Looking for a good cheap to get to, stay & race european race 2013

Hi all, Looking to do first european race next year with partner and looking for a nice half marathon or half & full together, We are on a tight budget so looking for cheap break & race. Have access to ferries nearby to rotterdam/bruge also would consider ferry to denmark or france or cheap flights.


  • JeremyGJeremyG ✭✭✭

    Don't know if Rottedam or Amsterdam has a half the same day.
    Prague can be done cheaply, I did the marathon there last year and they run a half as well, not sure on the timings though.  Done Amsterdam too which is also good. If you want both together on same day you may have to look at smaller races. Good luck!

  • There is a half on the same day as the Amsterdam marathon - from the website it looks like the mara is in the morning and the half in the afternoon. There's such a range of accommodation options there's likely to be somewhere within budget, especially if you're organised to book far enough in advance. No hidden costs either, as far as I can see, such as medical certificates, which can be an issue for French and Italian races.

    Whether the race itself is any good, I'll tell you on 22nd Oct...
  • Good luck & do let me know how you get on, Im doing my first marathon on the 14th (Liverpool) I did look at Amsterdam but felt a british one right fo my first. Next year maybe? Richie

  • Amsterdam is a good one, as RR says.  A couple of years ago the half started an hour or so after the full mara.  Nice and flat!

    We did a club trip, some did the mara, others the half.  You can get cheap flights on easyJet (also from Southend airport now if you live that way).

    Don't know that I'd call it CHEAP, but not very expensive. You could probably do it cheaper than we did, but I like a reasonable hotel.

  • Thanks Wilkie, I want a hotel not a hostel but 2/3 star is ok. Richie

  • It's not Europe, but pretty close - Marrakeckh. 4 hour flight and return tickets for £70-£80 if you go Easyjet, half and full on the same morning, entry fee of around £20, you'll get decent accomodation for a similar price per night and eat out for less than a tenner each.

  • Sounds fantastic, What month is that?

  • Malta - I split a room with a mate - 2 nights accom was 48 Euros for a 3* star twin - Flights £50 - £70 big bling medal & a bit of Winter sun at the end of Feb - Downhill course too. Amsterdam is also a good option & If you can get round the marathon in 3.15 you can then do the half 15 mins later image 

  • Haha sounds good apart from the bit about running a full then a half lol, Thanks.

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