Beginners question


I am a complete beginner and last night went out for my first running session last night, I expected to be sore this morning but I am experiencing sore ribs!! this I never expected. My legs are actually less painful than my ribs. 

Any ideas on what caused this so I can correct it?



  • You weren't breathing were you?

    Depends where on your ribs. What bra were you wearing?, what type of bra?

    If you use a 'squash em all in' then is the band to tight.

    When I was a teen I used to suffer sore ribs, it's not that uncommon, it was explained to me but I can't remember the ins and outs, this moving against that etc. I don't know how old you are but I think this was an age related thing.

  • T.mouse I am 30. I was trying to focus on my breathing and I was wearing a shock absorber bra which felt comfortable but I was bouncing alot but I put that down to my size as I have always been heavier on top. 

    The pain is across my ribcage to the front. 

  • sounds like the start of a long journey of getting a six pack

  • Yes, it could be that you were working muscles that to date have remained dormant, although you should not be bouncing that much how ever busty you are. Check that the sizing of your bra is right and that it's giving you enough support.

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