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  • gazhilla wrote (see)

    As someone who is starting out and looking at Imuk2014 this thread makes inspirational reading, keep going folks you are all doing brilliantly . 

    I was just thinking exactly the same. Makes me feel guilty about training at sprint distances ha

  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭

    Gazhilla and SuperJEvs, you won't be thinking like that in about 6 weeks when we've all gone into wibble mode!

    Good luck tomorrow Timmy, and have a great time.

    TT - what's Father's Day? Get out there and ride.

    Happy Training and Racing all!

  • Had a good read through this forum over past few days, has got me right back on track. I've been putting bike off too much in lead up to IMUK and am at a point where it's put the work in or prepare for pain.

    luckily, you guys have given me the kick I need. 

    I live on the ironman course (over road from swim start) so have no excuses, and with the nights getting later I am now able to get around the bike course and home before it goes dark on a week night after work (been round twice this week and have a brick session planned for tomorrow off the IM loop).

    Thanks for the motivation and good luck to everyone.

    by the way, thanks for suggesting a 28-11 rear cassette. Getting one fit in the next week or so. Should make SHL a bit easier on laps 2&3.

    i would get as much OW swimming done as possible btw, it seems like some are not getting in there much, visibility is not ideal in Pennington, so if you can get in on the Thursday before the race it will defo help. It's very choppy if it's been raining too.

  • gh, SJ & SL - Welcome, I'm glad you are all enjoying the thread.

    Today, I cycled from Pennington Flash and did two loops of the course and back, 90 miles in total. It was very windy in parts, but it could be like that on the day, hope not!!

    SR - I have battered the OW this week and will continue to do so until the event. Now the water temp has increased I feel that I can concentrate on my stroke and sighting rather than being distracted with the cold. I have got 3 x 3,8 km OW swims planned over the coming weeks.

    Joddly, a 10 minute improvement on the 3.8 km swim in 2 weeks is a significant gain, well done.

    Timmy, best of luck for tomorrow mate.

    SEVEN weeks tomorrow guys.
  • Afternoon all, more physio this week, but lookiing good, he found another area that has been causing me slight problems, but with some painfull massage and more new stretchs I seem to be running and riding better.

    We "may" hit that time soon of self doubt (have I done enough, can I do it etc), but just think of the hours, days, weeks and months that we have all put into this and not in the best of weathers. Im sure we can count on a single hand the number of rides we have had where the sun has ben out and it has been warm. We have had the lot, snow, ice, sleet, wind, rain & hailstones and that was just last weekimage

    I have been reading about mind over body stuff, I know it sounds weird but it has helped on the longer swims and have tried it a couple of times on my long bike rides as well. Its in the book Going Long (Joe Friel) you may have read it. Its a bit intense,  but some bits have really helped to sort my head out in all this. Also I thinking about what to do after as a mate of mine did Lanza and hasnt trained since and is suffering big time with many things as he has nothing to aim for anymore!!. 

    2 lido swims this week, 2000m & 2500m and a couple of steady runs with a club sprint session thrown in. No local lakes to swim in, only the Thames!!. Worked today so planing a long bike tomorrow morning with a runoff after then a 16 mile run to work Monday morning, will have to head the wrong way first to add some miles.

    Am going to practise my race day eating on the bike again then will keep to it until the day itself, a weird mix of foods but it works for me, beetroot juices, maxifuel bars, torq & sis gels, cheese etc. image. I think that by the time I have got through that lot my inside is in shock so doesnt notice the first part of the run, where I have to stick to drink and gels only.

    Is anyone sleeping more, Im up most mornings by 5.45am for either swimming or running, but am done in by 9pm!!

    Fathers Day is on hold this year for me!!, although I have dropped a hint about a new single speed, probably socks and a new tieimage

    I must book my accomodation!!!!!!

  • Bones, good news re the injury, looks like you're back on track mate, good stuff.

