Luton Marathon



  • halhal_girl, good luck to your friend in Gloucester.

    How can she miss such a unique opportunity to be a one person relay team?

  • Got my last "big" run this weekend (8 mile) then just a 3 and a 2 then on for the mara!!!

    Still a little worried about the cutoff but just going to try and not head out too fast and then just enjoy it!

    It will be my first marathon and im doing it in sandals! image

    Good luck everyone!

  • No problem, halhal_girl.

    I still have a place if anyone wants it.

    Good luck to all runners next week...I really enjoyed running it in 2009 and didn't think the hills were too bad. I'd say it's about 5 minutes slower than the London Marathon for a 4 hour marathoner and maybe a couple of minutes slower for a 3 hour marathoner image

  • Just completed an easy 8 mile canter across the countryside a fine sunny morning, here in East Yorkshire.

    Hope for the same next Sunday for't race.



  • Good luck for Sunday BP, and everyone else!

  • Cheers acp - going to need it as just getting rid of a chest infection had since last Saturday. Will go out for a slow 3 miler this evening as not run since last Thursday. Hopefully the chest will be fully clear by Sunday - weather is looking very good sunshine and 7-9oC - just like Manchester (I think not) but there again we are in a warmer part of year!!!

  • Hope everybody is ready and fit for Sunday. Weather looks really good, perfect running weather - well so much better than Manchester in April.

    Good luck to everyone.
  • Hope everyone is enjoying taper bliss - I dont mind it to be honest - nice relax before the race! Good luck all, weather looking great image


  • Good luck everyone!! The only problem I have with the taper is having too much time to think about it!! image

  • Thanks everyone for the good wishes.

    Weather good for't time of year, forecast between  3-6degC light wind and sunny.

    My 3.58 Pacing band is set hope it all goes to plan.

    Just a 4, 3 & 2 mile jogs for me this week

    Remember Keep on Dancing!!

  • Sorry to hear that BP! I've done so many races when I haven't been 100% I sometimes wonder if it's just not meant to be. Hope you're feeling fine by Sunday and have a good one! Maybe I'll catch up with you on another thread some time!


  • Cheers acp I am sure will be OK (well I will finish). I am sure we will come across each other on other blogs

  • Thanks to whoever it was who posted the Elevation chart earlier in the thread. I have just downloaded my data from the race and thought I would pop up an image of the Elevation output from my Garmin that people may find helpful in future years:

     Edit: Doesn't seem to be displaying very well, anyone any ideas on how to improve it?





  • Had a bit of a nightmare at Luton yesterday - was fine through 18 miles and on 3:55 pace then legs just went into a 'vegetative state' and decided that they would not work the way they should - it was not cramp it was just massive aching pain. Anyway that was end of decent time and finished in 4:18 (worst for 4 years). Weird thing is that 1/2 hour after race legs were feeling great no aches and even today I have no aches - it is almost as though I imagined the race and didn't run. It may have been the hills as only really ran flat marathons before - but can't think it is that as came on so quick and not feeling anything today from it. Very Weird

  • Hey peeps, well done to everyone running yesterday!

    I was really happy with my time 4.45.46, not speedy I know but it was my first one and just meant loads to me just to finish! image

    Bearsted plodder - Electrolites maybe? There seemed to be a few people out there who were really struggling so maybe it was just the amount of hills?

    Andrew - Maybe just a link to your garmin page...ill add mine later to help out image

  • back2basics - maybe as I took on board what I have come to do for a flat marathon maybe I needed a bit more with the hills - worth thinking about for future.

  • Andrew, that elevation chart looks frightening!! I borrowed a Garmin from a friend and can't get the data onto my computer yet - I just wondered what yours had the total ascent as? 

    I had a good race, a PB of 3:26:20, but am quite certain I'd have knocked more off that on a flat course. I really, really felt the hills on the last lap. What a lovely race however. 

  • Great time on that course Amanda - those hills were OK on first lap but seemed to get longer on the next 2
  • Hey guys, here is my garmin page with loads of info...

    I forgot to stop the watch till about 2 minutes after I was done image my real time was 4.45.46....nowhere near fast but im so pleased!

    It was my first ever marathon and I was so happy just to finish! image

    Also its the longest distance that I have run in sandals as well! image

    We were really lucky with the weather eh?!

    How did everyone else do?

  • Thanks for that link B2B, and congrats!!

    My husband said he'd seen a runner in sandals! How were your feet after?

    It was a great day. Having seen 900+ feet of ascent I am very pleased with my time. 

  • that was me!! image Yeah good, had 2 blisters and my achillies was a little tight but apart from that great!

    Going to try maybe a 5k or so tomorrow image


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