Newbie IM/Pirate party weekend

A get-together/meet-and-greet/social/party is in the pipeline for March 2013.  15th/16th/17th to be exact.  It will be held here

Come and do the run (it's a hoot), or if that doesn't appeal, you can stay wrapped up warm and cosy while Gas tackles mud banks, ropes, scree climbing, and getting up to his family jewels in freezing, muddy water - in the dark.

If you don't want to run, you can buy a camping/party pass and just come along for the booze and boogie.
You will need to PM Gas if you want to do this, as only race entrants can request passes.
Obviously, if anyone else enters the event they will also be able to obtain passes for others.

C'mon - you know you want to


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