Where did you meet...



  • At a party at a friend's house.  'S all her fault.

    Weeble. wrote (see)

    *sidles in*, so err, anymore socials planned?

    The Pirates are gathering at C******** time.

    And there's this


  • Nurse Ratched wrote (see)


    Weeble. wrote (see)

    *sidles in*, so err, anymore socials planned?

    The Pirates are gathering at C******** time.


    Yes, it's possible to put on a fake eyepatch beard and parrot

    and sneak in even if you've never actually done a triple ironman or swum the atlantic

  • LIVERBIRD wrote (see)

    I lived in France with his sister.

    I practically had to make a sign saying "I am going to jump your bones so watch out" before he got the message. We were not much more than kids. I was 19. He was 21. And I was his first and only girlfriend. He's a bit shit at wooing wimmin.....image

    That's not a bad trait in a husband image

  • Benidorm on a lads holiday 7 years ago. Turned out we had been on the same flight out there and coach transfer but didn't actually meet until the end of the holiday. She lived in the Midlands, I lived in South Wales - about 2 hours drive on a good day. We travelled back and forth to see each other every weekend, she moved to Wales 5 years ago and we got married 3 years ago this month. Randomly we met in Spain, got engaged in Scotland, got married in England and live in Wales. Would imagine those 4 or at 3 of them are the same country for most people.

  • Also forum social in London.  Also not partner of Wilkie or Womble image  Been together just over 9 year and married just over 8.

  • And I don't think you're Mike Frog's partner either?!

  • On t'internet. I was living in North Wales at the time, and he was in Surrey. I don't drive, but he visited me every weekend for two years, until I was able to move. We'll be married ten years in April, together for 12.

  • No, she's SuffolkPunch's OH!

    Saw mine in a pub, met him later at a party - didn't know we were going to the same one! Been together 39 years and married for 32, Got married in Copenhagen and live in southern Germany.

  • That's three social 'couples', and I can think of at least two more image

  • Met my ex on teh interweb (OK Cupid).

    I'm not sure where else I can meet 30-something single women, so if anyone has any ideas...

  • Met my (now) wife on a minibus in Budapest, on the way to do some charity work in Romania. We talked all the way there, through the night, must have been a good eight hours.
  • Just as well the socials are resting?
  • She moved onto my street at the age of 7 then moved away at the age of 9 or 10ish. Her brother was 10/11 when they first moved here and l was 13/14 so we used to have a knock about at footy together.

    Saw her occassionally on the estate and her brother ended up getting a job in the local pub. She was in there with him at the age of 16 or so when l was 23 and l thought she's gonna turn into something else in a few years time.

    She came running up to me around xmas time 5 years ago and we got together for a little over 2 years.

    Yes, l groomed her from the age of 7. What about it? image

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