Last week before race

Hi! I`m doing my first 10K race a week on Sunday, the Stratford Big 10. I was just wondering how I should train for the last week, I intend to run on Sunday Tuesday and Thursday, so far this week I have ran 8K on Tuesday and 10K on Thursday. Should I wind down over the last week, if so what distances should I be running. All advice greatly appreciated!


  • Markie what sort of training have you been doing before this week? If it's roughtly the same as you've put I would be tempted to take it very easy for a week and let your body tamper a bit. If your wanting a good time it will help as your going to be relaxed in your body and also jumping up and down like a nutter raring to go. image

  • The last couple of weeks its been about the same, I`ve not been running regularly all that long, since about May really,  2 months ago I was running up to 5K comfortably and have gradually increased the distance from week to week as I felt my body could take it!


  • Sounds like you have got everything right mate. I would get in a light run the tuesday if you get bored but your body will benifit from the time out next week ready for the race. Other thing is if you pick up a injury that close to a race your going to be grumpy at sin.

  • Thanks Cake, will feel wrong not getting my runs in this week but makes perfect sense, signing up for it was a last minute decision and you`re right, I`d be unbearable if I miss it!

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