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  • Andy, i'm tother way round and its the looking forward to the run which i'm hoping will get me through the wet stuff and that cycling malarky!

    When you say 'while its mild' is there talk of an incoming cold spell because if it didnt show up for christmas then it can bugger off so we can get on our bikes!

    Bones, good to have you back on (yeah deffo bit quiet on here over chrimbo...everyone attacking the quality street and possibly alcohol??), hows training going?


    Think i know whats done my knee, and real rookie mistake....CLEAT POSITIONS!! really kicking myself on that one as i have aggravated an old injury and it was entirely preventable.  Well i would kick myself if it weren't for my bad knee!!

  • Morning Bones and everyone image

    I'm just cycling once a week with the odd run here and there, and no swimming yet.

    Waiting for Fink to drop on my door mat then I can start training proper. Can't believe how long it's taking to arrive!.... I ordered a toilet off ebay that was delivered in 2 working days, Don Fink off Amazon estimated delivery 2-3 weeks rubbish.......

    Can any one give me a clue what I should be doing?

  • Hey Woody, there is a Fink link to the plans on excel amongst this site somewhere??

    I had a quick look and cant find it but i did download the intermediate programme before so i do have a copy.  If you want to message me i can email it to you if that helps?

  • woody if you send me your email address i can send you the plans in xl format...the dates will be wrong on it but just change the monday dates and the rest will change...the book is worth getting though its a good read!!!


    Tyler go get a bike'll never get your cleat right on your own and if they are causing you knee problems they will only get worse.

    a mate of mine is Mike Taylor at bridgetown cycles....he'll do a good deal for you if i introduce you but we'll have to talk off line about takes about 4 hours but you have to be prepared for bad news if you've bought the wrong size bike (which most people do)image

  • Just completed day 4, 1hr swim and 30 mins at an average cadence of 107 on the bike.

    Woody, I have sent you a PM.  


  • Knee injuries and bikes hmmmm, we have all had them, do you take MSM?. Tablets are normally up to 500mg, but if the buy the powder from Holland & Barrett you can get a whopping 3000mg hit. I have used it a few times and seems to do the trick. Could be in the mind (or knee) but does it for me.

  • Tyler, made up the suit fits, good news.

  • Thanks guys

    Stephen just replied to your mail


  • Woody you have mail. 

    Enough playing around enjoying life, time to go to work. Got pay for this expensive hobby somehow.


  • stephen kavanagh 4 wrote (see)

    Tyler, made up the suit fits, good news.

    Cheers Steve...Me too!! and i got a pair of cloth wetsuit gloves to put it on!  Made me feel like a wetsuit surgeon!  I'm used to 5mm surfing wetsuits!  Something tells me got to be bit more careful with this one....surgically!!

  • stephen

    Thats good going on the bike was you outside or on the turbo or rollers?. I invested in the GSC10 cadence monitor for my garmin a couple of weeks ago. I have tested it on the road, but not on the turbo yet.

  • Cheers Stephen and thanks for the offer Andy.

    Finger nails the menace of wetsuits. when I went for my fitting the guy couldn't stress enough the need to pinch with fingers and thumb and not to grab at it. Not easy given how tight they are until you get in the water.

  • Also as im now playing catch up with your pro's can I ask which part of the country are you all from?


    Im SE London / Kent Boarders

  • I'm from Bolton and less than a mile from the Chorley new Road bit of the run route.

  • wow its on your doorstep, maybe we could stop for a cuppa on the run!!.

  • I thought I was close living in Wigan - I think on the run I would want more than a cuppa though...

  • You are are all more than welcome to a brew any time but on the day, I might not be back until late.

    However if you make yourself known I'm sure my support crew will give you lots of support and encouragement as you pass them at the Retreat Bar on C N R, you shouldn't miss them cos they're quite a noise bunch.

  • i'm in chorley...less than 2 miles from the start of the bike loops....

  • I'm from Paignton down in Devon, a little way a way but if anyone's passing then there's always a cuppa up for grabs!
  • Bones, the 107 cadence was on a gym spin bike. The gym is good for shorter bike / run workouts and I can get onto the bike or treadmill straight after a swim.  

    I live in Winwick which is 5 miles from Pennington Flash.

    7 mile tempo run for me today.

    People who I speak to from the world of IM champion the idea of recruiting the services of a coach. I think Fink is probably more than sufficient for a first attempt, however the concensus appears to be that the Fink plan is light on bike training.  

  • Morning all

    its fridayimage

    Stephen, good work out on the gym bike, our ones don t have cadence readings so its the count how many for 15 secs then x 4 and hope your keeping the same pace going.

