An Interesting Article On Jelly Babies for Running Fuel...

I've been using gels for my long runs - and not the 3 per hour they recommend on the packet - but I've just been reading this:

What do you reckon?


  • I worked it out to 10-12 an hour. I think his maths is sligtly out.

    Certainly work for me. Ziplock bag in pocket. No stickyness or foil to clear up afterwards.

    I start on them at about mile 16 of a marathon.

  • Never used gels

    Jelly babies and fruit pastilles image
  • Not me but when my friend did her first marathon she used jelly babies had a certain number per mile so had the psychological benefit of watching the bulge in her pocket decrease the closer she got to the finish. She also sort of used them as a reward if I do an extra mile I can have x number of jelly babies!


  • I like M&S Jellybabies, but generally prefer dates or real food rather than gels which I really don't like! Couldn't eat 10 - 12 an hour though!!! My pocket wouldn't fit that many in for a start .....

  • I like jelly babies. However, I would say that this person hasn't done much research into the contents of many of the energy gels on the market. For example, the Gu gels that I use for long runs, are 1 every 45 mins, and contain camomile as an anti-inflammatory, and more importantly, contain branched chain amino acids, rather than single chain proteins, and a significant amount, not just a trace. These don't only provide the protein needed for recovery and to reduce fatigue, but also provide a type of protein that can be used as an alternative fuel source, so that you can go for longer without dipping into your bodies reserves.

  • Julian Graves Jellies are just amazing, much easier to eat and chew on the run, but what flavour do the branched chain amino acids come in, they sound delicious

  • To be honest I don't need research or an excuse to eat jelly babies - I just like them - can't imagine eating anything during a race though.

  • i have always used jelly babies. some interesting points in his article that i hadnt considered but as i hate gels its always been jelly babies.  i may not eat enough (2-3 per mile from about mile 16) but i definately feel a short term benefit after having a couple during a tough period in the marathon.



  • Using energy gels for training is an absolute mugs' game. After much experimentation with running food, including various gels, I've found that the best thing for me is bars of jelly. One 130g bar of Hartley's packs in nigh on 400 calories, and costs about 40p. Not sure whether or not they've got fancy branched techno-acids or any of that stuff, but I do know that half a bar every hour or so sees me right in long fell races.

    Joss Naylor's quoted in that article saying that he just ate normal food on his runs, so if it's good enough for him...

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