Helly Hansen Beauty and the Beast

Is anyone else doing this? I've entered and had a reccy at the grounds. There are some long hills there. Looks good and is local so I'm in. Lots of hill training for me from now on.image


  • Yep I'm planning on being there. Definitely need to do some more serious hill training in the next couple of weeks. At least there's an 8 hour time limit!! image

  • Thats one of the things that made me think twice, over a marathon thats a long time so maybe the hills are enough to make you crawl? Hopefully not. Good luck!

  • I had a look round this park and although it is a very beautiful spot the hills are awesome! Can't wait, been hill training like crazy and have got some friends booked to come along and support too, weather depending.


  • Hey, at last..someone else who is doing it. I was beginning to think I was the only entrant as no-one else had heard of it. So, give me the full info about the courseimage..doing the Full but as the same course is used by everyone, I guess it will get ploughed up in rain (thinking about footwear!). When we are talking about hills...how significant are these?

    Not looking for a particular time, just the experience. Just done Wolverhampton marathon, B and B is a training run for Chester and Snowdon marathon however I would like to know what to expect in terms of energy expenditure!!!image

  • There is very little info about the course so I may be wrong about this, but from the area that I've seen, if its the hill I've seen I think the beast is going to be very tough. Its steep and probably over half a mile in distance. Looks like it will be all on grass so I'm considering getting some grippy off road shoes, any tips for that? I don't think the beast will be the only hill though either given the area, but you must have to go downhill somewhere. Not sure about Chester but Snowdon sounds tough, I think the fact that this has 6 hills and an 8 hour time limit means it'll be tough too! I'm going slow. Best of luck!

  • yep, that 8hr limit is aimed at me.... I shall be walking so fear not, you won't be last.


  • Mmm it's that day ,, have I done enough training !!!

    Looking forward to this first trail marathon

    But what about the Beast. Seems to be not thing at all

    About it

    Found a little bit on their Facebook page

    A 90 meter climb over 400-500 meter in distance

    1.5 grad or 20% climb

    So I guess we're talking power walk up the hill

    Crawl hands and knees the 6 th time

    Good luck everyone enjoy it
  • Saw this yesterday and decided to enter. Looks like fun and will be a decent training run.

  • WiB - Interested to hear what you're training for? This has fit in pretty nicely with my build up to the Thames Path 100 next year, although I've had to pull back on the distance and head for the hills for B&B.


  • MB - I have Caesars Camp in 4 weeks and then a 100 in first week of Feb.

    TP100 is a good race, I was at a couple of aid stations last year and Centurion put on awesome events!

  • Cool! Did the Thames Trot 50 last year so the TP100 is a massive step up for me. Excited about the B&B though! Did Hell runner last year and if that course is anything to go by then this will not disappoint. Although I'm hoping not to have to go through the bog of doom again.


  • I think it will a be quite different to Hell Runner. No specific training for it for me, just turning up to run it as a hard training run as it looks like fun.

  • Just out to have fun and will be walking THAT hill from lap 1
  • How did everyone get on? I think I under estimated the course a little before the start so re-evaluated my plans when I arrived! Set off nice and slow and it seemed to work ok for me. Running the beast on the last lap hurt a bit but had a slave driver telling me to do it!

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    @WiB - I spoke to a friend yesterday who did this race and she underestimated it too... She didn't think the hill would be like that. Or the terrain do much of the forest trails. Although she is aching in places she's never ached before!
  • I have done ok out of it ache wise. The only ache I have today is a very mild one in thr top/outside of my right thigh near the hip. Most likely due to a lot of camber mostly on one side.


  • Funny enough I enjoyed ,

    That was one hell of a hill but stuck to my guns walked it 5 time and ran it the 6

    Going good till around lap 5 then the camber got me over in the open part

    Just didn't enjoy that part

    But will be back next year

    Monkey brain did you have your tp 100 shirt on?

    We were chatting for a while

    Well done all.

    Anyone got photos of the beast ??
  • If you were in a TP100 shirt I did see you on one of the laps monkeybrain.

    BB - I have no photos but they are apparently uploading some to the trailplus site soon.

  • Does anyone know where the results are being posted? The website gives. Link but there's nothing attached
  • I certainly underestimated it.It was quite funny because as we got out of the car we just went quiet when it dawned on us what was ahead!  Wasn't quite prepared for ALL of it to be off road! The Beast was a killer but I expected that. I did try and run a few feet up it in the last lap but not much alas. I found the toughest part- and the least enjoyable- was going ACROSS the open slopes as my feet kept on slipping sideways in my shoes due to the camber.. I didn't mind the woods but found it difficult to run in due to the roots etc- but I guess that's my inexperience in trail running. I went over on my ankle a few timesimage..On the road I can go sub 4 ( 3:50 ish). This one took me over 5 hours!  Today my quads feel like they've been bashed by a hammer and I guess that's due to the downhills. I did pluck up courage and tried to run down the big hill in not so tiptoey a fashion as I did in the first lap and I quite enjoyed that bit but I'm still a bit lily -livered when it comes to going down at full speed as I was scared of tripping over the long grass! image. A very well organised event though with fantastic marshalls and feed stations and of course a great goody bag

  • Just looked and results are up now.

    Jenny - There was a coupel people stopped for a breather walking to the registration area image

  • Ha WiB!  *hopes it wasn't me...*

    Just seen the results and in those immortal words of Simon Cowell I was 'distinctly average'  at place number 60! Interesting set of results with only 10 below 4 hours. Shows how tough it was I guess

    Although my quads feel extremely tender I feel really well in myself and tentatively thinking of trying another trail run. One day. Not quite yet....image. Dreading tomorrow though. I left my bike at work and have a long walk in the morning image. And all the classes that I teach at work are on upper storeys...

  • I am sure it wasn't you Jenny!

    Definitely not an easy course image I seem to ahve got away without any noticable damage though, went for an easy 60 mins yesterday with no problems.

  • Loved the race, finished the marathon in 4 hrs 13mins!

    I didn't have a thames path 100 top on (haven't earned one yet!) but spoke to a lot of people on the way round including a really tall guy who did have a TP100 top on.. The course was awesome and the beast was a killer. I took the first lap fairly easy and figured from there that if you have to go down hills that steep its easier to go with gravity rather than try and beat it. I topped out at 5.07mins/ mile coming downhill at one point, it was soo much fun! I too ache in some strange places but will go out tonight and see how my body has held up. Will be back next year for this one.


  • Well done MB. Great time for that course.

  • I can't believe how sore my quads are still today- it is years since I suffered like this after a marathon.image I feel fine in myself but it is still very very painful going up and down stairs. Maybe I've lost some strength in my legs as I don't cycle as much as I used to or maybe it's simply the inexperience of down-hill running! 

  • Thanks WiB, I'm well pleased with that! I read a pretty cool book on fell running that gave me lots of tips and inspiration for the hills, its called 'Feet in the Cloud: A Tale of Fell Running'. Def worth a read if you're interested.

    What's next on peoples agenda? I've entered Freith Hilly 10k and the Rugged Radnage 10k. Both are local for me and they are awesome races for support and a tough course, albeit a bit shorter that the B&B.

  • Caesars Camp 50 in 4 weeks. Looking forward to it. I read Feet in the Clouds a while back, a great book.

  • Awesome! Good luck WiB. Hope to run into you again sometime!


  • Cheers MB. I will be at TP100 most likely, although not running so pop over to the Ultra section as no doubt you will find a few people on there doing it.

    I put a little bit together on the race from Sat if anyone needs to waste a couple of minutes! http://ultrapaulo.wordpress.com

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