    I believe that I can do it. My self doubt is in relation to the time I have set myself to complete it, I am aiming for under 13 hrs, 12.59.59 will do nicely. I have trained to achieve that time, so hopefully I will.

    Sleep is big problem for me, I work shifts and I cannot get into a stable settled sleep pattern. I go to bed for 10.00 pm ( when not in work) and sleep soundly until 3 am and after that I am awake every half hour or so until I get up, normally around 5.30 - 6.00 am. The other issue is the more time I spend training the less I sleep, I believe that is a potential sign of over training. I do enjoy a couple of 10 min power naps during the day, so it's not all bad.

    15 mile run done this morning, so a productive weekend.
  • Compromised, out on the bike at 4.45am and back for brekkie at 8am!   Great ride, nothing on the roads..(did bump into one Dear but he lollopped off!).

    So 20 mile run yesterday, real good swim coach session, 50mile bike today...happy!

    Tried out the powerbar gels as well, bit salty but i reckon they did good.  No more messing around now, its powerbar on the day so thats what i'm training with...decision made!

    Well done SloanRanger, its very up and down these last few weeks, think i've found my mojo again as well this week!

    Deffo need to get more sea swims in, i agree Skav, i've kinda left it and need to pick up more now.  Sighting definitely need more works!

    Bones, those massages are the 'relaxing pain' of what we are putting our bodies through!  They always seem to find another area that makes you swear a few expletives toward the inflictor...must be doing some good though (hopefully!).  Gonna look up that book later, sounds good. 

    Cant believe its only seven weeks away!  twas the 70.3 at Wimbleball today, seemed a bit windy/blustery, but hopefully all went well for all those doing it (may just have a crack at it next year??!!)

    Well done all...REST DAY tomorrow!



  • Nearly I was out on the bike EARLY this morning with nothing else on the roads, I got to thinking...'what's the top 3 things I have bought for attempting the challenge of hopefully completing the Ironma?' ( the mind does tend to wander doesn't it!)

    so in third tri bars, bought off chain reaction over the winter with about 80% off for £20 odd quid, brilliant, love em, what a difference they make!

    in second...recently purchased predator reactor goggles, £35, let in NO water, comfy, and great in the sun...ACE!

    in first place..........(drum roll....)..... A pair of bright green elastic laces, bought for about £5 !!!....wherheave they been all my life?!  Trainers easy on easy off, I have no idea why all shoes/ trainers do not have these???!

    anybody else minds wander into their top three?  Thoughts?!


  • Will think about my top three things TT, quick post

    yesterday 90.50 mile bike 5hr 31min, climbing 6772ft follwed by a 4 mile run in 32.28sec

    This morning 13 mile run, wanted to go sub 2hr, but too many raods to cross, havingf to didge around bus queues and people engrossed in their mobile phones. Got 2hr 1 min, 34 sec. Not bad I suppose.


    now my top three things................

  • Last warm-up race before IMUK yesterday - Cotswold 113.

    In a nutshell - Brilliant swim for a 39:42 PB, Maxed out the Bike for a 3:06 PB, then after going too hard on the bike I exploded spectacularly on the run and ended up run/walking it all.  But still got a Middle Distance PB by about 10 mins with a 6:49 so happy overall.

    Next race is the big one!! Got my next month's plan from my coach over the weekend and there's some big sessions in there, including the full IMUK bike course next week and a full 3.8km swim the week after.  And after my swim yesterday, my target for Bolton is 1h20 for the swim image

    My top 3 things: My power meter, my Giro Air Attack Shield helmet and my coach proabaly!!

  • I'm going for the 3.8k tonight in pennington, hopefully they've got their new 1.9k lap open to ease the boredom as much as pos. Aiming for 1:15 (1:10 on the day), fingers crossed.

    Tried to do IM bike loop Sunday morning, but legs told me otherwise (did  1 lap on both weds and Fri in terrible weather) so did a recovery brick, 17miles mid to fast bike and 4.5 mile plod. Rest legs today and back out there tomorrow.

