Which GPS watch to get?

I'm sure this has probably been asked heaps of times before, so if there are any other useful threads please point me in the right direction!

I'm currently doing C25K which I will complete end of Sep, it's going really well and I'm loving it! My plan is to then progress to training for a 10K which I would ideally love to do before Christmas. As a little incentive my boyfriend has said he'll buy me a GPS running watch when I complete my first 10K- I'd really love one, and I'm hoping that my interest in running will continue, in which case I'd like to be able to use the watch to improve/do tempo runs/be more aware of my pace.  

I currently have a Suunto HRM which I use at the gym, just for HR and calorie counting, but their GPS watches are quite expensive. I know lots of people have Garmins- they seem to be the most popular, but I've also come across the MotoActv too...

Any tips on which you would reccommend? What is your favourite running watch? Thanks! image 


  • MotoActv is junk.  It's all bells and whistles and no practical use to someone with a proper training programme.  Pick something from the Garmin range.  Word.

  • I love my suunto gps but if I was just starting out I would go for something cheaper!!! A garmin 110 or the soleus got a good write up recently, I've not tried one though!
  • Try this website for excellent indepth reviews and recommendations. Really detailed, and should help you work out what you need.


  • Thanks for the tips guys, I'll have a read! What would you say is the must-have feature to look for? 

  • The must-have feature is whatever your must-have feature is.  Mine's the ability to add proper, structured workouts.

  • Garmin are due to release a beginners slightly cheaper Garmin called the Garmin Forerunner 10. It works the same as other garmin GPS wtaches but doesnt pack all the pricey features. 

    Garmin Review

  • Ah thanks Ricardo, another option to consider. 

    Those reviews are loooong mingo! Heaps of information, thanks image

  • Nike Plus definately, I don't know why no one has suggested this. I have had mine for about a year now and it's brill. Take it everywhere with me and use it all the time

  • I had a Nike but it died after 14 months - Replaced with a Garmin Froerunner 410 off Amazon - I got it for £130 with the HRM, but must admit I got a darn good deal. I'm hugely impressed with how much better it is at just about everything than the Nike. Had a look as the Garmin 10 (possibel pressie for Mrs Doux), but they were £100 on the Garmin website - Seemed a lot for a quite ugly & patronising watch (Especially in pink for the ladies!) - Go for a 410 - You won't regret it.

  • Hmm yeah I was seriously considering the Forerunner 10 as it seemed like a simpler option to start out with, but is a bit expensive- I do like the green though! Haha...

    The 410 is about £160 on Amazon atm, which could be twice the price of the 10 if you can get any discount on the new watch. Depends how many extra features the 410 has? 

  • Down the side of the page is a list of outlets runnersworld recommends, a couple have discount codes for subscribers if its worth taking a look
  • On a budget, you can pick up a Nike sportband for 30 odd quid and that will give you distance, pace, duration and calories but the battery life can be a pain
  • If you really want a Sportband I'll send you mine - I'm sure I've still got a chip thingy for it too - Not convinced it works, hence why I'm not selling it.

  • Garmin all the way - I use a forerunner 405 and love it. Ive never used anything else mind you but friends (triathletes) also swear by Garmin and have the 910XT (which i am looking to invest in) but if you only run then the 405 is perfect. The only downside i have experienced is for GPS accuracy you need to ensure it is charged 75% so just chuck it on charge the night before. Excellent customer service too - they always send out new bits of kit if there are any problems; they sent me a new watch 1yr on due to a battery failure.

    If you intend to increase your running and compete more which it sounds like you are it will be worth investing - and will soon become addicted to pace, lap times and PB's!!!

  • I have no doubt that the 410 is the best for the money right now. Get it here for £160, reduced from about £330.

    I have had the 101, 205, 405, 410 and reviewed them all, the 410 is the one I use and it's a great watch, I love it. For that price, you can't go wrong.

  • Nike plus is pretty good for running.

    A couple of points, it doesn't record total elevation during a run and it's difficult to get the gpx files off it to upload To other run tracking sites.

    If you want to use the site of your choose get a garmin as they can sink to most with Nike try and trap you into there's.

    Otherwise there sit is ok any way and the watch is good.

    And the best looking on the market.
  • Recording elevation on a GPS device is pointless - it's not accurate enough.  Most sites and applications that you load GPX data to create elevation data when the file is imported.

  • Fair point, but even though gps isn't accurate enough the site is still able o give you elevation.

    What I want is a stat like total distance by that gives total elevation. May be I should just add it up but after a run I would like to know how much up hill work I have done.
  • RunKeeper, Strava, Connect, all give ascent/descent totals.

  • simon teare wrote (see)

    I have no doubt that the 410 is the best for the money right now. Get it here for £160, reduced from about £330.

    The 410 is overpriced at the moment.  Keep your eye on it and it should drop back to around £120 - £130 again.  Although, it may stay inflated until after Christmas.

    I'm hoping the 310xt reduces in price, because it is the most like my beloved 305 (not happy that they stopped manufacturing the 305 - prices for the remaining stock of those has shot upwards too!).  In the meantime, superglue is holding my watch together image 


  • Hang on, you can't rate the 305 over the 410 surely?! It's not a patch.

  • I do rate the 305 over the 410, yes.  And I know I'm not alone.

    Among other things I like the buttons, the mapping and screen readability of the 305.  I've never felt like "upgrading" to 405/410 and wouldn't even consider changing from the 305 if it wasn't for the fact that I accidentally broke open the casing on mine.  I would buy another, but the profiteers are charging the same price range as the new 310XT - which looks like a true upgrade (longer battery life, fully waterproof).

    Don't take my word for it though.  Google the DC Rainmaker reviews for objective opinions.

  • I've got both, the 410 is much better for me - I can run with GPS for 10 hours and the battery is still going, the 305 used to die after about 8 when new, down to about 6-7 now (which I'm still quite impressed with to be fair), I love the size of it, I think the bezel works - I kind of know what you mean about the buttons, but I'll take the bezel on the 410 over the 405 which was very poor. I also like the ANT stick which comes with it. I'll have to give the 310XT a go, haven't tried it, but I do love the 410.

  • I'd die before the battery on either watch image

    If I could run for ten hours I dare say that might change my opinion.  FWIW the 310xt goes for 20 hours.

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