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I am a heel striker who has had their fair share of injuries. I currently run in Kswiss blade light or Kona which are lightweight (250g), use these for ultras no problems. I know I need to improve my running form as I have Been told by a few people that I sit back ( sitting in the bucket). Whether or not I should change to forefoot i don't know and there are arguments both ways for changing BUT I do know my running form needs to improve. I am also a bit lazy and like to just go out and run rather than be spending the whole time thinking about form. I have some saucony fast twitch which I think have 4mm drop, also inov8 230 and new balance minimus with 0mm drop ( not worn NB for running) So should I just try running more in my fast twitch or try running in my new balance? Will they help me run with better form? Or do I need the newtons to help improve my form?


  • I love my newtons but it's still quite possible to heel strike in them if you are that way inclined!!!
  • You are clearly just looking for an excuse to buy another pair of shoes. What colour are they?
  • Lou, how did you guess!

    They are pink of course!
  • i know people tend to dismiss them due to the brand name, but have you looked at Skechers GoRun's? you absolutely can not heel strike in them, i was dubious when i got some (impulse buy at an expo) but i'm on my 3rd pair now, i absolutely love them, they are so comfortable, very very light weight and very responsive, not expensive either, I know a few marathon and ultra runners who use them too, its certainly not a shoe for everyone, but its worth looking into.

  • Do the sketchers bend alot? Just wondering how flexible they are I can fold my newtons in half and I quite like that!!!
  • Marc, had a look, some pretty colours

    Seems to be 3 models so phoned up to ask the diff and the women just read off the website she was useless couldn't answer any questions

    All I want to know is diff between


    Gorun ultra

    Gorun ride

    Do they work like newtons and encourage me as a heel striker to mid foot strike?
  • I've not tried the Skechers, but I know a serious and experienced runner who wears them to race in.

    They look flexible enough - a Gurgle image search shows someone flexing them with one hand as one of the first results.
  • You don't need Newtons to change your form. You can change your form in any shoes, or with no shoes at all. The advantage of Newtons for transitioning is that their full range has a low heel-to-toe drop (4mm-0mm), which means that the heel won't get in the way of you midfoot striking, as it might in a shoe with a very built up heel (like a Kayano, for example).

    Try your new balance minimus for a bit, and then decide if you want to upgrade. Doing some drills will help you with your form. Newton suggest it takes about 6 weeks to transition (in their or other shoes). If you want to change your form you do need to be thinking about form when you run, but the point is that by training your body it will eventually become second nature and you won't have to think about it any more.

  • yes they are very very flexible, you can scrunch them up with one hand very easy, 

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