Feeling dizzy after run!

After my last couple of runs (about 45mins long) I've been feeling really dizzy. Not sick or faint or anything, just really dizzy as if the room's spinning. It goes after about 5 minutes of getting home. Does anyone have any ideas what this could be?


  • Blood pressure?

    Might be worth mentioning to the GP.
  • i would say blood pressure too.

    i have low blood pressure and i get dizzy all the time, especially when i stand up. horrid!

    go get it checked.

    good luck
  • I'll make an appointment, thanks!
  • May be low blood sugar too.

  • When do you run, have you eaten 3 hours before, could be low blood sugar I suffer from this a lot and snack regularly. I also have low blood pressure, have fainted on a number of occassions after crossing the line of races.

    Try eating more salt to help raise your blood pressure before/after training. I have several doctor friends who say this explains why I crave salt, I tend to shock people with the amount I put on my foods!
  • I am getting dizzy too after a run. But I am already taking pills for high blood pressure! Does this mean that I should take them after the run rather that before?

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