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  • Well done everyone, it looks like the new year has brought fresh commitment to us all. Keep it nice and steady, some good swims and bikes out there.

    Sunday for me was:

    Steady bike, bit fresh but the roads were ice free and dry

    Distance      63.24miles

    Time             4hrs 12mins

    Av speed      15mph

    Max speed    36.3mph

    heartbeat       avg  128  max 152

    Cadence        avg 80

    Climb             3655ft

    from the bike went up the woods for a 30min mud slurping run, 

    As I said bike was steady, nothing mad, cadence was rather low as spent more time in big cog. Tried out using High 5 2:1 and 4:1 and it agreed with my stomach which is the first hurdle



  • Wow, bones, great riding....something tells me I'm some way off on the bike.

    I did 1hr ride and only managed 13.4 mph ( some hills but nothing too bad), I'm gonna keep going steady but I've deffo got work to do there!!
  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭

    Great biking, guys, and good news about the knee TT - it must have been getting the right bike set-up.

    Training's not going that well for me as, having fought off the family's germs over the Christmas break, I have now succumbed and have been coughing and snorting my way through the last week. It's great to have the luxury of a very long time till  IM UK, though,so I'm playing safe and not worrying about a few days off. Hopefully back at it tomorrow, though, with a swim and turbo.

  • See you in the pool about 1230 then   image

  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭

    Will probably have to be early morning, I'm afraid, tho' perhaps I'll pop over to stalk you at lunchtime. At least my expectorated phlegm should have cleared through the filtering system by then image.

  • How lovely ... I shall be with Sue and her 'double' inpingement  image

  • Great riding Stephen, Bones. I'm at about the same level as you TT, did a slightly undulating 43 miles at 14mph average on Sunday. unfortunately I didn't manage wk one, Still not done any swimming and last run was on new years eve.

    Get well soon Joddly hope you don't catch it Meldy.

  • The great thing about this forum is that we are all at different levels but will all finish the same race. Yes I did say that as we WILL all start and finish on that wonderful day (remind me I said that nearer the timeimage). By the time we get to August we would have done the hard work, just a matter of tweaking onthe big day. Yes nerves will play a bit part on the day but we have 7 months to get ourselves ready both physically and mentally. Injuries will come and go, illness, lack of interest, even maybe wanting just to stop. Ive been on these forums before and by August we shall all know ourselves inside out and back to front. 

    Good cycling Woody, what do you drink when on the bike?, you need to get yourself to the pool soon though mate.

    Joddy very wise about taking some time off, keep on here though and keep focused on what you have to do when your back trainng again so as not to loose track.

    TT great biking there i hour is good going at that pace, still got plenty of time

    Last night I started following my new Peter Read Turbo programme

    10 min warm up then 40 min avg cadence of 95-100 at 80% of max heart beat.

    I managed an average cadence of 98 and an average of 75.5% of my max heart beat, although I may do the max heart beat test again soon. If you dont hear back from me you know it didnt go to plan!!image.

    This morning was a 5 mile run av 7.49 pace, Heart av 136, max 159, 553ft climb

    Lunchtime (im off this week decorating) local pool 100 lengths trying to keep to 20-21 strokes per length using different breathing techniques.


  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭

    Great pep talk, Bones. Sharing the highs and the lows is what these forums are all about. How does the turbo programme work? You sound like your base is in running, and I think it can be quite hard, if you are fairly new to biking, to get a high enough HR - or at least that's what I found!

    I did manage to get back into some training today, without huge enthusiasm The advantage of being a bit poorly is that you can start a session promising yourself a bail-out if it gets tricky, and of course once you get going it's not so bad. So I got in a 2k swim this morning, then turbo this evening with 3 x 18min / 2min recovery. I'm now drinking a large whiskey so I can sleep without coughing image. Run tomorrow.

    Happy training, all!

  • Yeh, all good stuff Bones and Joddly, and like the sound of 'we will all finish' Bones!  How come 7 months doesn't seem that far away??

    Had a 3k race last night and knee held up ok, got 12.10 which was 6 secs off best, we have one race left and i am determined to crack 12mins (i'm blaming the knee this time!).  Had a good swim after as well, got 12 lengths again so hopefully thats a bit of a swim barrier cracked for me.