    Top 3 things mmmm..... (poderous expression)

    3) My Asics Lahars (with elastic laces of course). They kept my feet warm and dry for all the winter trail runs early in the year.

    2) my 110% compression pants with ice pockets, can't imagine my recovery process without them (or my foam roller, but had that a while).

    1) Gotta by my Planet X Stealth, my Baby!!.

    I try to forget about the credit card that has paid for all the stuff, as you might have noticed that I am a bit of a salesmans dream!!image

  • Great going timmy, looks like coming together nicely with just a bit of fine tuning for the run?  Great shout of or the coach in the top three, my swim coach ha also been a legend and invaluable for this journey.

    SR, let us know what's the lake like, big eels in there? i guess the credit card should be at the top, just above the top three! planet  x stealth sounds nice, I keep thinking about upgrading my bike but its got me this far and I have built a certain trust with it that will hopefully get me through the day...(not quite at the Lone Ranger stage where I can whistle and it will appear under the window ready for me to jump on...but close!!).

    bit naughty on rest day today and snuck some cycle sprints in, mates tyre exploded on him early on ( he did not hav a pressure gauge on his pump...lesson learned!). Just good fun easy session.

    ice pants sound great! image

  • SR - What nights / days do they do OW at PF ?
  • SR - got the times mate, just checked the web.
  • Just for reference SK4, they do coached sessions on Thursday, at the bargain price of an extra £2.50 and the guy is good (my times have come down over the past 3 weeks since working with him).

    No eels TT, but only managed 2km as the in-laws came to watch with the promise of steak if I didn't stay in too long!! 35:47 later..... Steak o'clock.

    Ice pants are great, nearly bought matching socks from sweatshop yesterday at £72, luckily they didn't have my size.

    Ironman bike loop tonight, 57 miles door to door. Getting use to which gears to use where now, which i think is as important as getting the miles in on this course.

  • I'm planning to go and do 3 loops of the IM course one day next week.  Looking to see how intensity equates to speed on the course itself. 

    I've ridden it once before, but that was last September and I was rediculously unfit and 4 stone heavier...

    I'm trying to deny the fact that it's only 6 weeks on Sunday till race day image

  • Ice Socks???!!  image

    Bit jelous all this training stuff going on up there on the courses already!

    6 weeks...........blimey, seems like November was but just yesterday!

    Half Marathon race for for me this weekend.  Want to get in for decent sea swim as well but tooth killing me (they are drilling Friday!).   Getting bit more worrieed about swim now, havent done more than 1.3miles yet (pool or sea)  image

  • Hi All,

    New to the site, but been reading the thread with a lot of interest and I can certainly echo the same comments re: training, injuries and motivation over the last 6 months or so

    This is my first attempt at Ironman and looking forward to the challenge.  Training has been going well and planning another trip up to ride the IM course this weekend

    As Timmy G has mentioned I can't believe that it's only 6 weeks to the race......



  • Well done Jon, I'm a first timer too and more than likely last timer!!

    still jealous hearing stories of riding the course! thrust had a good sprint along the coast tonight, but no brick session just lots of crunches!

    negin dentist to finish drilling Friday then get in the sea!


  • Just joined myself Jon,

    Been doing tri for a year now, and decided to make the leap last October and sign up for IMUK. 

    Have been feeling the burn over the past two months as the motivation seems to be harder to find and the niggles add up (got a funny pain in my right calf that only flares up two days after a run, never during training!!).

    The sessions are now getting less regular, but much longer, which is a bit alien to my body as I want to be out all of the time. But recovery is key to performance!!

    That and the new planet X deep rim carbon wheels and new 32-teeth rear cassette being delivered for my bike today image.

    All the best with the last 6-weeks everyone. Half mara tonight, 3km time trial in pennington tomorrow morning, then 2x IMUK loop Sunday morning for me this weekend.

