Beginners Duathlon

Hi everyone

Sorry to ask more newbie quesitons but I'm in need of help...I've just signed up to do my very first duathlon (Castle Combe in November) and have a couple of very basic questions as I'm a bit clueless here!

The course is run 2m, bike 10m and run 2m.  Firstly, what type of bike do I need?! Serious road bike??

I cycle about 28 miles/week on mixed terrain but am not really a runner - can anyone recommend training programmes? 

Thanks for any advice!image


  • A hybrid bike will be perfectly adequate for this event unless you specifically want togo and buy a bling bike
    If you havent done any run training then try the coach to 5k plan interspersed with your bike training

  • Louster - I have done the Chilly Duathlon. The run is mixed terrain and is around the outer perimeter of the race circuit,

    The bike is 5 loops of the race circuit and so a hybrid is good. The race is newbie friendly and you will find people doing it on MTBs. One year a guy did it on a penny-farthing.

    You cycle anti-clockwise around the race track and is flat, but you cycle into the wind on the second half of each loop.

    Were you aware Chippenham Wheelers host an open evening at Castle Combe each Wednesday and everyone's welcome. Basically, pay ??2 to them and you can cycle the track as often as you like up to 8pm.

    Sorry, I know you query was about the run and I have whittled on about the bike image
  • Brilliant -thanks for the tips- good to know my hybrid won't be frowned upon;)

    Thanks the list fairy for fabbo Chippenham wheelers tip - I'll definitely give that a go! Cheersimage
  • I might have to check out this race i think it might be my sort of thing and chippenhams not to far, Thanks for the heads up i'm off for a google. 

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