    10k race this sunday in exeter, so no doubt gonna be blooooooomin freezing, normally the river is frozen (always been quite tempted to ice skate some of it!).

    Turbo/run brick tonight.  (any turbo advice would be much appreciated, i just jump on and ride?)

    Hope you getting better Joddly.


  • Great training everyone, glad it's going well.  Had my third swim with NEWT last night (local tri club), and it went really well.  Coaches there are excellent.

  • Well done DTT, swimming sounds like going well and club sounds good.

    I'm really enjoying swimming its just that bloomin biking stuff i think is gonna be my achiles heel.  I enjoy it, ...just dissalusioned that i will be at a level ready for August.  Need to get my mindset right!

  • 5mile turbo, 2m mile run, now icing knee!

    Also decided that I need to pump my tyres up properly!....I will get the hang of this bike stuff...hopefully!
  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭

    Oh dear, TT - I hope that doesn't mean your knee is flaring up again, or are you being cautious? And I agree that pumping tyres up properly is a good idea, though not sure it matters too much on the turbo except for tyre preservation

    Last night's whisky worked really well until about 04.30 when the cough restarted, soI had to get up and leave Mr J to try to get a bit more sleep image. I did my planned run today at lunchtime, and with the temp below zero decided to keep the pace easy. But I ended up working harder than intended so of course now the cough, and therefore the whisky, are back with a vengeance!

    Tomorrow's a busy work day so just a strength session planned, which is probably just as well.

    Just heard thath IMUK is already full, so we're obviously on to a winnerimage


  • Bit sore and bit cautious with the knee Jo. 

    I pumped tyres to 100psi and increased my power by about 70watts (i think thats right anyway)...ok they may have been little bit flat!

    Sounds bit colder in your neck of the woods so whisky best bet all round!

    Get better soon!

  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭

    Thanks, TT, Whisky not so effective tonight despite a pretty good dose - I have sent Mr J to bed a while ago, so with luck he won't notice the barking from across the bed!

    I can't help thinking you might benefit from some biking company from RidgebackMax who is near Liskeard, I think, and is a biking demon.

    I'm currently wrestling with the dilemma of trying to get in some training before the snow comes on  Friday and letting this cough get better.....


  • I would say let the cough get better !!!   

  • Afternoon all

    Amazing sunny day in London, but dam cold, still decorating im afriad. 

    Joddy I would advise easing right back on the training until this cough sorts its self out, plenty of time and we all need you fighting fit. Our bodies tell us when to stop training, but its just if we listen to them or not.

    TT good going on the turbo, careful with those tyres as if you inflat them too high they could burst. I have brought myself a training tyre to put on, also its good practise for when or if I ever get a flat.

    6 miler round the woods this morning, managed to get most of the run just above 80% of max heart beat. 

    I do have an amazing turbo guide, tells you what we really already know, but in plan english and some of them are brutal. Happy to pass it on to anyone who wants a read, in my point of view the more information you read the wiser you become. Happy to email.  Has anyone read "Going Long" by Joe Friel?.

    Also looking into my diet requirements for the next few months to help with the mid morning, mid afternoon and mid evening munchies that I suffer fromimage

  • Bones1 wrote (see)

    Good cycling Woody, what do you drink when on the bike?, you need to get yourself to the pool soon though mate.

    Until I start doing longer rides just Vimto, when things get a bit longer any cheap supermarket Iso drink. On the day only ever used the Gatorade as supplied by the feed stations.

    Talking of turbos can any one recommend one that's half decent and cheap? or is that an oxymoronic statement?

    No swiming or running to report but I've read a few more pages of fink and fixed up an old Aldi HRM.

  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭

    Thanks for the advice re resting up - I've just got back from work, and really feel the need to rest up for the rest of the day, so that's what I'll do!


  • hey woody...i have a Tacx satori....its brilliant...i think go for 100-120 smackers!!! not dirt cheap but low end of the tacx range and it will last ya forever...not too noisy either.


    we'll catch up for a ride soon chap

  • 17 mile run planned for today, I'm off in a bit before the snow arrives. Can't say that I am looking forward to grinding a couple hours out on the gym bike in place of a run out the bike this weekend but needs must.

