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Hi, I recently left the UK to live in the US, but I can't get any of the premium content on the website because I don't have a print subscription to the magazine. But I can't buy a mag subscription because I don't have a UK address any more. I'll happily pay for a web subscription, so please let me know how I can do that. All your messages just lock me out from reading the wisdom!

BTW, I think RW.CO.UK's HM training advice is superior to the US's RW.COM's training program. I've improved hugely following your plan, maybe because I'm a Brit and believe in more speedwork.

Anyway, don't block me and others out just cause we left the Green and Pleasant Land, OK. Or if I've missed the obvious steps to do it, please post how to log in and pay for your great advice.


Half Marathon Record:

2005: 2.24.11 (38 yrs old, 200lbs)

2006: 2.00.02

2009: 1.56.30

2010: 1.53.07

2011: 1.49.04 (44 yrs old, 178lbs)

2012 April: 1.47.06

2012 September 9, plan: 1.44.59!


  • kittenkat, thanks. I love the USA site, but I use UK training plans because there's more speedwork, which works for me. Not sure why there's a difference - anyone know?

    Running the Chicago Marathon on Sunday - my first marathon. Shooting for 3:51. Wish me luck!

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