Beginner in need of a little advice..

I have been running on average once a week for around 2 months now, and before everyone tells me, I know I went about it the wrong way in the beginning; rather than a walk/jog routine I went stright in and my goal was to run 5k each run, and get quicker each time.  This had varied results, bad knee pains (road running?) put me out for about 10 days, a couple of runs where I had to stop etc.. but I am finally now at a point where I can run 5k without stopping and look to better my times each run.

However.. I am now entered into a half marathon in March.. so should I continue to try and get the 5k time down, say perhaps once or twice a week, or work towards my half marathon in March by doing shorter more frequent runs with one longer run per week - by following a half marathon training plan?  

I suppose what I am asking is it about getting the miles in the legs early on or should I just pick up a plan with 12 weeks to go and continue to just improve my fitness etc until that time?



  • You should get a proper training programme, though March is ages away for a half.

  • Laim you've got bags of time as above i would get a training guide and wouldn't worry to much till about jan time. Use the winter just to enjoy running a bit and get better at it.

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