That nice September breeze..

You can feel it in the air. The humidity has gone. I am the guy who longs for summer to be over, so i can get my running time back on form. The guy who overcooks, when it is remotely warm.

I did my first good run in a while. 10 miles in 73 minutes. A little slow for me, but the first slightly cooler day, where i felt i could breath, and could go out, and give my body a good workout.

I think some people's bodies naturally deal with the heat better, but i can wear shorts during winter, and although i have winter running clothes, i rarely need them.

Is this strange i wonder?


  • I feel exactly the same way don't do well in the heat. I also don't do well in the mornings so long for dark cold nights...

    I did 10 this morning too a lot slower than you but it was nice and cloudy.

    Roll on the Autumn!

    Mind you off to the Olympics later and as my run is out of the way I will have the sunshine back now.image

  • After this awful summer, it was pure joy to get out and run in warm sunshine today (20 degrees up on the fell). There again, so long as the temperature doesn't go much above 30, I'm fine. I have the opposite problem, slowing down when it goes sub-zero, which will probably be in six or eight weeks!

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