Lakeland 100/50

Jesus this is filling up fast, it's almost as bad as Ironman!!! image


  • DazDaz ✭✭✭

    Oh dear, I was going to have a good think about this before entering.  

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  • thats because its a briliant raceimage

  • I'm in ... again...

  • Just entered the 50. Already signed up for a 100 miler next year. Wife didn't like the idea of me doing 2 100 milers in a year, specialy as I ended up on crutches after my last one. Can't wait.
  • Just entered! (50 - not ready for 100). I see there are about 300 entries so far for the 50 and 166 for the 100. I suspect the rate of entries will slow down now, so don't worry Daz, you've got a bit of timeimage.

    This is my "A" race for 2012 and is the reason I decided to run ultras in the first place.

  • I'm giving it another whirl image
  • Just entered the 50.

    Doing my first marathon this October, then onto this. Very excited.
  • So, I was thinking about trying to get to all the recces, as a good way of making sure I manage some training in the Lake District, as well as recceing the course. Website says January recce (on the 100 course) not suitable for "beginners" due to possibility of doing the last bit in the dark.

    I'm not quite a beginner, having done NDW50, and having done a fair amount of walking in the Lakes previously, but I've not done much running there.

    Is it worth my trying to get to this, or would I be better off going up a different weekend and say re-doing the Ambleside to Coniston section (assuming I get to the november 10th recce to do it the first time)?

  • Does anyone have any recommendations for suitable training plans?

    I'm tackling the 50 in one day. So far I've done 2x18m runs a week apart as long runs first marathon in three weeks. Do you think by may I should be considering back to back marathons over a weekend to ensure I'm fit enough? Or is that OTT?

    Any advise is appreciated.

  • AndrewSmith wrote (see)

    Jesus this is filling up fast, it's almost as bad as Ironman!!! image


    AndrewSmith wrote (see)

    Jesus this is filling up fast, it's almost as bad as Ironman!!! image

    But around a quarter of the price.

  • True and having done IM and 'easier' 100's I can guess this will be much tougher so value for money in personal achievement terms will be far far greater image

  • Debra I would say it is worth getting to any recce you can. You are in no way a beginner image

  • I would strongly recommend that anybody with aspirations to theLakelandraces gets some practice in on the local terrain!

    I had been in three 100 mile events before I did theLakeland100, but I still had to learn a lot on the job!

  • Did your missus not mind you wearing your innov8's in bed!

  • Andrew, Ben: Absolutely I want to get some practice actually running in the Lakes, but I can't just go up there every weekend like I could back when I lived in Manchester. I'm concerned about the January recce day because on the page "Recce weekends, the basics explained" it says, regarding the sections that are on the 100 route, "Things to note are that these sections are tough and may be done in darkness. Last year during the recce of section 1 (due to take place in Jan) runners were still finishing at 8-9pm in the evening, completing Blacksail Pass and Scarth Gap in darkness. For those of you not familiar with the Lake District, those climbs and descents are not for the inexperienced.." So, I just want to avoid trying to do too much too soon and overfacing myself. I am going to get in some practice night running over the next few months. I'm already increasing my hill work, and I'll be planning days out walking on hilly terrain as well.

    booktrunk: I trained for my first 50-miler (NDW50) this summer by basically following the Ultraladies 50 mile training schedule. There are others around e.g. there's one on the RW USA site. So, back-to-back long runs, yes, but back-to-back marathons, not necessary. I'd advise starting by say adding a 6 miler the day after your 18-mile long run, and work up from there. At present I'm trying to keep "ticking over" for distance by doing a 20+ then a 10-12 about every second weekend (e.g. 21 + 11 this last weekend). From what I've been reading, training for Lakeland 50 newbies emphasises "time on feet", so long days out walking are recommended as well as time running.

  • Thanks Debra i'll take a look at the Ultraladies 50 miles training schedule.

    Once i've got my mara out of the way in three weeks, the long days on the feet sound great, have a dog and a OH who likes walking.  Will do a few wet adventure days over the winter in derbyshire as a good maintenance thing image

  • Enjoy everybody that is running this oneimageimage

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