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  • Well done to you all on some great times, distances and training despite the horrid weather.

    I was a sh@thouse at the weekend and opted not to brave the wind and rain in favour of doing the long bike tomorrow, you guessed it I will be doing more loops of IM. I will do two long bikes this week, one tomorrow and one on Sunday.

    To ease my conscience, I did do a quality 1.5 hr turbo session yesterday which included 15 min hill reps and sprints, that session helped to mix things up a bit.

    My OW swim times are improving. Just by swimming relatively straight I have knocked 10 mins off my 2000 mts swim time in just two weeks, so hopefully I should achieve a sub 90 min swim on the day.

    Overall I have pretty much stuck to the Fink Int plan. I have matched the time allocated to swim and run, but I have done additional hours on the bike. In terms of total time spent I sit somewhere between the inter & comp plans.

    Not wanting to wish my life away but 6 weeks today I should be sat on a beach in Spain, I fly out at 6 am on the 5th August, can't wait. That will be the day the obsession ends with me for IMUK 2013.

    Not decided which IM to do next year, I intend to make it a special one as I will 50 next March, so I may look to go abroad.

    Keep up the hard work everyone it will be worth it on the day.
  • Stephen

    August 5thimage,!!!!!! now then are you going to be able to walk???!!!. I suppose it puts a bit more pressure on you finishing quicker so as you can get home to collapse in a bath and eat!!. I thought I was bad by flying out on August 7th!!!. You also could just keep running after the finish line to whatever airport your going from, now theres a thoughtimage

  • Well done everyone for this weekend, everything seems to be cut short for one reason or another in the past week or so, did a massive PB for one lap of IM course last tuesday (57 miles), but since then have struggled to get going.

    Going to cycle down to Pennington myself tonight and push out 4k whether I like it or not. I might see you there Woody, I'll have my new race wheels on (finally) so I can get used to them before race day, if my bike could ride itself it would be extremely fast, but unfortunately it's gotta carry my 15 stone around on it image.

    Pretty jelous about the hols, I'm looking at going away in September to Centre Parcs to prepare for my 45 mile ultra on 29th, eek.image


  • ok im booked to stay in Bury, which is meant to be only 7 miles from Bolton, but at £24 per night for the 4 of us it was not to be laughed at. Its a 5 star Travelodge!!.

    The kids seemed more excited about a breakfast box being left outside the door each day. I then broke it to them that we would be leaving at about 3.30am on race day. I was greated by blank staresimage.


    Well if I have to so do theyimage

  • I'm definitely leaving my family in bed...they can see me on the bike course later!!  I'd rather they stayed up late to see me finish rather than got up early to see me start image

    Just getting ready for my three loops of the course tomorrow.  Looking to see how many Watts it will take to do each loop in less than 2 hours, then I can adjust intensity/pace to something that I can run off.

    It also means that if I know pace/intensity/time for one lap, I'm covered if my Garmin goes wrong in the race.

  • Taking a day off tomorrow, my first official one this year!!. Cycling to a lake about 30 miles from me then will try to do about 3 miles and then back on the bike again. Weather looks bright and warm so should be a good day. Still a touch sore on my lower left shins from the miles, but im sure we are all hurting somewhere.


    Have a great day tomorrow Timmy

  • Bones - I might be walking like John Wayne, but never mind. I normally hump the cases around and the missus looks after the passports, tickets and the faffy stuff. Might have to suggest a reversal of roles this year, I don't think I will get very far though.

    I did three loops of IM today, the weather was great. I took it steady and covered the 96 miles in 5 hrs 45 mins. My last lap was was only a minute or two slower than the first, which I am pleased about. I felt strong and elated at the end.

    Good luck tomorrow Tim.
  • Stephen, good times there and your so lucky being able to cycle the route. The weather is something we have no control over, lets hope for a warm sunny day, not too hot, just warm!!!!.

    I did our club interval training in Greenwich Park last night. It was hill nightimage. I know it is good for me though.

