Nike Freerun & Nike Lunarglide: Whats the difference.

After 3 marathons in my Nike Pegasus its time for a change, I've been looking at Nike Lunarglides and Nike Freerun but whats the difference?

It's for marathon training so long runs and also gym work.



  • I'm no expert so could be wrong but i think the nike free are minimalist/racing type shoes that offer the barefoot experience.  Lunarglides are very structured and more conventional like the pegasus.  The soles feel very springy and they are great for mild to moderate pronators (like me).  i think they are lighter than pegasus, i just bought some lunarglide 4's having owned all previous versions in the past.  I have not experienced any real injuries in the time i have used lunarglides and the 4's feel great compared to the others.  i would advise you go for them unless you want something minimal for racing in (in which case i recomend lunaracers).

  • Excellent thanks, so Free run is for the barefeet feel.

  • yeah i think so, though someone might be along later to correct me.

  • last place is absolutely right; Lunarglides are a support shoe and Free Runs are a minimalist shoe designed as an introduction to barefoot style running. If you heel strike, Lunarglides are for you but if you forefoot or mid foot strike then Free Runs could be worth checking out. There is also a fairly significant weight saving with the Free Runs vs the Lunarglides.
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