Compression shorts for women

Can anyone help? I'm looking for womens compression shorts which are a decent length - ie covering quads and hamstrings properly and finishing just above the knee. Men's compression shorts all seem to be of that length, but the ones for women are all too short, ending mid thigh. I have compression tights, but sometimes I don't want to wear the full length garment. Just wondering if trying my husband's compression shorts might be an idea ...


  • I think my skins shorts are fairly long as shorts go!!!
  • I use 2XU tights and shorts. They finish just above the knee and are comfy and seem to work well. 

  • try these

    not above the knee, below the knee but at least not full length!

    365 skins compression calf socks have had a good write up in trail running mag so hopefully the leggings will be good too! and not expensive either

  • Thanks guys for the links.There's quite a price difference, isn't there!

    Do you both wear the shorts for running/racing, or for recovery afterwards?

  • Skins stuff is great quality, but I find their capri length tights to be very tight around the calf. I wear a pair of the A200 series for running and also sometimes for recovery, but I'm never sure whether to wear them as low on the calf as possible or just below the knee. Either way is slightly uncomfortable at times as they're so bloody tight, which is of course what they're supposed to be like. I also got a pair of the Skins A400 series capri tights to try but they had a whole bunch of seams running over and around the knee area and at the back of the knee too and it just irritated me too much to wear them for running in at all so I resold them. Prices, yeah. I got mine cheap on eBay. £16-18 new instead of £60+. Worth trying if you want to save a few quid and if they don't suit you, you can just re-sell them...

    Thibnk I might try the 2XU ones. I'd also like shorts that came to just above the knee. Compression kit that ends mid-thigh is always going to create some unsightly bulges!


  • + 1 for the 2xu shorts. I'm 5ft 1 and have them in a xs and they finish just above the knee.
  • I have a pair on Skins capris, and I find them very comfortable - they're quite short for capris, so not much longer than long shorts. If you have a branch of TK Maxx nearby it's worth looking there - they sometimes have Skins stuff, although you might have to dig around to find it. Mine were half price.
  • I picked up a few pairs of skins in tk maxx too earlier in the year, I have full length, capris, shorts and the thermal long ones! Love them image
  • Well, I'd certainly never have looked in TKMaxx for general running kit, never mind compression stuff, so that's a great tip. Thanks.


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