    Cycled the 26 miles to our lake swam about 2.5 miles and on instruction from my coach did a few sprints around 2 sets of bouys to get the blood pumping a bit then off home I went.

    Shall run the 10 miles to the gym in the morning then on Saturday im going to mix it up a bit. I shall reduce my cycle to about 90 miles and increase the run off from 5 to say 10 or 12 miles to really see what its like. Any ideas on this?

  • You're right Bones no point in stressing over the weather, we've certainly no control over that. We have all experienced some pretty bad weather this year with plenty of rides in snow, Ice and wind, so as you say lets hope for a pleasant day on the 4th.

    I have read several training plans and spoke to a few IM vets who don't recommend running for over an hour following the long bike, some even say 30 mins is sufficient. They all say that as you tire run technique and form start to suffer and you become prone to injury. The other issue is recovery, you don't want to burn yourself out and be unable to complete training sessions following your long brick. In terms of how you will feel then it is unlikely that anyone will feel great 12 miles in to the run following a swim and 112 mile bike ride.

    Trust in your training and you have done plenty!! Your training volume and times suggest that you will complete the event comfortably. I have no doubt you will really enjoy the day because you've done the work and put the effort in.
  • Well done all, some great training going on.  I too am a tad jelous of training rides around the actual race loop!

    Had a good sea swim Tuesday.

    Constantly knackered at mo!

    Hope ride went well Tim.

    Portishead sprint tri this sunday, not ideal training wise, but should be fun!


  • TT - as you know mate I'm no expert on completing an IM, but I would be sacking sprint tris at this stage in favour of a 5 - 6 hr bike followed by a short run. Unless of course the aforementioned is already factored in to your training plan for the week, if so great.

    Thing is TT you are not training to complete a sprint tri, in 5 weeks it will be the real deal.

    Apols for the apparent lecture, but I hope it's food for thought.

    Timmy - how did the 3 loops go?
  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭

    I'm with TT on the random slotting in of a short raceimage.

    We're meant to be doing this for fun, and frankly the IM training is becoming a real slog right now, so a "fun" race is just the business to make a change. I don't think you need to do a long-long ride every single week either.

    I did my first Olympic distance (Dambuster) last weekend - it was a confidence-knocking distaster with an awful swim (we're talking breaststroking for the first third), a poor bike, and a bit of salvage on the run. But it still made a change, and set me up for the final IM training push.

    PS also did a loop of the IMUK course - TT you need have no fears. Sheephouse Lane is like any number of hills in the South Hams - quite long but not very steep, and no big deal as long as you don't try to race up it.

    I do agree about not running longer than an hour or so off a long bike, though.

    Happy training!

  • stephen kavanagh 4 wrote (see)
    I have read several training plans and spoke to a few IM vets who don't recommend running for over an hour following the long bike, some even say 30 mins is sufficient. They all say that as you tire run technique and form start to suffer and you become prone to injury. The other issue is recovery, you don't want to burn yourself out and be unable to complete training sessions following your long brick. In terms of how you will feel then it is unlikely that anyone will feel great 12 miles in to the run following a swim and 112 mile bike ride.

    I disagree, I think there's a lot to be said for swapping one of your 100+ mile rides for an 80-90 followed by a 90 min to 2 hour run, if only to get in your head some idea of what running tired is going to feel like so you can do something about maintaining that technique and form.  You're right, injury can be a risk if you haven't got running miles in your legs but running off road rather than pounding the pavement will help avoid that.

    I'd go with joddly on slotting in a short race if that's what you want to do - probably better than trying to cram in too many long rides because you think you haven't done enough.

  • Joddly / CD, points duly noted. I will stick with the advice of Fink, Yelling, Wellington et al.

    Have good weekend everyone.
  • I've entered Liverpool Tri as a change and with the race being on the Saturday, I can hopefully do a decent ride on the Sunday.  I think mentally and physically, the short distance races can help - see you all on the 4th.

  • My plan was cycle saturday, (up at 4.30am) for a good ride.

    I had a good 9 mile run last night so happy with that.

