Tri Shorts Required?!

Just entered a duathlon and need some shorts that I can run in, but give some padding.

Can anyone recommend some good tri shorts and also best place to buy?




  • 2XU

  • best place to buy?

  • where do you live?  if you want to try before you buy, then you will need a shop that sells tri kit - and bearing in mind that between brands they can come up slightly different sizes and different fits then it's always best to try and then decide which is best.

    I've had Pearl Izumi and 2XU shorts over the years - the 2XU is my preference. I bought a new pair last w/e and tried Orca and Fusion shorts but the 2XU's still felt the best fit or me

    you can buy online from loads of places but that can be a faff if they don't fit and you need to send them back for an alternative.


  • West Yorks...

    I know what you mean about sizing... Remember going through all this when I started running...

    Maybe a trip into Leeds to Evans and try some on then buy online (if cheaper) when I know sizing

  • if you're going to try in store then in my opinion you should give them the business 1st time around.  if everyone did as you propose then there'd be no shops to try them on in the 1st place!   and I know that many shop owners get pissed off with people doing as you propose - and I don't blame them

    my tenpennorth worth on that subject

  • There is a mountain gear shop in Keswick that charges you ??10 for trying stuff on, it gets knocked off the price if you buy it. Only way he can cope with people using his stock for sizing
  • Don't mind paying the shop price... Just really pisses me off when the store offers the same stuff online cheaper and won't match you when in store.

    Sports shoes used to be really good at price matching, but alas they are now online only now

  • many independents will try to price match - they probably value the business more than the chains.  and for regular customers, they'll offer a loyalty discount to keep you coming back - 2 of the local bike and tri shops I use will do that so that's why I use them when I need new kit.

    and don't forget to factor in the hidden cost that many online retailers use - delivery charges.  I've had some (not tri kit I should say) charging £4.95 delivery for something costing about £8!  they didn't get the order.


  • +1 to 2XU.There's loads of stores stocking tri kit in Yorks, don't think you'll have too much difficulty locating somewhere to try on.

  • I love my Zoot ones, others I've tried have either been too tight on the legs or too loose at the waist.  Also the little built-in pockets actually work, and they have the right amount of padding for me, I'm a bit fussy over having just the right amount and they vary quite a lot between brands.

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