Sensible September



  • ahem - wasnt I told that i must take a rest day EVERY week if i needed it or not, not even a few laps of the pool - surely running even 1 mile puts more stress your body than swimming 400m once a week

    i think FB was the main advocate of the rest day image

  • He forgets ...its his age   image

  • Yea but I look older than him image
  • Thats cos you dont take days off    image

  • but Melds - you take days off 

    * now im running away and hoping your not at the Vit next week *

  • 30 of 30 in 30 challenge.

    Day 2 - ok, just an easy 2 hr bike so the 30 min run was ok.

    Day 3 - bike commute i, 30 min run home from brentford to shepherds bush, they loved me on the tube;-)

    The functional training session at lunch was possibly a mistake - ill feel it tomorrow even though i think i went easy)

    Run home was a bit tougher than friday.... But the knee is getting over the shock
  • Hmmmmmm...

    One of these things might be *just* what a fat old cripple needs...

  • Agreed Jj, but I don't think Meldy is doing it?! image

  • *gasp*

    You're a BAD man!
  • Gladys M. wrote (see)

    Agreed Jj, but I don't think Meldy is doing it?! image


    Jj wrote (see)
    You're a BAD man!


  • Cooorrr.... He's getting brave! image

  • Awww c'mon!!! It was an open goal! I couln't not score!! imageimageimage

  • You'll keep


  • DK - yes I am the advocate of rest days but that's for those doing much bigger training loads than the proposed consecutve day training schedules.   if you look at the Likeys plan - it's a minimum of 2 miles or 20mins running a day - for someone who's IM training, that's a warmup!!  similar goes for the 5k for 30 days.   and the 30 or 50 day plans are for out of season training i.e. this time of year and into winter as they'll help get someones base back up to scratch if they've been idle.


  • fat buddha wrote (see)

     if they've been idle.

    which I have.

  • 30 of 30 in 30 challenge.
    Day 4 done. - speed is going down slowly, but I blame the traffic / road crossing etc instead of running in the forrest

    as per Gladys, I'm just getting back into running after a 4 month layoff.
    Rehab person also suggested lots of small sessions concentrating on form.....
    Its also a great confidence booster - I can still run image

  • Day 5 and 6 runs done

    Knee is a little swollen, no pain though.

    That could have been the 2.5 hr ride with intervals yestarday though?
  • I think I'm going to give this one a miss!! image

    The knee's had a bit of a tough summer. I felled off my mountain bike again 2 weeks before the Great Scottish Run!!  image image image It was not happy during the race on Sunday (still managed a PB though by 25 seconds image image)!! So I'm taking the rest of September off running!

    Gentle cycling and swimming only allowed! image

  • This week has been hit and miss, especially with work.

    Last night I twisted my ankle during some intervals. For that reason, I'm out.

    IrO.n Little Sister wrote (see)
    Gentle cycling and swimming only allowed! image

    Same here! Well done on the PB.

  • Good stuff Little Sis on PB,  sorry to hear you and Cat are partners in hopping thoughimage

    I'm still playing my version of this,  started on Monday & 5 run sessions done in 4 days,  mix of recovery, tempo & intervals in there with longest session being 45 mins.

  • I'd like to play too - if this counts so far???:

    Day 1 - 8k
    Day 2-  28k
    Day 3 - 10k 
    Day 4 - swimmy stuff
    Day 5 - 6k
    Day 6 - 10k


  • 5 hungover miles in Newcastle for me today. its a piece of pie running on the flat along a towpath innit, even with a sore head
  • Fabulous idea...though it pains me to say it most mornings!

    I've had a decadent/lazy two months since Outlaw, most intense sessions have been commute cycling, dancing (aka festivals) and a novice rowing regatta so I need some structure.

    Going well so far...

    5k, 10k (race), 5k, 5k, 15k, 5k and aiming for 10k tonight. Little bit cross (read 'overly competitive') that Gladys is now a week in whereas I bailed this morning and went for coffee instead - but I've only myself to blame !

    (which fool is also not drinking for September? Mental!)
  • 30 of 30 in 30 challenge.
    Run 7 done on day 7  image

    calves are feeling it.....
    Sunday may be a challenge as I am off on the Southern Sportive, so maybe I'll have to double up on a subsequent day......

  • Goblin Princess wrote (see)
    (which fool is also not drinking for September? Mental!)

    I can't possibly thinkimage! image

    Run this am done. It felt harder today as I was tired and stiff after a load of travel and drinking and late night, but looking at pace vs HR it was no worse than other recent runs. No better, mind! 

    I am looking forward to a lie in tomorrow, and a nice run at a sensible time. 

    Run tonight GP and you'll be back in the game!

  • realised I had a rest day on wednesday so didn't missed one.......did a long one today...can i call that payback image

  • My rules say no payback, only pay forward! image

    (but I'll let you off this once, coz you're Welsh and I don't like to be seen oppressing the less fortunate of this world!! image)

    (I'm joking before you burn my holiday cottage!!!)

  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭

    I've done the first 7 days, but I only did 2.5 miles one day - will you let me off too Gladys?

    If not it doesn't matter as I'll flounce off and just concentrate on the bigger picture of the Likey's challenge

    Jj - I'm a fat old cripple and I'm doing it, so c'mon image

  • I reckon you could round that up to 3 miles debbo, which is near as dammit 5km!

    Approved!  image

  • I have been for a run - does that count? Not today though, and it wasn't 5k.

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