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  • are we back on here?, where am i , whats going on, just checked the weather and it looks perfect, 17 degrees with a slight chance of very light rain the afternoon. Dam we have no excuse now!

  • yeaah we are back on image

    Well done Joddly

    Kentmere fell race last Sunday as my final big run and my legs are still stif today.

    Planning a swim later with wetsuit cos I reckon it will struggle to get above 24.5

  • Good to see everyone is in good spirits and feeling positive, keep it up!!!!
  • Good spirits definaaaaaately!   And why not, we are so close now, training done, keep body ticking over now, like the sound of that weather report sounds much better than the one I read! 

    Need to come up with some way of identifying each other for the weekend, a 'bonkers' tattoo on forehead maybe!!  We've got each other this far, be great to say hello!


  • Does anyone else a garmin 910 and have problems with their elevation readings, mines gone doolally, tried a complete reset and still does same thing, sticks at 65.62.....anyone come across this??


  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭

    Hi Team, great that we're back online and raring to go by the sound of things!

    It was lovely to see Flyaway last night at the last 3.8k race before Bolton. I was a little slower than last time but not getting down about it - and Flyaway was long gone by the time I emerged from the lake, so well done on what must have been a good swim!

    This week's "long run" is down to 90 mins, and bike to 3:00 - hardly worth bothering image!

    Can't help with the Garmin thing TT, though I never put too much reliance on the elevation numbers that come out - seems to vary quite a lot for the same ride. Perhaps the weather isn't helping?

    In terms if identification in Bolton, I'll wear my Pirate T-shirt when I can, and Pirate kit on the day. And I don't have long blond hair like my avatar - it's short and dark, and that's not really my running style either!

  • Oh, taper time is it now.  Good good. Shorter bike and run for me. I'll end up doing more swimming this week to cram in the severe lack of swimming that I've done since IM Lanza in May (I can count the sessions on one hand).  Never mind.  I'm looking at it as two 1900m swims with a little run inbetween.  None of this 3.8k stuff!

    Hope you all have a good weekend of training and look forward to seeing/meeting some of you at registration/pasta/swim at the end of next week.

  • Joddly - sorry! I was dithering about whether or not you'd already finished, and then I got quite hungry (and a Powerbar just wasnt going to cut it) so I had to go home and seek out my tea! Not a super-fast time for me, but considering there was no-one to draft off and I found sighting very difficult with the sun in my eyes, it'll do. Swimming is so boring though.

  • In full planning and list ticking mode now, making sure everything is ready.  My major worry is that I've done all the training and now I do something silly like forgetting to put my cycling shoes in my bag.

    I've dug out my transition bags from my last Outlaw and I'm going to pack them ready, then just transfer across when I get my IMUK ones.  Keeping faff down on the Saturday will be my focus - you can easily waste a lot of energy that would be more useful for Sunday.

    Taper is weird - I feel like I'm getting unfit, but that's probably a sign that I'm getting fresher ready for race day. 

    Totally agree with Joddly, a weekend's 3 hour bike, 1 hour run, 1 hour swim seems like nothing now!!

  • Yep, run tonight, swim race 'in the shark infested' sea tomorrow (looking forward to that!).  i was just goingb for a 2hr cycle/1hr run brick saturday, then 1hr run sunday....then major panic for a week!


    And.....lists!  Then packing, checking lists,leave it a couple of hours then recheck list and get everything out then repack then next thursday just get everything out again and recheck it all one last time!


  • +1 for lists!! Where training has dropped off, lists have taken over!!

  • I can get on the forum again!  what happened?????

  • Someone must have fixed it!! How are you feeling with 9 days to go?? image

  • Afternoon all,

    Just reading your posts are helping, but Im now 99% sure its game over for me. Have spoken to my coach, where to be honest I was just a wreck, I could breeze the bike and do the run, but im now pretty certain my shoulder will not cope with the swim. I have even worked out how many strokes I need to do and how many I can do before it gets too painful and the difference is approx 2200!!. So I have unpacked!

    Tuesday is D Day for me, but my head is now not in the right frame of mind .

    Sorry people, but if its a no this will be my last post and I need to try and work out how to get 9 months of training which amounts to nothing out of my head.

    So in short Good luck to you all and I wish you every success on August 4th

  • Sorry to hear that Bones1. Shoulders are pretty nasty things to injure.  

    These forum posts have been great in the last few weeks.  Has been helpful to know that other people were worried about swim maybe being too warm and so on, and what advice people had.

    I also find this forum really friendly and feel that I am safe to ask the usual novice questions without risk of getting ripped to shreds as happens to people on other forums.

    Hope everyone has a good and safe day.  

  • Bones, that's devastating!!

    i can only imagine. I know it sounds really stilly, but needs must. Have you put any thought into back stroke (arms by side method)? If you have the bike and run down a slow / unconventional swim is a minor worry! Like I say, silly posts maybe possible given the situation.

    i am feeling like most people now, though work has gone bonkers due to the hot weather so have exchanged one for the other. Ordered new trainers for race day to wear in tonig on a 10miler, but they're spending the evening with my friends at the post office. Will have to wear them in work all week and sneak in a couple of 5's.

  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭

    Oh, Bones, that's wretched. I don't really know what to say, except that I'm really sorry if you can't make it, but will be hanging on in there with a bit of hope until D-day comes. My fingers will remain crossed until then.

