Sensible September

Just a quickie... in order to provide a little gentle motivation to myself as we move into autumn, I am going to try and run 5km a day in September. If I know in advance I am not going to be able to make a day I can do 10k the day before, but no catching up post an unplanned missed event. Once missed, I've failed! I'll be lucky if I last a week to be honest... I have one other volunteer (who has stupidly also agreed to give up alcohol, but I just can't see that happening!image ) Anyone else is willing to join me, plenty of time to get a run in today!


  • Gladys....

    I am also on a 30 * 30 minute runs in 30 days.... Ie 1 run a day in september

    My rules are simpler - if i miss a run then i can do 2 * 30 min runs another day.

    My reason is its a good rehab technique- lots of short runs where i can concemtrate on good technique/form, without doing too much damage. its also a great way to build run volume without the impact and damage of longer runs.

    We gonna use this thead for motivation/ reporting?
  • 1st 5km in the bag. image

  • Did a parkrun today.. i guess i'm on track so far!

  • 30 of 30 in 30 challenge.

    run 1 done  image.  I did 6.23k (roughly) but thats sort of 5kish......

  • Yep, good to know others out there are thinking alike! 

    Did my first run Ok today, up on Strava if anyone cares.

    I'm trying to keep HR to 150bpm and below (started mid July) until early October, but it does mean I have to go slow (10mm, inc walk break occasionally)

    I might put an occasional longer run in there if I feel inclined ot its needed, but I'm not feeling any obligation to go long / do intervals etc.

    I like the focus on form. I'll think of the "two strings" when I run!  

  • stay with the MAF HR - it works but it takes a couple of months......
    sustainable speed you can keep up 'all day' (ok, 4 hrs) is what you are after, and you dont get that with a HR of 160+ image

    Last year I started at 143 max which was a nice tempo run, and 4 months later, It felt like I really had to push to hit 143, and I had to sprint to do intervals at +5 over that.  My speed at 143 ended up at 7 minute mileing

    I ache today...  Got a 30 min run after a bike tomorrow...... whose idea was this?

  • How many months does the MAF break-in take? Today's Parkrun may take more than a day to get over. Saw 214 on the HR, and currently feeling very very sick image

  • I'm doing 3 months just about. Need to try and get a bit of speed for Ballbuster eventually. Not that I have entered yet!
  • For me KK its about reestablishing some routine, working at getting my fat burning a little more efficient, nothing to do with distance, or speed.
  • Can't speak for the others, but mine is invariably first thing, before breakfast! 

  • Managed Day 2! Another slow plod, but there is a plan... (I hope!)

  • Its a great way to start a day......just realised I have ran on both days so could join in....I have been running 5 days a week for the last month or so,............but so trying to go by HR.......awaiting for my new garmin to arrive tomorrow

  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    good idea folks, the extra run frequency will bring your running on a lot. When I up my running in the New Year for VLM it always responds well. Not sure that 5K will do much for fat burning, but running early doors on fresh air will develop your ability to burn fat if you do some longers runs. I'm fine for over 20M but need some fuel if theres some effort sections in that 20. 

  • Plenty of stretching please - especially the old folk.

    I did this on holiday and by day 8 I could hardly straighten my legs. Although if you are walking 5k like Gladys it shouldn't be an issue.

  • Fallen at day 2. Still feeling sick from yesterday. Away with work, so will have a run focussed week.

  • Day 3 done, though am noticing the stiffnes a little. I don't 'do' stretching, might need to start I guess....

  • if you want to make this challenge a little longer (i.e.number of consecutive days), then Likeys have set up this 365 day challenge - 2 miles or 20mins minimum every day for a year.  details here - and on the FB page -

    Littlefatwelshman who runs Likeys styarted it for himself to get some fitness back but it seems to have blossomed a bit.  

    and we're likley to start it when we get back from hols to try to get some discipline back into our training which has been hit and miss this year

  • Good work Gladys  image

  • It might be the first (& only) time you hear me say this but good idea Gladys!
    I'm going to adapt slightly having only found this thread this morning (& having not done anything over the weekend).
    30 runs (of 5k minimum) in 30 days of Sept for me,  this will ensure that importantly if I need a day off I'll get one and a few double run day sessions will do me good.  No limits on HR though as some intervals will be part of this.  Will commence at lunchtime today.

  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭

    I've done 5k a day for the first 3 days of september so might continue

    FB - I was thinking about the Likey thing - I might just sign up image


  • my signature to the 365 thing will depend on how my PF whinjury feels after this weekend's tri and what it's like when we get back from France.   

  • My opinion (wanted or not) after a PF injury this could probably be the worst thing you could anticipate doing FB  image

  • or alternatively if I manage the PF correctly (am trying some taping techniques) then it maybe a good way of overcoming the issue.  shit or bust approach!!

  • image

    Dont come running to me when your leg drops off  imageimage

  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭

    I've just entered the Likey challenge 

    My legs haven't dropped off yet image

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