Sore shins

Hi all- I'm new to running; am following a couch to 5k program and on week 3. My shins are so sore it hurts to stand! I don't think it's shin splints (I was a gymnast for 20 years and have had my fair share of those!). I do NOT run on my heels, and alternate between barefoot runs on a foam floor and outside trails runs. So, besides icing after the fact any preventive measures? I know tons of stretches but have never thought of shins!


  • 'I'm new to running' - thats why your shins hurt. nothing to worry about, its a good sighn that you've been working hard. these pains will gradually go on there own untill one day you won't even notice it.

  • I'm not that new to running, This is just the first time I'm following any kind of structured running "program".

    I could regularly run 2 miles without a problem. This pain is something new
  • It might be worth investing a foam roller, and perhaps some compression socks or calf guards. Def. icing, just as you would for gymnastics shin issues. Even if you aren't heel striking, you may be propricepting the floor before you land, which wouldn't be uncommon if you've come from a background of short sprints or gym, as presumably propreception is pretty important to spot your take-offs.

  • Well done on getting off the couch! I suffer with my chins occasionally so do a few exercises before and after a run. I use these:

    Hope they help!

  • If you could regulary run 2 miles, why were you doing a C25K?

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