IMUK 2013 Bonkers!



  • Some good ideas there, will look them up tonight, on the coffee big time s it was another 5.30am alarm for a swim sesh and I tend to run out of steam by this time.

    It is talc honest (sitting grinning from ear to ear combing my hair with a banana)image

  • I ordered an imuk  top and shorts on the bank holiday sale....and still not turned up!!

    hoping the tri suit gets here on time.  Just been told the roadford lake swim definitely on this Sunday and I felt a movement down below!!!image

  • Bones, my imuk top turned up today, I got the large and you said it....snug!!, is definitely the word!

    Brick session tonight....Tuesdays training normally hard to get into after a rest day on Monday, but love Wednesdays!!  Gets the juices flowing again!

    More Mile tri suit turned up today as well quite fits great, quite impressed.  One question how does one go wee weeees?!?image

  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭

    TT - I think you've discovered the main reason people don't wear trisuits for longer races! Been thinking about getting one myself as I'm doing my first Olympic distance this summer, but I'm not sure it's worth it in case I decide never to do another one. I've always managed OK with separate shorts and top, especially when there's a wetsuit swim so the extra drag doesn't come into it. Then again, I think you probably look more like a proper triathlete if you wear a trisuit!

    Had a short but tough "chaingang" cycle last night, and feel slightly peaky this morning. Harder sessions in the late evening seem to mess up my sleep.

    Run and swim today, I think.

    TT I hope you enjoyed the brick. 

  • Well done Jo, ...what sort of distances/times do you do and go out for on the chaingang?? 

    Easy few days for me now until sunday race!


  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭

    Yesterday's was 25 miles'ish, mostly flat but with a big hill towards the end. Normally I put in a bit of a push at the hill, but yesterday I was so knackered it was just a question of hanging on in there.

    Could do with a couple of rest days myself.

    Looking forward to hearing about Sunday, Presumably if it's an OW swim they'll keep it short if the water's cold.

  • Yes, i do have my fingers crossed that they shorten it!  I can happily swim that distance but having only now done 2 sea swims with a quarter of a mile each time (and being able to touch the bottom!) i am slightly nervous with a touch of just wanting to do it!

  • Joddy, you state

    Then again, I think you probably look more like a proper triathlete if you wear a trisuit!

    I think on the day no matter what we wear we shall all look a complete wreck when we cross the finish line, I just wear what I do so as it compresses where it needs compressing!image.

    Decided at 6pm to run home last night, had not eaten much, no stopwatch just my trainers and found at t shirt and pair of shorts in my drawer (dont ask!). Steady 15 miles with an almghty downpour as I crossed Westminster Bridge, just 2 miles in, which left me frozen. Kept having to think of this is how I may be feeling on the day as the enless stream of buses passed me, probably wth most people looking thinking "what the hell is that soft sod doing in the rain".

    To top the cold theme and doing a 40 mile bike, 2 mile lake swim and a 40 mile bike on Saturday and the weather is not looking good.

    My training partner is doing Lanza Ironman this Sunday (27 degrees!), he flew out last Sunday and has only just got his bike due to an Airline "misshap". Not the happiest of chaps this week.!

    Physio tonight to yank me around a bit and make sure all the bits are working!


  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭

    Bones, I'm sure you're right that these sorts of runs should help to build mental toughness for the big day.....but wouldn't it be bliss just to have one or two pleasant jaunts in the sunshine at this time of year?!

  • Suns out tonight....nice evening run ahoy!

  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭

    Well I must admit I sneaked in my long run this afternoon, and conditions were pretty good here too!

  • Well done jo.

    our run club big chief said nice 6.5 mile run with slight undulations!..

    ...8miles later gorgeous evening, great coast views and loads of hills!  Great run!

    which neck of the woods you in then jo??


  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭

    You can see on Garmin Connect......

  • Hey jo remember where you are now!  Can't seyo any of your stuff on garmin though..must be padlocked To others?

    swim definitely on Sunday!  and unbelievably they have had snow and hail this week...unreal!


  • forth discipline tonight...gardening and more specifically rotovating!  Sore back now, gonna have first lie in in ages tomorrow!

    are we at end of 'build'?  Where's the time going....!


  • Beautiful day!

    gardening all day!

    race tomorrow...can't wait!

    hope everyone's having a tremendous weekend!


  • Race done!....Loved it!

    Swim - took about 400m to sort breathing out, then i just had to sort my sense of direction (definitely training some forward looking drills!) but got into it and loved it.  Foggy goggles prob didnt help where i was going and low and behold it was quite sunny so bad reflections (swimming learning curve, but thats what i did it for!)

    Bike - really got going on this and didnt leave anything out there! great course, perfect conditions!

    Run - slight jelly legs and had pins and needles until 3miles but enjoyed it.

    Lost my bloomin chip in the swim, so quite annoying but garmin clocked  most of it (i did mess the transitions up a bit!)

    Biggest error was wearing the tri suit for 1st time and not being able to breath for the run (a bit tight), but again learning curve!

    Nutrition ok but not out long enough to test properly!

    All in all, brilliant!!!!

  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭

    Well done TT! And an extra "well done" for having fun image.

