IMUK 2013 Bonkers!



  • How did you start with the swimming??

    Swimming is defo the worry for me!
  • Fink book looking good....already thinking " just finish " as the programme to go for!
  • Anybody else find that their 'wife( boss)' was none to happy about time needed to train for this = less family time??

    Will she come around?

    Will it be stupid o'clock training mornings?

    ....and many many more questions and riddles!!
  • Tylertonka ... I found a coached swimming class close to where I live and went there, as well as going on my own to practice what I was taught.

    As for wife -- you need her support.  Mine isn't all gung-ho-this-is-wonderful, but she does understand my passion and determination and she's behind me.

    And yes, stupid o'clock!  No better way to start the day than with a half mile swim or an 8 mile run....

  • Entry opens Monday, date is the 4th August 2013.

    Time to put some money where your mouth is!

  • Yeh, got the pre- reg email today and I am all ready to sign up for blood sweat and tears!......however I have a slight fly in the ointment being that I have only just found info on the 'Outlaw', which looks pretty good also.

    Looks good course, good reviews, good atmos and bit cheaper ( also slightly nearer for me!)

    Any thoughts!

    Is outlaw the way to go?

    Obviously Ironman has the name and I train on hills so may prefer hilly Bolton, with registration opening today I don't want to miss the Ironman Entry Boat!

    Any thoughts......?
  • lots of us will be at Outlaw.there is a thread on here............and don't worry Bolton never sells outimage

  • Cheers seren, don't won't to make rash/wrong decision!

    Have you done outlaw?...what are main diffs between iron and out?

    Is it all in the name!?!?
  • supported at Outlaw this year and doing it next year............its a flatter course than bolton and seems really well organised......

    I haven't done Bolton as it seems to usually be split transitions which i'm not keen on...and its had some problems but loads seem to have enjoyed it.....

    It is just really a name.....

    I can see Bolton being good for those who work in schools as its in the holidays.

  • Thanks again seren,

    Now for a real imuk newbie question......

    'what do you mean by split transition?? I get the transitions time, is this all you mean??

    Newbie...newbie...yeh I know!!
  • It means your bike will be in transition one and your trainers will be in another site in T2, ie everything is not in one place. Does that make sense?
  • I did the Outlaw for the last two years and loved it, it does have the advantage

    Of having both transitions in one place, course is virtually pan flat and as you say it is a lot cheaper the imuk.
  • Yeh, cheers Flat that makes sense now.

    Not sure if that's too bad a scenario though, possibly could be better that running stuff completely separate at diff place rather than chance of jumbling stuff up?

    I think I am mentally swaying back towards to IMUK..... I think it's the hills ( i like hills for some reason!) and yes the name!

  • IMUK entries have opened to public (not pre-registered) today.


    My Mrs has entered which means i'm going to Tenby for my IMW adventure this year.


    dont worry about anything right now...split transitions isnt a problem...just means you finish the bike ride in a different place to where you start it!!


    Its a great race!!!

  • Entering. Fridsay so hope doesn't sell out!

    Looked at Wales and the youtube swimming videos put me off! good luck with that, the atmos certainly looked great though!
  • You've got more chance of Wembley selling out for Englands next home game.

  • i dont think it will sell out till about April Mate...last year they had 1500 but you could still get places during March....every year they say they have 2500 pre-regs but i think thats just a carrot (which my mrs and 2 mates have all fell for)


    you'll love the event though....Happy to Mentor you if you've not already sorted one...i live on the course so can take you for a loop or two during the spring!!!


    PM me if you're not sorted for a pirate Mentor yet.

  • Cheers Andy appreciate that,

    I live a bit of a jaunt away in gloomy old Torbay!!.... so may not be able to get up prior but any info would be great and pick your brains now and then.

    I have trained for lots of running stuff (mostly marathons, ultras), and something tells me i will have this nervous training nervy nervousness from now (or rather Friday/entering day!) till August!!.....



  • no probs...many people travel from some way and camp for a weekend etc and ride round a bit...but i'm happy to help with any of the million questions you (or anybody else) might have.

    some light reading for you before tomorrow



  • Cheers andy, there lies a bit of evening reading!

    Looks good...and well done to you!

    Will get back to you...!
  • I think its about time I did a newbies guide to IM training to go with the sprint one, looks like it might come in handy.

  • Has anybody got Ironfit training programmes on excel??

    I have the book but would be great help if anyone had programmes in excel so I could have a play and tailor it a bit!

    I' m sure I've seen it on a thread somewhere but like looking for a thread in a haystack!

    By the way......I am now an official entrant to ironman uk 2013! Now to start working on the being an official finisher as well!!
  • Cheers rafiki

    Much appreciated. Now less time faffing on computer and more time run/swim/biking!!!
  • Hi.

    Did Outlaw this year but missed out on it for next. How does imuk compare to it? Really want to do another iron distance any others anyone would suggest? Rafiki would love the excel file too as i have the fink book but can't seem to find the correct link. Please help lol.
  • Rdc - There is a thread that you will find on "Tritalk" dedicated to the debate, Outlaw v IMUK.  Clearly everyone has a view point, but the general concensus appears to indicate that they are both great events and IMUK improves year on year. I have done neither, I hasten to add, so I can't give a view one way or another, that said I have entered IMUK this morning.   

  • Thanks Stephen. Nice one Matt you a star!!
  • Hey Steven kav4,

    Looks like we both in imuk newbie boat!

    Have you started training yet?

    Even with 10 months to go, it doesn't feel lke long enough!

    Strangely looking forward to challenge though!
  • i've done IMUK and the outlaw as a relay (this year through injury)

    it is each to his own and finances obviously play a big part...but...the outlaw feels like a beginners just doesnt feel like the real thing and i dont think anybody who crossed the line has the same look on their faces. dont get me wrong...its a great event and very well run...IMUK is a much tougher bike ride though so train on some hills.....but at IMUK this year...the finish is just something very very special.

    i'm biased of course cause its where i live and i love it being here!


    Tyler....take your time mate....dont start a plan at all some base if you want to...some winter running maybe or swimming....but DONT start your plan till January...cause i promise you'll be sick of it all come race day.

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