    I've stuck to the basic structure of the Fink comp plan, but added extra time and intensity to most of the workouts, apart from the swimming were I am following the just finish plan; I am going to up it to the intermediate plan in a couple of weeks.

    Happy training everyone.



  • Take your time stephen......17 miles is way too far for this stage of the plan...i know you're champing at the bit and 'the fear' on your back doesnt help but now is the time for patience. build the everything in the right HR...thats more important than miles. believe me when i say you'll be sick to death of it all come june.....enjoy the easy sessions cant rush a work of art!!!image

  • Cheers Andy I'll have look.

    I would agree with Andy Stephen, not that I've done much training in the past to go off but, considering I don't do to bad on the day, would suggest it is quite easy to over do it and peak or even worse Burn out before the big day. I'm referring to the intensity more the distance run, knowing you have a running background.

    Joddly it was full by the end of October despite allowing 250 more than last year to enter. I couldn't even get a charity place in November and was on a waiting list until early December. Hope you are feeling better btw.


  • Weather report from Paignton this morning eldest daughters 9th birthday and we had snow!  it didn't settle ..but we had snow for the morning and she loved it!

    I went to work at okehampton and nearly got stuck but made it home to house full of kids, but you cant beat a bit of 'pin the tail on the donkey' and pass the parcel', ...i haven't won anything yet!!image

    Turbo tomorrow am.image

  • morning all, 

    Loads of snow here, no bike this weekend and not going to run either as there is far too much ice around, hopefully will be swimming tomorrow so just going to enjoy the white stuff. We are meant to have another lot tomorrow, which should be fun. 

  • Morning Bones/everyone, snow now, apparently i've 'jinxed' it since i built a sled 2 years ago, we haven't had any fault as always!!

    Bike this morning, short run, absolutely bloomin freezing, i got puncture, mate buckled his wheel, couldn't feel fingers/toes/ears...not a good ride...still nice to get out..

    Had a good swim after though!

    10k race tomorrow, looking forward to that as long as knee allows!

    Anyone wants to stick some snow in the post my girls would like to build a snowman!


  • Afternoon, everyone is still managing to maintain a level of training despite the conditions which clearly varry across the country. There does appear to be a common thread however, it's bloody cold!  

    Reason for high mileage at this stage in proceedings is preparation for Howarth Hobble( March) and spring road marathon ( April). I am following the Furman three runs a week programme, which is quite intense in terms effort. The programme fits in nicely with Fink, the only additional run being the Wednesday brick.

    Tyler hope the knee holds up for the 10k which should be enjoyable if the snow stays away.

    Anyone got any times in mind for the SBR. I was looking to do a 6hr bike but looking at past times I might have to revise that to 6.5 - 7hrs.

    I will stick my kneck out and predict :

    Swim  - 1.45

    Bike -    7

    Run -     4.5

    Total -   13hrs 15mins. ( Inc transitions )

    I will look to improve on those times but come the close of play on the day I will be very happy with that overall time.

    Right time for a 2hr gym bike session.     

  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭

    TT, at least your daughter caught a bit of the white stuff as a birthday treat - I hope she had a great birthday. Sorry to hear about today's bike, which for me would probably have meant binning the swim and sulking instead! Good luck tomorrow.

    SK4 - far too early to make predictions! I suspect you'll surprise yourself on the day if you pace the bike right, though.

    Another proper day off today for me. I definitely didn't get things right this week and should have backed off the training sooner. Consequently the sessions I have done have been poor, and I'm still coughing and spluttering, though definitely feeling brighter today. image

  • Thanks Jo, she had a great birthday (got ears pierced and everything!).  Hope you starting to feel better.

    Done the 10k, knocked just over a minute off my pb for a 42.48 so well chuffed!  It was chilly to say the least but the knee held out.. so after bracing the cold its an ice pack on the knee again (throbbing slightly now). 

    Had the sled in the back of the car just in case..but alas no snow for the girls...booooo!


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