    Mandy, that's a lovely post, and it's good to know our wibbling is not wasted!


  • This iPad gets fed up of typing half way through a postimage

    bike in now on turbo to prevent 'one last go' up SHL.

    not really thought about packing yet, I was just thinking about spreading all my gear across the living room floor on Friday evening and just filling up transition bags with what seems necessary based on weather. Though I do live local, so I suppose that's the difference. 

    Is everybody else going for a full change in each transition? I'm thinking an extra 3-mins to get changed won't break the time bank and could give that we'll needed morale boost before the run (along with a pack of wet wipes image).

    Ok, got to get this job finished now so I can go home and run.

  • Just got on the forum tonight and read your post bones, don't know what to say to be honest, may sound strange but really hit me that.  We've all been posting on here for so long now, great little group of us, all rooting and geeing each other up. cant imagine your head mate, I really hope there is some way of you getting through swim and carrying on.  If there was anything I could do to help I would, just shout.

    fingers and everything crossed for you For Tuesday , hope !

  • Hey timmy, to describe feelings at moment, gutted for bones and just not feeling ready!

    need to make more lists!


  • Bones - gutted for you my friend. Not that it is any consolation, but I did think that you would be top of the pile out of our little group. It might be worth contacting IMUK to see if you could transfer to another event, such as IM Wales, just a thought.

    SR said - bike in now on turbo to prevent 'one last go' up SHL. I know what you mean SR about SHL I have spent hours going up SH.

    Not even thought about about transition bags yet I will sort it next week.

    Regarding the transitions, it is worth an extra minute of two to ensure you are properly dressed and prepared for the next stage. I think It's important to be comfortable as possible. That said a mate of mine did the full IM distance last weekend in a very hilly event in Cumbria and spent less than 3 mins combined in T1 & T2. He completed in 10 hrs 50 mins and came 4th overall. I can only dream of such a time and placing.

    The only time I have come 4th in anything was 4th from bottom.

    TBH I have been on a bit of an emotional roller coaster this week but I am starting to settle down now. I have 3 night shifts to work over this weekend and then I finish on Monday morning for 3 weeks, can't wait.

    Did a 40 mile bike ride today in 2 hrs and 30 min run off the bike.

    Enjoy your weekend everyone.
  • SR I am changing in to bike shorts in T1.  I found Half Outlaw in just tri shorts made my sit bones achey to the point of annoyance.  Don't want to spend 112m annoyed and fidgeting. Well not for that reason anyway! 

    Will then change to tri shorts for the run.  Will wear a different pair of tri shorts for the swim.  Will wear same top for all three disciplines.

    Have a good weekend everyone.

  • TT - just itching for race now.  Did my last OW swim this morning and that went really well.  I just know next week at work will be a nightmare!!

    Lots of list been made - I'm going to pack my transition bags tomorrow night so most things are ready.

    I'm planning to do a full change in T1 and a full change in T2.  For the hours I'll be out there, the few minutes wasted are definitely made up for in comfort.

    My biggest stress seems to be co-ordinating supporters to be in the same place at the right time avoiding the closed roads.  My parents are in a campsite on Horrobin lane, and my wife and kids are in the premier inn next to the Stadium.

  • Yep, did a 2hr bike and 45 min run after and just want to get to race day now.

    cleaning stuff and getting gear ready tomorrow!

    8 days.....crazy!


  • Just been and done a recce of the run, drove the first 6 miles from T2 to Lostock, then ran the canal path and up/down Chorley New Road. The first 8 miles look tough as old boots, especially the little hill from canal up to CNR, but the loop, although undulating feels nice under foot and quick (what goes up, must come down).

    i know I didn't have 8-10hrs of racing in my legs, but it was quite reassuring that once on the loop it should be a case of steadily plodding home, no nasty shocks.

    i hope everyone is well, I seem to be struggling with sleep at the mo as still got energy at bedtime!!

    7 more sleeps!!!image

  • Cracking lay in this morning!

    3hours working on bike this afternoon, lots of oily rags later, a pretty clean bike!  Bits of tightening, tool decisions on what to put in bag, all sorties.  

    Packing time now!

    this time next week eh!!!image

  • Righto, the offer of a car trip around the bike course still stnads for anyone interested, if you pm me via facebook, is me and we can arrange something for the Friday


    Oh and as for the race, bring it...if I'm not ready I never will be





  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭

    The trouble with tapering is that you no longer have so much control.

    .... at least going out training you knew that to some extent you just had to work hard and that was going to help.

    At this stage, you can't do that, and the uncontrollables like the weather, last minute work issues, ill people throwing their germs about etc, start to loom larger.

    Must focus on managing the controllables, having plans B and C, and trying not to let it all get too much. Easier said than done.

    Happy packing, all!image

  • I must stress i am a newbie who just took part in a measily sprint, but have signed up to the Challenge Wanaka in New Zealand IM.

    So totally respect to everyone taking part on Sunday, good luck perform well and be safe.

  • SloanRanger wrote (see)

    i know I didn't have 8-10hrs of racing in my legs, but it was quite reassuring that once on the loop it should be a case of steadily plodding home, no nasty shocks.


    I'll hold you to that... image

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