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  • Morning all

    Well done Timmy on your 10 miler, is your sprint in a pool or open water?

    Great going Woody at Blackpool, dont that one years ago when it was staged mid summer and someone nicked most of the water so we were given flat cocke and chocolate every few miles!.

    My weekend was 2 mile swim in local lido with a hint of sun on my back, only 4 of us in there, all from our club!!

    Yesterday 100.4 miles on bike, sunny but windy. 5hr 39 mins av speed 17.7 mph with a 3 mile run off

    Ran into work this morning, well it was to the gym nearby so was just over 12 miles. Am now eating everything in sight!

  • Wow bones your training going great guns, I just 'survived' my first sportive on Sunday and was 5.15 on the bike over 103km! It was a truly awful experience as the hills were relentless and all but vertical (to the point that I'm sure I saw people abseiling down while we were cycling up!).

    It was good to get and idea on nutrition but it has knocked my confidence for the cycling.....although I am raring to get back in the saddle!

    This link may work for the race, check out those hills!

    Joddly I take my hat off to you doing 82miles around the south hams, that's some going!
  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭

    TT don't let it knock you back - you did fine. You probably didn't pace the hills too well if they were tougher than expected, so you'll know next time.

    But also, did you have a big enough ring on your cassette? I have a bit of a battle with a 27 (and I'm quite light, so good for climbing), and my husband has a 29 - it's definitely worth giving your legs a chance with a big cassette if you want to capitalise on your running fitness afterwards.

  • Thanks joddly, yeah probably right on the hills, I have since read up about going into the hills at steady pace then power up over the top...unfortunately I was more clawing my way over the top than powering. Still you are right and it was a good learning experience.

    I have no idea when bike words are talked about! For me to describe my bike I would say 3 rings at back 2 at 27 gears? Are 3 at back better than 2 or vice versa??

    If anybody wants to reassure me that bolton doesn't have hills anything like clawhammer then that would help rebuild confidence also!
  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭

    Firstly, I'm sure that the hills in Bolton aren't like the ones in the Hammer.

    Have you really only got three rings at the cassette, or are you talking about the cassette plus the two jockey wheels on the rear mech, which is normal? Typically you might have 9, 10 or 11 rings on the cassette, and if you only have 3 it's no wonder you're struggling!

    My 27 / 29 reference was to the number of teeth on the biggest ring of the cassette -  a high number there, combined with a low number of teeth on the smallest chainring, gives you lower gears for leg preservation on hills. Might be worth Googling this as I'm rubbish at describing it!

  • Bones1 - It's a pool sprint.  400m swim, 25km bike, 5km run and it's my traditional opening race of the season, on and off since 2006.

    This should be a really good guage of my extensive winter training (2500km bike, 100km swim, 400km run since 1st Oct).  We'll see if it makes any difference!!

  • Good news on the hills!

    And i think i will be reasonably right in saying... i have 3 chainrings at front with 9 on the cassette at the back!  But teeth i have no idea (as you can tell i dont have much idea anyway...except i have to ride the thing!).

    I will check out the teeth though and see how many.

    Good luck on the race Timmy (is it this weekend or next??).

    By the way....has sheephouse Lane thawed out yet?!?!


  • On the 28th - I've got a 4 hour bike and 2 hour run this weekend image

  • TT - Yes SHL is clear, went up there again last Sunday.

    I have been struck down since Monday evening with a mystery virus which has wiped me out. I think I'm over the worst of it now, hopefully I should be fit for the weekend. Apart from this little distraction my training has been going well.

    Sounds like everyone else is doing ok.

    Week 15 next week!!!! 


  • I just realised I haven't scheduled in a recce and it's now nearly the end of April image  

    It's 3.5 hours each way from me to Bolton, so quite an undertaking.  I may just have to take a day off work in June sometime.

    Or just go in blind...there will be plenty of time to get used to the course during the 3 laps image

  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭

    Timmy, I've got the same concerns and ended up booking onto one of the familiarisation days, which includes a lap of the bike course. We both did that before the first Outlaw - oh, those innocent days....! On that occasion I ended up driving round the bike course as I was too scared to ride it.

    I'm finally starting to feel the real training has started, having done a decent (2hrs 15) long run yesterday and my first 100 miler today, though it doesn't really count as it was a local 83 mile sportive. The start was 12 miles from home so I added that, but having spent quite a lot of time faffing at race HQ before and after, it wasn't   a continuous ride. Still, it's all good miles and I'm suitably knackered now. 

    Oh - and the shorts emerged for the first time this week too image!


  • Well done joddly, good stuff!

    Had a bad motivation week this week, need my mojo back(anyone seen it!?).
  • i'm a 5 hour trip so no recce for me.  be good to hear anyones thoughts who have had a trip round it though.  ie. does it start at the top of a massive hill and all 112miles is then downhill!

    Having a good look for mojo tonight, probably in the garage!!


  • Joddly - 100 miles is 100 miles!! Id say it counts image 

    I've got my first century due on 4th May - 107miles around Sussex and Kent.

    I managed to struggle round one very unfit lap of Bolton in October before I entered the race, just to see whether it was possible, so I've been round it once - it wouldn't be the end of the world if I didn't.

