Sensible September



  • That would be a no then Meface! image You will just have to do it properly in Orsum October

    I however, remain awesome and sensible. Managed 5km running loops at Datchet after a swimble this morning, and jolly fine it was too! 

  • got my run in again today.ran home from church......image

    realisd that although i didn't run on wednesday I walked over 3 miles so that is good enoughimage

  • You've already had permission earlier, Seren! Quit whilst you are ahead! 

    So, did you wear your running kit under your sunday best, or turn up to church in lycra?! 

    I suspect your walking might be faster than my running at the moment though...

  • It was a bit chilly so i chucked some tracksuit bottoms over my lycra shorts.......and my running vest on top..they are used to me..i don't do Sunday best..............My OH brought my trousrs home in the carimage

    My walking is faster than my own running at the moment.............I rarely get above 11 min  miling at the moment.....but I got 30 miles in this week image

  • 30 of 30 in 30 challenge.

    run 8/8 yesterday - got out for  forrest run even though I could not be arsed.

    Today - 8/9 - I missed todays run due to a bonkers ride, but am planning on doubling up on tuesday


  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    OC - did you do the Southern Sportive today ? how did you find it ? I saw lots of the signs for it when I was on my grifter in West Sussex y'day morning, looked like they were sending you up some short sharp climbs !

  • Days 7-10 in the bag.

    Day 9 after a 10 hour shift at the paralympics and 45 mins sleep the previous night, I think I fell asleep whilst running but v.proud #polisheshalo

    I wouldn't have run on about 1/2 the days so far without this challenge, but I am too stubborn to give in!

  • started talking last night and so was running out of time.had to forget about HR and do a speedy 5k.well speedy for me at the moment to get under 30 mins..........felt good to push it a bit.

    todays run seemed easier that recently ran all 3 days this week so farimage

  • 8.5 mile run this morning to complete day 11 - although to be honest, as I'm training for a marafun, and averaging 40 miles a week, this is quite easy for meimage

  • Oh dear.just remembered  i have a marathon next month.......I keep on forgetting that........i can run 12 miles just about at the moment....a marathon isn't much further is it

  • no, its about 12.1 miles Seren  -  you'll be fine, trust me image

  • and snowdon is bound to be flat,..image..............but i have heard the locals have mars bars on offer at the side of the roadimage

  • Was thinking about this. 5km is 3.1 miles but September is only 30 days. 31. for 31 sounds much better.

    I'm a bit behind for Septmeber but I will catch up honest.

  • Run 9 yesterday

    Runs 10 and 11 done today - back to 11/11 image

    TR yep that was the southern sportive last weekend. 190k and i was a bit buggered for the middle 3 was quite tough, and my longest ride forrthe previous 3 months was 4 hrs...

    I suffered
  • 12 down. Nearly half way. Didnt get the clothing right today, frozen hands!

  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    OC - sounds menthol. I never even get to the 4hrs that you default to !

  • Today is one of my rest days for running but managed to fit ina  quick 30 min run between my bike ride and my pilates classimage

    so I don't need any special disposion this weekimage

  • 12 out of 12.....

    I enjoyed todays run as well image

    I think i am over the hump.... The only thing thats gonna get in the way is biking too much
  • Did you run 5k in thst time Seren?! if so, no dispensation required! image

  • 13 out of 13 yesterday
    - lunchtime run planned today.


  • 2 weeks in, still not run since Glasgow!! Being sensible! But I'm getting twitchy, can I last another 2 weeks!

  • Lil sis not long till october

    i ran last night with club and did some 200m intervals to try and get a max HR reading.............and now just ran 13.35 miles....................

    Tomorrow should be my rest day and I will be in nottingham............I will take my running shoes but not sure if i can get one in early or will have to wait until after I have driven the long way homeimage

  • 14/14 done...  phew

  • Ditto, sitill on the wagon and seeing improvement. Almost a minute a mile quicker for a given HR at the moment from start to finish of low HR training. Have to push my speed now, esp downhill.

    Will have to step up the distance a bit at weekends I think. Chilly now, as running whilst light but before the sun is up.

  • You guys are making me jealous now.

    Little Sister - I'm also wondering if I can leave it until the end of the month, for the tri relays at Dorney. Hoping to hit Cardiff half mara 2 weeks after that.

  • Decided I'm going to play on the MTB on Sunday. I've dug out my leg guards especially for it!! image image

  • image

    My ankle survived a beasting on the turbo last night image

  • Half way point - 15/15 - whoop whoop!

    At least 2 of those I'd have bailed on without the challenge.

    Still on the wagon, though it is just plain rude of a short month like September to have five weekends. Will have to have words...
  • I ran very early this morning even though I was staying at the services on the should have been a rest day so glad that i managed to get going.shattered tonight after a long drive home..........

    and another week starts in the morning


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