IMUK 2013 Bonkers!



  • Rocco - Just had a proper look at the terms and conditions and read this -

     race entries cannot be transferred to another athlete.

     I'm sorry mate.


  • Rococo will just have to enter IMWales then
  • AndyB99 wrote (see)

    hey red dog you know entries are closed for IMUK now dont you?? unless you're planning on a charity place


    Tyler...a pull bouy is are neoprene shorts.....keep your body in the right possition.....dont pull too hard....swimming is technique not power

    Oh Bugger for some reason I thought I had until Jan image . Back to the drawing board trying to find an iron distance. Wales is out for me because of the date.

    £1000 is too much for me to chance raising for imuk, I did Outlaw last year and only raised £360, so having to cough up £1000 is perhaps too much for me to chance. Anyone any ideas for Iron distance events? I am thinking of doing the Ultra (£199.00) but it is the first year so not sure how good it will be run.

  • Stephen - thanks mate for looking anyway. I missed out on getting a place by the time I looked into it this week. Another year perhaps. Might be worth emailing the organisers to see if you can swap anyway, you never know.

    Dave - You're determined to get me to enter IMWales!
  • Well, stop messing about and grow someimage
  • Ok, exercise bike on eBay, elite supercrono turbo ordered!!

    I have bitten the bullet due to lots AND LOTS of advice!
  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭

    Why train when you can buy kit?image!

    It's still v quiet for me on the training front. This week's running has been 40 mins at 9:45 min mile pace. and biking was a 60 minute turbo. After further shoulder physio today I'm allowed to do 20 lengths in the pool at the weekend. It's meant to be at 50% effort, but I've no idea what that means, as I feel I need to be at least 75% effort to stay afloat. Sadly, even after that the difference between minimum effort (to stay afloat) and all-out makes about 2 sec per length difference. 

    Red Dog - thanks for the tip re technique. Will check it out during my 20 lengths on Saturday...

    Wales is a great event. There were worries that this year's race would be a pale imitation of the first one in 2011, because it was no longer under Activity Wales. It didn't have quite the same feel this year, but the local support and special Welsh magic made it fantastic once again. The sea swim is in an atmospheric bay, the bike course is ranging and tough, and the run is just tough (not to mention shortimage!). Do it if you can.

  • I've entered IMUK after crashing out on the second lap last year.  The split transitions aren't really an issue, unless you haven't got a car to drop the bags off on the Saturday, and the atmosphere was great, alot better than I thought it was going to be.

    Doing South Africa and Lanza before then so in training now.

    Train well and safe ...

  • Hi folks, I'm popping my IM cherry at Bolton next year too.  Done a couple of marathons this year, swimming progressing slowly, bike OK but need to increase distances.  Also working on some proper strength training, at home cos I hate the gym.

    I'm training pretty consistently right now, aiming to start Fink in early Jan.

    Be good to have so many newbies at IMUK next year! 

  • Hey DTT, nice to have you back on!

    Is the swimming coming on ok? I have now had a few lessons and am loving the swimming! If I get nothing else out of the IM apart from a new found pleasure of swimming I will be v happy!

    Ended up buying my mates Specialised Allez bike which has made me wish I could be biking every day!

    Yeah I spent the weekend catering fink plan to fit with some of my current training and try and fit a marathon in April hopefully. Not sure if I will go for a half IM as training, may opt for a standard distance triathlon and a DIY tri based around my local half marathon!

    Got my full plan to start next week, but I have allowed 2 wks at chrimbo for basic stuff ( not full on) and left myself a few weeks 'buffer' to allow for illness or unexpected unexpectedness!
  • DTT- I could have written your previous post, apart from the gym bit. I am currently averaging a total training volume of about 8 - 10 hrs a week, but a disproportionate amount of my time is spent swimming because it is my weakest area. I am improving but progress is slow.

    Tylertonka - You sound as if you are really enjoying yourself, pleasing to hear. I am looking to do the Blackpool Marathon in April. I intend to follow the Furman run 3 day per week marathon schedule, this should leave room for the swim, bike and strength training. Hopefully it should also be good preparation and get me round the Fellsman at the end of April.
  • Had a bit of crisis during the week, which nearly necessitated me pulling out. The issue is now resolved and I'm back on course. It's amazing how you can find solutions to problems when the prospect of losing 50% of the entrance fee looms. Down to the pool this morning at 7.30. Just administered two shots of Beconase.
  • Sounds like a close call!

    No doubt the journey to Bolton will be full of ups and downs that will need negotiating for all of us! 

    I think now i have booked the hotel, i can relax a bit and it lets the family look forward to it that bit more.......Its got a swimming pool....and a jacuzzi!  Get in!

  • Swimming's coming along slowly .... veyr slowly.  

  • Yep, me too!....Life in the swimming pool slow lane......Target..Medium Lane for New Year!

  • I'm only targeting the middle lane for Easter image

  • I'm not too concerned about speed (yet), just consistency.  I can now manage about 8 lengths without a breather ... just waiting for the 'click' when I can just swim on and on, must be close to it.  

  • Ok folks time for a 'Bonkers' roll call!!

    Tylertonka (me!)....Newbie





    Stephen Kav 4...Newbie

    Rocco...?? did you get in??

    If i have missed anyone (or got info wrong) then add yourself on! 

    There are a few experienced Ironman contributers to Bonkers as well, like Andy, KK, Rafiki etc...and all advice greatly appreciated.

    Lets all jump on the bonkers boat to Bolton!!

  • With the weather up here at the minute, we need an ark not a boat!

  • Tylertonka wrote (see)

    You might want to check up on that one.... image

  • Joddly sandbagging as a newbie.....image

  • Tyler - I didn't get a place this year and don't think they have a waiting list, although have emailed just in caseimage So now contemplating either IM Wales or challenge Henley. Leaning towards Wales but can't bring myself to getting the credit card out.......yet
  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭

    Hey - I never said I was a newbieimage

    I think TT means new to Bolton, though, which is true. Ooop Narf is uncharted territory for me.

    Rocco - do Wales.

  • Sorry joddly, we'll re-assign you as a 'Bolton Fresher'!

    And yeah I think a bolton Ark might be the way to go!
  • Rocco...sorry you didn't get in.

    Challenge Henley looks good, didn't even know they did one! Have you done it before?
  • Just had it pointed out to me last Saturday, that my body is snaking through the water. It seems that I am not engaging my core and my legs are just swinging around causing drag.

    To rectify this I need to engage my core, increase my leg kick to a 4 beat kick and also ensure that my toes touch as they pass to prevent scissor kicking, another bad habit I have aquired.

    Apart from the above everything else isn't to bad.        

  • Rocco - Sorry you missed out on IMUK. I have heard and read very good reports about IMW, so best of luck if you choose that event.

  • Don't forget SausageDog.

    So to tie in with training plan I'll be doing the Blaenavon Triathlon next year (only a few miles from me ....KILLER hills), and I'm looking at the Grafman for the half, anyone else looking at either of these?  Grafman seems to tie in nicely with the Fink plan.

  • Hi ..... I am hoping to join you to make it 4 years on the trot and was planing to take a charity place but, it would appear all places have gone image I'm now on the charity place waiting lists.

  • Woody - are any of the travel firms offering a place i.e Nirvana, Sports Tours International, or even one in the States?  You may be able to get in with them.

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