Running hairstyles for those with long hair!



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    Gruffaloeness?  So you have purple prickles and a poisonous wart as well as knobbly knees and turned out toes?  Paints a picture! image

    Where can you get Gliss from LLB?

  • Do what I did cut your hair bloody short, solved all of my hair problems in one go
  • I put mine in a kind of high ponytail, then the last time I put the hair through the hair band I kind of fold it over so that the bottom of the ponytail is held by the hair band too - keeps it all near the top, easy to do and never gets tangled.

    don't know if my description of what I do makes sense though!

  • The Newark facelift?
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    Are you bald SR?

  • I certainly am not!!! I do shave my armpits though
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    Really? image

  • Do you have hairy armpits? I have always thought you were bit ladylike
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    Most definitely not! 

  • Presuming you aren't bald on the head I will stop the inquiry there(despite being curious)
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    No, please continue...

    I'm not ladylike either!

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    A bit harsh but sometimes we need a "man up" post. Sorry Loula has was a bit bitchy xx

    It's alright can do bitchy if you like!

    e.g. Sorry have a life so can't spend hours post run combing my hair!


    Leads to......

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    Do what I did cut your hair bloody short, solved all of my hair problems in one go

    I had a No. 8 last time image

  • I had hair half way down my back, now the longest bits just get below my ears...

    I had this great plan I really though brilliant it means i can get out of bed and stagger into work without caring about my hair, but it's so wrong now it's short it takes longer to sort out in the morning than when it was long it's just spiky, fluffy and all over the place!!

    Am tempted to go Bright Pink for my Marathon with one of those wash in colours, but worried that if it rains my hair will run and i'll just become some sort of pink splodgy Dr Who monster!

  • I find my short hair really easy - I don't mostly bother with doing anything to it for work, only if I'm going out (and then it's just a bit of styling stuff to spike it up).

  • I increasingly used a french plait when it was long, as i don't like the pulling on my head that you get with a high ponytail or bun. But had to use one of those big elastic band headbands secured with grips to keep the flyaways out of the way. Now a bit short for that, so I french plait the top until it's all in, then just tie off the ends so it finishes as a low ponytail or fold under bun. Keeps neck pretty cool this way and can use for cycling/triathlon too as helmet goes on over.

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    try spraying your hair with detangler or conditioner before the race? then tying it up? may help?image

    I found dry shampoo works quite well for this.

    What detangler and dry shampoo do you recommend? I've tried aussi but it made my hair really greasy.

    I use Batiste Dry Shampoo - works really well to absorb the sweat during a long run. Really good if I'm planning to do a tough session at lunchtime and won't be able to wash my hair until that evening.

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