IMUK 2013 Bonkers!



  • Back fron my swim and I am pleased to report that I have every reason to be optimistic in the new year. Things are starting to click into place. I think I will have another mince pie.

  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭

    Well done SK4!

    Also, good resolution re swimming - might try that myself.

    Merry Christmas to all image!

  • One week before the fun starts ! I am going to ensure that I follow the schedule but I will include an additional swim per week and two strength sessions.  

    Just having debate with myself whether to put in for the Fellsman again in April 13. Unfortunately, 61 miles over the Yorkshire countryside isn't conducive with IM training. Decisions, decisions.    

    Have a good new year everyone.

  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭

    Happy New Year, fellow IMUK-ers image!

    Thread's a bit quiet - perhaps it's not just me that's feeling August is a long way off, and wondering when the training momentum will start to appear?

    After a lazy Christmas, I'm trying to get some sort of steady training going, and it's ridiculous not to manage it while  the weather's mild etc. I have now managed a swim, bike and run in 2013, so it's a start. Swimming is terrible -  I thought I was beginning to find the secret last Autumn, but was obviously wrong, got a bad shoulder, rested for a while, and am now worse than ever, managing to dip over 9 mins for 400m today image.

    Running and biking felt quite bouncy after a rest, though there's no use pretending that you can hang on to your endurance by eating and drinking too much and leaving the bike/trainers gathering dust in the hallway.

    We might all benefit from some mutual support now as well as in the Summer. How's it going for you?

    BTW SK4 - have you resolved your internal debate? I've binned the London Marathon this year, for the first time in ages, because it just doesn't fit with a steady, consistent IM plan - not really the training, but the amount of tapering and recovery tha are needed. It may be different with ultras, though?

  • Hey joddly,

    Happy new year to you too.

    Chrimbo been full on and managed some good training.....unfortunately I think I have DONE my knee again. It went on me few years ago and I have always worn a chopat since. Thought it was all ok and strengthened but the shooting pain through the knee cap is back...bit concerning to say the least, going be icing it constantly now, but what to do is a problem?

    First problem of 2013!!

    Your swimming sounds at a good level for now, I know what you mean about cracking it and then thinking..still a long way to go!
  • Hi everyone, Happy NEw Year.  Managed some running and MTB over Christmas.  Back to swimming, turbo and running this week, then Monday I start Fink's competitive plan.

    Joddly, I'm still at about 10min for 400m for swimming, but I feel steady improvement.  Few months ago I could barely do two lengths.  We'll all get there, I'm sure.

  • DTT - I am going to sack the Fellsman this year and concentrate on the three disciplines, with the focus in terms of time being on cycling.

    I am going to do a spring marathon, whether that be Blackpool or Manchester and I will do a couple of shorter 30 odd mile ultras in spring. That should give me a good endurance base.

    We all sound pretty similar in terms of swiming ability. I did a total of 2.2kms yesterday and my warm up was 400mts which took me 10mins. Warm up or otherwise, I have only seem to have one pace.

    Tyler - good luck with the knee mate.

    It's very mild and there is no wind to speak of in my neck of the woods so I have no excuse for not getting the bike out.  

  • Thanks Steve,

    Trying to be optimistic but when I bend my knee that goes out the window!

    Ultras sound good, which ones you doing?
  • Happy new year to all image

    Well done in the Ultra Stephen sounds like it was a real tough one with the conditions. I'm planing to run Blackpool or Manchester or both also tempted with the Bolton Hill marathon.

    Hope the shoulder improves Joddly. My swim is only ever average but I've been lucky in the past in that, I tend to get to that level with little training.

    Tyler sorry about the Knee hope it gets better soon, I guess you are already taking cod liver oil or Glucosamine etc. Also some swear by Volterol emulgel for easing pain.

    Tim I await delivery of fink and thinking of following the same plan. I will decide when I've read it to see if I can afford the time.


  • hang on.....whats going on here???


    i've been away for just a few weeks and its all gone mental??





    good luck with the training everybody for imuk. i've started this week for a coach this year...its already hurting

  • Tyler, I am going to enter the Haworth Hobble, March (32 miles) & Old County Tops, May (37 miles), subject to getting a partner. 


  • AndyB99 wrote (see)

    hang on.....whats going on here???


    i've been away for just a few weeks and its all gone mental??





    good luck with the training everybody for imuk. i've started this week for a coach this year...its already hurting

    Ha ha  well there's a first time for everyone, I've not read it yet, cheers anyway and all the best with your training.

  • They sound good Steve, it was up that way then the 'hobble' sounds right up my street at mo!

    Changed my programme from 'competitive' to just finish now, swam this morning and gym, little bit sore but I am reducing all training right back...hard to ease up but must be done!
  • Gym sess this morning and easy swim, swim coach back back this afternoon...thank goodness! (what a difference he makes, the man is a genius!!)

    Cod liver oil, emulgel (thanks for tip WoodY!), icing it up, restingish...(throbbing stabbing pain easing (touch wood)).....

    Some slight optimism after today!