    So, team, here we all are approaching 10 weeks to go, and the Lanza crew are packed up and coming home already! I must admit to wishing ours was all over too, at times, particularly when trying to get out for a 4-5 hour bike and knowing it'll be cold, wet and windy.

    Still, training seems to be going along steadily at the moment though it's at the wearing-me-out stage rather than the making-me-faster stage, and it's only past experience that's telling me not to worry.

    I've done 3 open water swims so far, and stayed in for more than 30 minutes the last time, which represents quite an improvement, but I'm not brimming with confidence that I'll finish next week's 3.8k "race", as for me that's the best part of 90 minutes, and the water temperatures are only around 14 still.  

    How does everyone else feel coming into the final 10 weeks?

  • Thanks jo, got an itching for some more racing!!  Well done on the swimming, sounds like you'll do fine...confidence!!

    i just want it to be here and get on with it......however I know I need the next 10 weeks to be 'ready'...but it seems crazy that 10 weeks feels like its really upon us!

    going for first 100miler Saturday so looking forward to it, fingers crossed on weather!

  • Hi all, My training for the bike and run is going well and I am confident that I will be fine and hopefully achieve a reasonable time on the day.

    Swimming has always been my weakness and true to form it has presented further issues having just started open water. Apart being slow I am having real problems with the cold and sighting is a complete nightmare as I tend naturally to swim to the right. I can't concentrate on what I am doing due to the cold. Clearly the water temperature should be fine by August, but it is now that I need the practice. The water temps where I am are about 11 - 12 c. I will just have to press on, persevere and hope it comes together for the big day.

    Jodds I will be made up with a 90 mins swim time on the day mate.

    Generally speaking the training volume is demanding but we all new that it would be, so no surprises there. The twice daily sessions are sometimes difficult to fit around work. 

    To sum up, marks out of 10..... at the moment I am probably sitting around 7.5.

    Good luck with the final 10 weeks everyone. 


  • Well done TT for the race.

    I had a bit of a nutritional mare at Bedford Middle at the weekend.  Sick twice in the swim, GI issues 90 mins into the bike,  sick 5 miles into the run, then sensibly pulled out at 7 miles.

    Positves - swim was strong for me, out the water in 42 mins dispite goggle issues and the chunder, it was a 6 hour training day without totally trashing my legs, and I know now that Powerbar Isoactive Energy Drink is not for me...I'm taking water at the IMUK feed stations.

    This week has also been manic, as our shower flooded the bathroom and down into the living room mid week so I've been sorting Insurers, Inspections etc

    Back to a 5am 5hour ride tomorrow morning.

  • Oh and I entered Ironman Lanzarote 2014 this week... image

    Put me down for the sub 90 min swim pack!!

  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭

    SK4, I think you'll be amazed how much better your OW swimming gets once it's a few degrees warmer. Though this may be a bit controversial, I don't think you should keep plugging on when you're cold and not swimming well, as you need to relax.

    Timmy - good effort at Bedford. Are you sure it was the energy drink, though, that made you ill? I tried it for the first time yesterday and found it pretty palatable.

    The weather is filthy here now - not going to help lake temperatures much! I had the crappiest of crap long runs this morning, with the only upside being that the deluge didn't start until I got back. In my last post I said I wasn't worrying about getting slower, but there is a limit....!

  • Joddly, no worries mate you are probably right, good advice. Lets hope the weather takes a turn for the better sooner rather than later and the water warms up.

    I did think maybe I was being a bit of a wuss with the cold but uncontrollable shacking, numb hands unable to grip clothing and zips is a sure sign of the onset of hypothermia.

    In contrast the weather is pleasant here apart from the wind. I have just come back from a cracking 14 mile run @ ave 7.52 mpm pace. I have got to go to work now, 3 night shifts over the weekend.
  • It might not have been the energy drink, but it was the only part of my nutrition that I'd not used before.  And it didn't taste too good coming back up image image

  • Fear not Stephen Pennington Flash was 14.1  yesterday  and should continue to riseimage

  • Cheers Woody, I will be back at the 3 sisters next Wednesday evening for another go.
  • Morning people, not a good week here

    Am fighting this calf problem, and told the family if its not sorted by next week I am not racing as I need to be prepared, saw an amazing physio who was one of a team who looked after our gb team at the Olympics and he said he can fix me!

    2nd problem

    me and 2 mates went out for a bike ride yesterday, all good until an old lady took 2 of us out in her car. I was in front and when she overtook my mate she went too close and knocked him clean off, I heard it turned round and she didnt see me. She went straight past pulled in and slammed her brakes on.Luckily for me I was knocked clean out so was relaxed before I hit the road. Didnt come round until after the police ambulances and helicopter had arrived!!! I had total memory loss to the extent of when my wife arrived i didnt know who she was and kept asking for her, she was showing me pictures of my kids but I didnt have a clue!

    Anyway I got aware with severe concusion some stitches on my head brusies and some road burns so very very lucky.

    Apparently whe i came round my first words were hows my bikeimage. Seems fair enough to me!!

  • How is the bike mate?
  • Seriously Bones, I hope the Physio sorts out you calf and you can race. What with drivers and pot holes the roads can be a pain.

    Wishing you a speedy recovery and I hope the bike is ok to.
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