenaline can do!

    Don't know what's happened to me, but there's been a total desertion of enthusiasm (again!). I was tired and had a rest day yesterday, but felt OK again today, was due a swim and a turbo, and I just hate the idea of either. I'm now already into the self-hatred phase of decline, and have embarked on a feast of cake and hot cross buns, probably with the addition of wine once the sun's over the yard arm.......

    Will pull myself together tomorrow.

  • joddly wrote (see)

    Great training, guys. When I first got my tri bars I was a real wuss and only managed a minute or two at a time, until I did a race (Swashbuckler) and spent virtually the whole time down on the bars. Amazing what a bit of adrenaline can do!

    Don't know what's happened to me, but there's been a total desertion of enthusiasm (again!). I was tired and had a rest day yesterday, but felt OK again today, was due a swim and a turbo, and I just hate the idea of either. I'm now already into the self-hatred phase of decline, and have embarked on a feast of cake and hot cross buns, probably with the addition of wine once the sun's over the yard arm.......

    Will pull myself together tomorrow.

    What Joddly said. My road bike feels odd now, but I get on the TT bike, down on to the bars and everything feels normal again.

    Joddly - you'll be looking up at podiums, not down at the crowd if you carry on like that!

  • Joddly, one question from me......

    What is wrong with eating cake and hot cross buns???

    My eating habits go to pieces when I up the mileage. Cake and Hot Cross buns are full or carbs, you just need to remember to work them off.

    Should have run when I got to the gym this morning but spent all my times rolling and stretching, I think my legs will be 14 foot long by the time I have finished all this rolling!!!!. Will need to run tonight now. My commuting speeds are back to normal now.

    Any of you planning to go to the triathlon show at Sandown Park 1-3rd March. I think as well they shall be repeating it somewhere near Bolton in May. May even come up for that as well to see what the area looks like. Could meet up!!!

  • Good running sprint session last night ( haven't been for a couple of weeks so was good to get back), good swim also.

    Good turbo tonight but didn't manage a brick session.

    Appetite definitely increases, just changing some foods slightly to even out the diet/training yang and yang!
  • Well done TT, dont forget to keep rolling and stretching!!

    I did a 6 mile run to see how my knee was and lets just say when I got home I was smiling!!!.

    60 lengths in the pool this morning, could have done more but couldn't get my backside out of bed!!

    Pitch black when I cycled to the pool from home and when I finished my swim I was greeted with the most amazing blue skies and sunshine!!. Even Deptford High Street can look good sometimes!!!

  • Bones will have to check out the dates of the Tri show in May and if I am not working then I will join you. We could do a loop or two of the bike course if you've got your bike with you.

    Re the weather -  things are slowly starting to improve. I finished work this morning at 06.30 hrs and I could see blue sky emerging in the east. Tonight there was still some daylight around at 6pm. Spring is on its way!!!!!

    Took part in a chain gang last night before work and I really enjoyed it. We averaged around 20mph for an hour, I was totally immersed.

    I've got a 25 mile TT on Sunday so looking forward to that. Just planning what to do with the rest of my time off over the weekend - how about a bit more swim bike run.

    Happy training everyone.    

  • Sounds good news on the knee Bones, unfortunately I was tother way round tonight and mine bit sore after a 6 miler. Good pace just bit sore, ice again!

    Blue skies! We had bloomin snow again! What's going on.....!
  • Hey Kav, may be silly question with answer staring me in face....but when ou say 25 TT do you have a set course that you time yourself on or is that a race??

    And 20mph for an hour sounds awesome good going!
  • TT - It's a planned 25 mile event mate. The chain gang covers a 2 mile loop around an industrial estate, not very glamorous, but really good training. I was in the slow group the faster group averaged  24 mph. Something to aspire to in the future.  

  • Cheers Kav, thought something like that.

    Has motivated me to find a circuit i can do something similar on.  We do have Paignton green which is pretty much dead on 1 mile loop but may need something bit longer!

    9m run about 8.2min/mile pace .....and my first mile front crawl swim this morning, had a 4/5sec breather between lengths but felt good!

    A good day so far now for some of those lovely DIY jobs that i never get round to (may tinker with the bike inbetween times obviously!!)


  • Took my wetsuit down to the pool for my coached lesson last night, felt bit silly but i'm not one for caring really!   Anyway wetsuit first test went v well, felt like a surfboard going across the pool is only way to describe it, quite a sensation.!  Clocked a good 33sec length to start and really really enjoyed the session.

    Weather not good this morning and i bottled a road cycle and went for the turbo, hour and a half, 20miles and loads of sweat.

    all in all very happy with this weekend.

    Hows everyone else, knees , hot cross buns, chain gangs and stuff??!!??

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