Skins Compression Tights

I'm looking for a new pair of running tights; I have previously only really worn a basic pair of Nike, or Adidas tights but have been thinking about buying a pair of skins compression tights. Has anyone worn them? Do they make much noticeable difference? Both Nike pairs that I own have gone very baggy so I spend more time pulling them up than anything else.


  • have had skins and 2XU, I would def buy the 2XU again but wouldn't bother with the skins

  • I wear the 2XU ones, which fit tight. I absolutely love them, and I do believe that they make a difference to my recovery, although I can't quantify this.

  • Can I just get a pair of thick lycra tights, and get them in small instead of medium. Seems a lot cheaper image

  • I might give the 2XU a try in that case. Thanks guys!
  • The Nike fit tights give up very little to some of the more expensive ones on the market, and are much cheaper.  Not the basic Nike tight, but the "Nike fit", which usually has a coloured strike down the leg. 

  • I agree with booktrunk, I have a pair of adidas tights rather smaller than I would normally have and they seem to compress me very well, and a great deal cheaper. I have been having trouble with a calf muscle of late, and compression both during and after running seems to help that.

  • Just for info - RW Have just emailed a code for 40% off at Rat Race on 2XU - I git a pair of tights for ??45!! It works for all 2XU stuff. Code is RW2XU40
  • I have the Skins A200 tights and compression works for me. Picked them up cheap on eBay - £16 new rather than £60+. At that price, they were definitely worth it!

  • I too have skins and use the A400 tights for recovery. Tight fit and although i cant quantify the recovery, i always seem to feel better the next day image

  • So these skins or whatever brand do you wear them when running and after, or just after? or just when running?


  • I wear Skins just for recovery after a long run, seem to have an effect. I get mine free but would be tempted to buy in the future if I wasn't working where I do now.

  • I wear them after long runs for recovery. As i say, they seem to work.

  • I wear them on a long run over 10 miles.. dunno about the science of them working i just like how they feel image

  • I had my first run in a pair of 2xu tights last night. I dont know if was the placebo effect or a real benefit of the tights but I ran my best times yet.
  • Sounds good Tri Aims! Maybe they're magic?! image

  • I know it sounds daft but spending X on something to wear after running is hard to justify, I can sort of get my head around paying for something I wear when training image

  • For just running in I've got adidas, 2XU and Nike. All the same, these are for winter training only and just serve a purpose to keep the legs warm.

    I did shell out about £60 this year during marathon training for a pair of Skins recovery and travel compression tights which seem to make a difference after a long run, race or fast session. I dont run in these.

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