Training setbacks

I recently started running a few months ago, having generally avoided it but keeping fit through circuits/martial arts. After the first few torturous runs I was surprised that I was making good process, and the aches and pains disappeared. Using mapmyrun was a great motivational tool. From struggling to run a mile without several stops I have gradually got upto a 7.5mile run without stopping. Deciding to enter a 10k run at end of September, and since then have been beset by niggles and calf problems. I don't doubt that some of it is probably due to not warming down although I do stretch before going out. Currently though I can do a 4 mile run no problems but as soon as I do a long slow run my calf flare up next day and I have to completely rest for a good few days. I know I will be able to do the distance but wanted to build my cardio up further to break the hour barrier - 10k normally takes me about 67mins. Have read quite a bit about foam rollers and the obvious need to stretch etc but now every time I go out I feel a slight niggle and wonder if I should carry on. It's not that I'm being half hearted or looking for an excuse not to run as since I started I absolutely love it and even a run in the lashing rain holds no fear! Would seeing a physio help do you think or should I just try and really ease myself back in - not long to the race now tho!


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    Most obvious thing is your shoes.  Did you have your gait analysed and select a pair based on this, or did you just pick up a pair from a sports outlet etc?  

    As its only happening after longer distances it might be that you are lacking endurance at the moment and as your body tires, your running style is affected and this stresses your calves more than they are accustomed to.  So it may disappear as your endurance improves.

    I think a trip to a physio may be beneficial as they can look at you bio-mechanics and spot if there is a problem, and hopefully give you exercises to address it.



  • Hmm yes getting my gait checked was on my list of things to do, but haven't done it yet.... I run in a pair of trail trainers i bought off the shelf for rock hopping whilst fishing!!

    Yeah maybe that's first option. A soccer sports had a gel type board you put your foot on to check arch but it didn't seem to work, does the old brown paper and wet foot way of doing it work all that accurately.
  • Too much, too soon, too fast. If you can do 7.5 miles, and you have 6.2 to do in the race, why worry? Relax, slow down, stick with as many 4 milers as you can before the day and the accumulated miles will get you thorugh easy, whilst still building your endurance.

    Better to not break the hour this time (you will if you persist), than "break" your calves and lose training.

  • I wouldn't go by brown paper and wet foot! If you go to a decent running shop like sweatshop, or whatever is near to you, they will be able to do a gait analysis - I think in the weatshop near me they have a camera and film you running on a treadmill. They can advise you which shoes would be suitable and you can take it from there

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