    Plus, if you entered one of the big Euro IM's or even further afield, you wouldn't worry about not recce'ing the course, so why worry here? 

    The benefit though, is probably finding out Sheep House Lane isn't quite as bad as you thought...

  • Not much training for me last week. I was planning to have my first swim of the year this evening but open water swimming at Peninnigton Flash has been posponed due low water temprature image

    Well done to everyone on your efforts. I'm you'll find it soon TT .

    My two penneth on the course would be don't be worried if, despite the first half of the loop having Sheephouse lane in it, you are slower on the second half of a loop. Not having a GPS device it wasn't until my 3 rd IMUK that I realised that the lowest point of the loop is few miles past half way point. From then on its a steady undulating climb to the bottom of sheephouse lane.

    The link from Pennington Flash to the loop is also a steady but easy climb to the loop.

  • Good tips on the course woody, settled a few nerves. Like the sound of 'steady easy climb', I like hills it's cycling up vertical cliffs that I'm not too fond off!

    Did a brick session tonight, my seriously!!

    Booked next Friday off work for an 80 miler.....mojo back on track...boooom!
  • I think I'm going to have to pick a weekday in June, take a day off work, leave early and drive up to Bolton for a day.

  • Tim,

    You can crash here mate and I can take you around the course,or the travel lodge at the reebok does rooms for £19 for a night every now and then, makes it more bearable, Ican show you the course froma  car and on a bike



  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭

    Good to hear your mojo's back, TT. Your liking for brick sessions is quite worrying, though...image!

    I had the afternoon free so sneaked in a four hour ride in lovely conditions - can it last?

  • Well done joddly, sounds good and going well!

    Next step for me is braving a sea we think the suns been out long enough to warm it up nicely?!?!

    You gonna have a test ride timmy? I kinda wanna get up and see it bu also very much don't! We'll have to see...

    Lost count, what week we in and how many left???
  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭

    100 days to go, so it must be week 16 of a 30 week programme.....

    It seems a bit early to be in the sea! Also, apart from getting used to cold water, I haven't found swimming in the sea replicates lake swimming much. It's mostly because of the increased buoyancy, but also waves and swell tend to make you increase body roll and do funny things with your arms, which you don't need in a lake.

    It's going to be another month before I do any useful OW swimming, though I think I've entered an 3.8k race on 29th May so it would be good to have at least done something before then.

    Have you thought about the Dartmoor Demon TT?

  • Hi all, 

    new to this forum business but have been keeping an intermittent eye on most of the posts. With less than 100days (and a 3week holiday in between) I am now beginning to really panic and wonder if I have done enough??!! 

    I have my first marathon tomorrow in Stratford so hopefully that will help to settle some running concerns, however I haven't swam open water yet (planned for next week) and I'm only up to 60 miles on the bike. Anyone else this far behind? I have 6 weeks planned out of which by holiday i will have covered the distance required for all disciplines but still can't help but panic!

    Does anyone have any recci's of the bike course planned for any point mid to the end of May? 

    Any advise GRATEFULLY received image 

  • Hey joddly, you know all the races!  Unfortunately I didn't know about the demon and have taken the Friday off work for an 80 miler attempt, probably best not to knock my confidence again yet anyway!

    welcome aboard mickey, nice little forum this so I'm sure we'll all help/advice and stuff.  This is my first imuk and I am pretty similar to you trai biggest worry is deffo the bike but I just keep trying to o'clock the miles in, when I am really not enjoybike the bike I try and picture the finish line with someone calling my name!  (It does help!)


  • Try again, my keypad had a mind of its own!

    Think we on week 17?  And you are right mickey panic settleing in.  What i meant was picturing the finish line with the announcer calling out "you are an Ironman" if definitely gives me a boost when i down or or having a bad session.

    Nearly went in the sea for my first ow week, deffo!   Did manage a 1.5mile swim saturday though so chuffed with, felt pretty good as well.


  • Week 17 people!!

    and its that day of the year where all exited to enter the VLM ballot for the SEVENTH time of trying, fingers crossed for this year.  Look forward to the dissapointment of septembers 'Unlucky' magazine......not this year, come on...... OPTIMISM!!!


  • Morning all, sory not been posting much.

    Nearly went in the sea TT, you must be mad, although its time I started some lake swimming, may give it another week to warm up a bit!

    Full training week last week, but didnt get a chance to post so this weekend was

    Saturday  100.5 miles on the bike, cool and gusty I think would be fair to say weather wise. 5 mile run off after

    Sunday 14 mile run in the morning.

    This morning 80 lengths in the pool.

    Have had problems with my garmin again so it went back for a second time, got it back in time for the weekend though.

    How you all doing?

  • First sprint triathlon of the year for me weekend just gone - PB by 3 mins on a course I've done about 10 times before.  It's usually my opening and closing race of the year, so I'm pretty happy.

    This Saturday coming, I've got a 107 mile ride with a group of friends, then two weeks after that my first Half-Ironman since 2011.

    So far so good, more than happy with progress.  I think the next 12-13 weeks will go really quickly!!

  • Anyone know the deal with the IMUK Pasta Party?

    Is it at the Reebok?  Are families welcome? How do you book?

  • Im thinking of staying there, going to book this week. Dam calf is sore againimage

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