    You all seem local then besides Tyler and myself and I love that part of the country, spent many a year on holiday at Teignmouth.

    I do a daily commute into Central London, just over 12 miles each way. This mornings event was a schoolboy ran straight across the Old Kent Road into a female cylist who was 2 in front of me, knocked her clean off across the bus lane. What really got me was the cyclist behind her who was all suited and booted in his lycra etc slowed and steered around her laying in the road without even looking at her. I stopped to help her up, checked her bike then moaned at her as she had no bike helmet and had music screaming out fo a pair of ear phones she had in. I know London is a harsh place to cycle in, believe me I've been commuting on my bike for over 20 years, but sometimes you just wonder what people are thinking.

    rant over (sorry)

    Gym tonight then club ride into the depths of Kent tomorrow.

    We have an amazing coach at our club who I can draw advise from, what he doesnt know about swimming and biking is no ones business. A quick text will get a reply of epic proportions. I have completly changed the way I cycle in the last 2-3 months and have noticed a difference in my own time trials I do. This is mainly through positioning on bike, leeping my knees closer together and not coasting, just keep peddaling!!

  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭

    Morning all! I'm not local either.

    Good points, Bones - glad you moaned at the poor girl as now she might act on it. Keeping your knees together does seem to be the remedy to all manner of problems...

    I don't know about Fink being light on cycling, but it's way too heavy on swimming! The book is probably aimed at time-strapped Americans who can easily get to a pool and maybe have to do a lot of cycling indoors. Most of us probably come from a slightly more running-oriented base (I guess, this being RW?).

    I found it hard not to keep plugging happily away at my strength (running) and skipping the bike and swim sessions, but am now better at understanding that's the wrong thing to do!. However I think most would agree that you can drastically reduce the length of the swim sessions - especially if one look at them puts you off going altogether....image

  • Hi all, I'm South Wales.  Went to my local tri club this week for the first time (NEWT) and loved it, very encouraging, great coaches.  Will definitely join!  Week 1 of Fink really enjoying it, although out to lunch with th emissus today.  Must .. .avoid ... cake.

  • Joining a club is one of the best things you will do. I've been in mine now for over 3 years and you can always run or bike with someone and the coached swim sessions are tough, but rewarding. You will find that there will be a few seasoned IM finishers who can help with the many questions we all have.

  • Fink has arrived image

    With the few pages I've read so far I'm thinking the time management alone has the potential to change my life for the better. I'm rubbish at it and rarely plan anything,

  • Its 'Happy Fink Day' to you then Woody!   WEEK 1!!

    DTT well done on joining club, i have considered tri club but now been with my run club for year and half and they all great people and i really enjoy it.  Clubs deffo push things to another level!

    Had 5mile run (only slight knee throb), gym session and tiny swim today.  Also went to Colin Lewis bike shop and got bike fit...and WHAT a difference, moved cleats, handlebars (slightly) raised seat and even pumped tyres up .....£20 brilliant...its really opening my eyes to all the details to do with cycling lately, i know my running stuff inside out but its 'a whole new world' (yes i'm typing that whilst singing it!) this cycling stuff!

    Knee still throbbing slightly this affo but still gonna jump on bike in morning, and still got swim lesson later today.

    Thats week 1 almost over, where did it go..??!!


  • Swim this morning. The coach took a recording of me swimming on my mobile phone, least said the better, suffice to say I look absolutely dreadful. My legs are all over the place, the problem is I don't actually think that I am moving them. I have been told repeatedly that this is a problem now for months, but I just can't seem to get it. More work to do on my kick, it needs to be much quicker (4 beat) and I need to keep my legs together and stop throwing them out for balance. I have been told that unless I resolve this I will not progress.

    On a more positive note just done 40 miles on the bike with 2500ft of climbing.   

  • Excellent bike Kav thats some climbing, and good thinking videoing swimming, sounds like it will help.  I'm no good for advice for swimming, i am having lessons every saturday, seems to be progressing nicely.  Just finished todays and i've gone from 6 lengths freestyle to 12 today (400m), although he said we were only doing 6 again he kept saying "just 2 more", felt ok to keep going but ran out of time.  Nice to get to the 400m mark though!

  • dimtritris..........newts are really friendly..i would join if they were just a few miles closer to me.....its just too fat for me to go to swim............

  • 1hr bike to test knee today..verdict...PASSED!  (well little sore but ok)

    What a difference the bike fit made, comfortable, v v noticable subtle changes, he even advised me about relaxing my elbows and that felt really comfortable. best money spent so far!

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