    Portishead - splash about in the pool.....cycle a bit then run like bug#er..Day!...quite looking forward to it! image off work wednesday to hit a good century ride! 

    Where's all the time going now???? 

    I need some sleeeeeeeeeep!image

     Thanks for all comments guys...all taken in!

    I concur...have great weekend folks!!image

  • Ahhhhhhhhhhh!! Race Instructions out and Race Numbers later today.... image

    Excuse me while I go and change my pants... image



  • Anybody else can't get race instructions page??

    thanks for calming my sheephouse lane fears Jo...image

    hope your tri goes well SS!

  • Cheers Timmy, but still getting 'error 404' when i try and follow link?  Any ideas anyone???


  • 1216, I'm not a number I'm a free man...


  • TT - you should have an e mail from IMUK with your number and race details, I got mine late yesterday. Good luck with the tri and century ride.

    I'm just getting ready to go and do some more laps.........
  • Cheers SKav, yeah got a new email!  Scary stuff, time to start making lists! to portishead for me then, quite looking forward to it, first 'sprint' distance tri for me!  

    Cant wait for some late August lie ins!!image

  • Got my instructions. I like the bit where it says you are permitted to run, walk or crawl!!!.

    Listened to all your advise and did a 60mile bike on Saturday, reason so low as I threw in a 2 mile lake swim the middle then carried on cycling with a D lock and dripping wetsuit.

    Yesterday I waiting until late morning when the heat was coming through and did a 17 mile run. I didnt eat a thing in the morning so as to feel that extra bit drained and was suffering by the time I got to 15 miles. I alo burnt my shoulders on my bike on Saturday so was a bit of a wreck last night. Ended up going to bed at 7pm and sleeping right through!!

  • I'm 976!!  And very excited that we're getting number tattoos image

    I've had a good week of training.  15 hours on top of work and 1029 TSS is my biggest week outside a full training camp.

    Recce of the Bolton bike course on Wednesday where I did a couple of loops then a glorious 60 mile ride in the sun yesterday along with almost a 2 hour run on Saturday.

    I feel comfortable that I know the bike course well now.  I think the key to it is not going mad on the 5 miles of climbing from the start of the loop to Belmont, then nailing the rest of the loop.  That's how I'm going to pace it anyway.

    Two more weeks of hard training, then taper and we're there!!

  • By the way, is anyone planning on going to or have experience of the Pasta Party?

    Worth going? Worth taking the family to?

    I'm in two minds.

  • I'm a deffo, with family in tow!

    Went to the Madrid Marathon Pasta Party and it was great, really gets you in the mood..  Bands, tension, anxiety, ....PARTY!!

    Dont know what it will be like, but the Tonka gang is in!

    Well done training Bones and Timmy!

    Enjoyed my 'Sprint', just snuck in under 1.30 so happy!


  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭

    Great training Bones and Timmy, though it sounds as if you might have had a touch of sunstroke Bones! I think your bike pacing strategy sounds spot-on Timmy.

    Good to hear the sprint went well too, TT, and I hope it gave you a bit of a confidence boost.

    I haven't been to a pre-IM pasta party, though we had tickets last year for the Wales one. It was after the briefing but a bit on the edge of town, and I just wanted to get back so we binned it. The IMUK one is the same place as both the expo and briefing (and near my hotel!), so should be more appealing....Let's have a meet-up and pre-race wibble thereimage?

    I'm not massively happy with how I'm going at the moment. Training has been fairly consistent, but my swimming sems to be getting worse. I think my biking is about the same as last year, but long run pace isn't so good either and I'm wondering whether it  might have been a good idea to have done my usual Spring marathon after all. Of course it's quite hard to know how things are really going until race day after a taper, so I'm not panicking.

    Happy training, all !

  • Fantastic training Bones and Timmy - I did a long swim saturday am (4.5k), steady bike of just under 80 miles in the afternoon, followed by the Lancaster marathon on the Sunday. 

    Started the marathon tired and finished feeling knackered, I guess we've all got that to come in 4 weeks image

  • Just filled in my Athlete Requirement Form - don't forget!!


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