    What's everyone else got planned? Good luck with half mara TT, how did the 3-laps go Timmy?

  • 3 laps is next week.  Just regular long sessions this weekend!!

    I'm taking a week off work in a couple of weeks time too, to get a big block of training in 3 weeks before the race.

    At the moment, I'm switching between excitement, nerves and relief that I can have a rest in August...

  • I'm the same as you Sloan Ranger - I've done tri for a couple of years then thought it would be a good idea to take up the challenge of IMUK - what have I done!?!?

    Training for me this weekend involves a run on Saturday then 3 loops of the bike course early Sunday morning. 

    Tylertonka, I'm going to reserve judgement on whether I enter another ironman event until after IMUK


  • I haven't got the choice of whether I enter another Ironman event...I've already entered Lanzarote 2014!!

    Jon - let me know how the 3 laps goes.  I'll be doing the same thing mid-week image

  • Great Half Marathon, knocked over 6mins off my PB to just sneak under 1hr 35....well chuffed!

    Havent got the time in on the bike though this weekend so chuffed with a tinge of thinking...'oh no, lost time from programme on bike, how am i gonna get that back?!'

    Oh well....i'll call it the guilty feeling PB!  image

  • Morning all

    Well done TT thats an amazing time, how are your legs this morning.

    Fought with the wind and rain on Saturday, but knocked out a steady 100miles on the bike in 6hr 20min, climbing 7218ft then straight into a 5mile run whihc felt ok. 16 mile run yesterday in 2hrs 20min finished my weekend off. Thought about swimming last night, but slept instead!!!.


    Keep going everyone, this is the hard bit!!

  • Sorry for not posting of late, been mad busy and not a lot to report.

    Sounds like you are all more or less on targaet and some great times being knocked out.

    I've been carring on with club runs in and around the area but cycled to them then made up the cycle miles after. Also went for my first swim this year last Thursday evening image  I cycled to, swam about 1400 M in Pennington flash, then rode home. Going to try and do the same tonight.

    All the best and keep up the good work.


  • Cheers Bones, yes legs bit on the sore side1

    Sounds like you've had quite a weekend too!  Great going.

    Deffinitely feeling lot more tired at mo, trying that berocca stuff in the morning seems quite good...every little helps and all that!

  • Morning all

    Well done Bones on getting out on Saturday and getting 100 miles done in that weather.  I braved the same conditions on Sunday and completed 2 loops - the plan had been to do 3 - but having picked up 2 punctures whist on the course and the fact that I had no more inner tubes on me....I opted to call it a day! (wasn't keen trying to repair a puncture in that weather)

    Also congratulations to Tylertonka on knocking 6 mins off your PB time....that's excellent running and should give you a lot of confidence in the final weeks of training.

    Keep up the good training everyone


  • I brought some new tyres for my bike, not the slickest, but they have suited me for the last year or so. I got the last 2 Bontrager All Weather RLX's. Shall ride them in over the next few weekends.

    I can feel its nearly time to start our race weekend lists that shall no doubt re checked, double checked and checked again every hour for the last week!

    Sleep is something I am doing more of. Im planning on taking a lieu day this Wednesday to do another bike (not too long) and a lake swim. Working more now on quality over quantity.

  • TT - that's an awesome time.  You must be revved up for the next few weeks now!!

    I've got some new tyres waiting to put on in the next week or two which will be the tyres I race on for IMUK. 

    I'm waiting as it's my birthday in two weeks, and if I win a new contract at work this week, I may be getting some new race wheels as a present...fingers crossed!! image 

    Don't know if I'm looking forward to my Bolton ride this week, but I'll be pleased if I get the 3 loops done - it will be a big tick in the box.

    I'm planning to leave my car at the start of the loop, then I can refill on nutrition each lap. 

    Following Jon's experience, I'll pack a few spare inner tubes!!

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