Do you have to break orthotics in?


I've just had a new bit added to my orthotics after suffering from plantar fasciitis for over a year. The injury pain has all gone but the new bit around the ball of my foot is really uncomfortable and if I run for 45 mins+ in them then I start to get a blister.

I'm loving being able to run (or plod/shuffle after a year off) but hoped to increase the mileage etc soon.

Anyone know if you have to break orthotics in like you would an uncomfortable pair of trainers?


  • I definately needed time to break in my orthotics.  Started with walking for a few weeks and actually just continued to run without, then slowly built up my running day on day.  Got a few blisters too as I started but seemed to ease off once I got used to them.  I see it as being very different to just uncomfortable trainers because they are basically changing how your joints function.  The days i overdid it I got pain in my hips knees, calf area, definately not worth it!


  • Thanks - will try to take it easy for a few weeks.

  • My pod was able to adjust my orthotics to stop the blistering...might be worth having a word with whomever prescribed yours.

  • I ran 10 miles in mine yesterday after only collecting them Wednesday, big mistake!
  • I did the Paras 10 on the first wear in mine in military boots. They were perfect. BUT, if the lace is too tight on my regular running trainers on the left foot, I get the bit round the ball of my foot really uncomfortable too. Therefore I wear that foot REALLY loose. I think the cut in the shoe is wrong. They are currently being refurbed so I'll try and go for a proper fit in the shoe next time.

    If you think about it, they are designed specifically for you so they shouldn't hurt really.

    Just IMO

  • I wear orthotics to better support my foot (arthrosis in toes), and yes you should definitely gradually ease in a new pair of orthos.  That is according to the ortho maker, and my experience of using them.  Take them on a a relatively 'short' walk, or jog, or run (whatever you normally do) and see how they feel - hot spot / blister potential will show up after a short while (5 or so kilometers), if its going to happen at all. 

    Another thing I do is remove the inner sole of new shoes and use the orthos instead; towards the end of the shoe life (3 or 4 months depending on mileage) I reinsert the original inner soles and put the orthos on top of this.  Usually the shoe has expanded a bit, and the original padding has decreased in shock absorption, so the 'extra' padding now feels good.

  • yeah break them in half as you chuck em in the bin.... worst things ever!

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