    Time for optimistic smily face face thing...image

  • I did one circuit of the bike course loop today. I drove to Rivington, parked the car at the barn  and cycled the loop starting at Sheep and back. Having never previously cycled any of the course I was pleasantly suprised, although there are plenty of ups, there are also plenty of down hill sections. I plotted the route as a course on my garmin and followed the arrow, I went ever so slightly off course a couple of times which added to the overall completion time and milage, which was a total of 33 miles. I averaged 16mph with an average HR of 132 which is 70% for me.

    On the day to achieve a decent time of around 6hrs, I will need to improve a fair bit on todays effort. However, being relatively new to cycling I am pleased with the way things went today.  

    The next time out I will go from Pennington Flash, do one loop and cycle back to the Flash. 

    Tyler this one is for you mate image keep smiling. 

    Good luck with the coach Andy, it will be interesting to see how you progress. 



  • Hey Steve, sounds like we both had a good day!

    Sounds a good ride (an optimistic ride? optimism the word of the day??!!)) any chance of putting a link on for the ride on your garmin? would be a bit of interesting info to have a look at.

    If you on garmin connect then could link up with (or anyone else if interested) with me (connections??), funnily enough i'm 'tylertonka' on there too!

    One smily for luck!


  • Tyler - Tried to select the share option with other social network sites and it won't allow me to do it, the share key is inoperable it remains a light shade of grey. Just to put the top hat on it, I have just deleted by accident the data pertaining to todays ride. Not to worry there is always next time.    

    I am about as good with technology as I am at swimming!!!

  • No probs, just a thought....if you having trouble sharing then it might be the padlock symbol next to the 'share', try unlocking the 'padlock' symbol then it should share.

    To share date on garmin itself you have to search for people on 'connections'..

    I think I had another 'click' moment swimming today and thankfully it wasn't the knee!

    I had planned a 3 hr ride tomorrow but sensible head is saying 1 hr on turbo and stop if knee sore, sensible head bit boring but must listen!
  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭

    TT  - I've just been tiddling around on Garmin Connect. Looks a nice route you took on New Year's Day!

    If you're planning any sportives in the spring, you've probably looked at the Hammer (goes from Kingsbridge), and they've split it into two routes this year, both with decent amounts of climbing. 

    Hope the knee keeps on settling.

  • Whilst resting knee ( ok I had a little 30 mins on turbo, and dip in the pool this morning...knee ok with that!), been searching and searching for a good wetsuit deal and landed at the website doorstep of the always reliable Wiggle...

    I have ordered the Orca trn wetsuit for ??51.40 down from ??129,. Seems like good deal and good value ( did think about hiring but plumped for this with the price), anyone got any thoughts, or got one of these?

    Thanks for heads up on hammer joddly, now all entered in the smaller 'Clawhammer' 104km, my first bike race/sportive!! Looking forward to it already ( my knee may not be!)
  • Sorry Tyler can't help you with wetsuits. I am just going to buy an entry  / mid range level suit when I can pick on up in a sale, prererably one that you can inflate. Personally I would prefer to try one on for fit before purchasing. The Endurance store near to where I live stock a good range so I will pop along at some point.

    Orca does seem to be a popular brand used by a lot of triathletes, so I have no doubt you will be more than happy with your purchase, especially at that price.   

    Fink starts tomorrow with a rest day. 

  • Yeh definitely taking a bit of a chance not trying on first but what the hey, we'll see!

    Back to work tomorrow so that sucks, could have done with another couple weeks relaxing!

    Roll on fink day! I'm doing tentative start, reduced right back, mainly gym and swimming to begin then gonna have to try and play catch up....plan!

    A rest day to start sounds good!
  • Good luck for Fink Day One tomorrow everyone!

  • Orca are good tri suits but buying one off the shelf (or online) can be a mistake...the fits are very different and sizing charts often inaccurate. It needs to be like a second skin...if you can get it on by yourself its too big!

    stood up it shouldnt feel try it on....and if it doesnt fit send it back and go to a shop to try a few different ones on. 9 out of 10 times it wont fit...but you might get lucky.image

  • Cheers Andy, thought similar myself, went slightly largely (although christmas food may have overcomensated for that!) so yeah if dont fit it go BACK!!

    Hope you had good christmas/New Year, didnt realise you were going for Wales...hows training going?


  • Hi Steve - sounds like you had a good session on the course yesterday, with the crowd support on the day, hopefully no wind and not going off course, 6 hours seems more than possible - good luck.

  • Cheers Sue, what programme / schedule do you follow for IM prep?   

    Well I'm off, 1hr swim this morning and 5 mile intervals tonight.   

  • My Tuesday went......


    -Sprint Training (done at a sensible gentle jog)

    -Swim...8 lengths non-stop FC felt ok

    -Than back home to open the Wiggle Box of Wetsuit...tried on...fits lovely..GET IN!

    ....and touch wood, knee felt ok.

    I'm classing Tuesday the 7th Jan as a reasonably good day!


  • HI Tyler, yeah a week in and i'm feeling it...pain and fatigue are gonna be my best friends for a while till i get a bit fitter....did 30 odd miles on the bike satuday which i really enjoyed...just taking the chance while it was mild!!


    running is the toughest for me!!always will be but ill get there

  • Morning all again


    I posted back in September and no one replied until late November so I left it thinking you were all out training all the timeimage.


    Time to get back on here and hopefully start talking to you all beofre our big day.


    Back soon

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