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Hi, i've been eyeing up a Camelbak MULE - does anyone have one ?, and would anyone have any related info, i have never had one yet but it looks like a good size and reviews seem good enough. I assume they are waterproof ?

Thanks in advance for your replies ! 


  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    I used a MULE for years when I was a keen mountain biker and it was a great day-back for this.  However when I was marathon training I picked up a Camelbak Octane as it was much better suited to running.

    Admittedly its a good few years ago that I bought the MULE so it might have changed.  I would have found it too loose for running as its quite narrow (i.e. slim between shoulders) and quite deep (protruding from your back) which is great for cycling as it keeps the weight centred over your spine, but not so good for the bouncing up and down associated with running.  

    I'm very happy with the build quality of Camelbak products and it will stand up to showers etc, but its not fully waterproof.

  • I know you said hydration pack. But I used one for years and now I've gone for the Salomon XT wings 5 and its the best 60quid I've spent on anything to do with running. Worth a thought

  • I am having a bit of a clear out of kit I no longer need/use. I have a Camelbak Octane LR 2012 Model for sale if you are interested. Used once, then cleaned the bladder and put away, was a bit of an impulse purchase to be fair. Only looking for £45 for it, they are going for about £65 - 70 new.


     Above is a picture of the same colour/model I have for sale. Let me know if you have any questions, hopefully this might be the type of running backpack you are after.

  • Thanks mr immune, but i made an impulse buy myself at the weekend so am okay , thanks anyway and to the other threads ! 

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