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I have run in neutral shoes(after gait analysis) for a few years with no problems. Lately, Ive suffered from ITB so decided to get my gait analysed again. This time, it was suggested I go for a support shoe as I overpronate( I saw this on the video software). Where I get confused is that the wear on my current pair of shoes is on the outside of the heel and outside of the forefoot suggesting that i may be a supinator therefore needing neutral shoes.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated


  • Keep with the neutral shoes. Go by wear pattern and what feels comfortable.

    Running shops always took one look at my fairly flat feet, said I overpronated and would go through the video to find the one stride proving this - despite a shoe wear pattern which, like yours, didn't indicate that at all. Also, I find anti-pronation shoes are uncomfortable on my feet (dig into the arch) and make my knees hurt. So I stuck with neutral until I went minimal.

  • Thanks for your reply

    I've got to say that I do find neutral shoes comfortable, its just that I have begun to suffer from ITB and it won't seem to go away. It maybe the shoes and maybe something else.

  • There are lots of possible causes of ITB syndrome appart from overpronation - overtraining etc. No point in changing your shoes and then finding the new ones put your legs out of alignment and cause more problems...

  • As far as I remember, OVER correction - ie giving anti- pronation shoes to neutral runners, is a cause of ITBS. I wouldn't go down the more controlling shoe route if ITBS is your problem.

  • Yup. I used to over-pronate. Went with stability shoe, orthotics, different combinations. All contributed to knee pain, ITBS. Researched minimal shoes, better technique etc, went barefoot a lot and did some runs in VFFs. Worked on core control too. Now wear pattern is neutral, not on the medial side. I wear Inov8s mainly for longer runs but do shorter distances in my VFFs, Salomon speedcross or New Balance trail shoes.

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    Running then, a simple uncomplicated activity.

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