One ankle sorer than the other?

Hi, I was looking for a bit of advice. 
Since I started running, I find that my left ankle, around the sides and back, is very achey and sore. I don't seem to have this problem with the right ankle. Is it possible that to run 'heavier' on one ankle than the other?
I over-pronate,never had a GA.. but reading up and judging by the way I wear shoes, I came to this conclusion.

Thanks in advance 


  • 'coming to a conclusion' may not be the best way ... get an analysis done to be sure

    If you are having ankle problems can I assume by this that you have achilles problems? 
    This may well be due to a number of reasons, too much too soon, not resting, stretching, warming down and yes the wrong shoes!

    Without any more information it is difficult to help

  • I started the Couch25k workout, and got to Wk 6 and decided to run for as long as I could. I managed 4.1miles. So for the past few runs, I have been doing just that. I leave between 2-3 days rest in between. I 'think' its achilles problems. I am just a beginner, so everything really is new to me. The left ankle is really stiff in the morning, and walking down the stairs is more like a hobble buts the day goes on, I dont be hobbling, although when I 'squeeze' the back of my ankle I can feel an ache. When I start running, its achey, 

    Before I started running I did look into a GA and sods law that the only place in our town that does it.. The machine was  broke. So I ended up buying a pair of Asics's on the internet. 

  • The C25k programme is designed so that the increases in time and distance are set to minimise injury

    You have an achilles injury and it is likely this is through overuse, give it a good weeks rest, use Ice, compression if you have any and stretch or massage the area until you dont have any pain when you pinch
    If you ignore this you will be plagued by it for years ....

  • Thank you, for your advice. I will take heed and give it rest, and go back to the work out programme. 

    And when better get a GA.  

  • Perfect   image

    Try some heel raises to stretch the calf when it is less painful

    Stand on the edge of a stair with balls of feet on the edge and drop the offending heel a little way, this gets a nice stretch for the achilles (dont come back up on the bad one, lift up on your good leg)
    Also stretch the plantar (the thick tendon that runs under your foot) by rolling your foot over a tennis ball or a golf ball

    Use your injury time to read the injury threads and you'll know what you are avoiding  image

  • Will do.. Gutted that I have to rest.. and those are words I never thought I would utter. Exercise and Myself don't normally go two and two image

    I knew this place would be the best place to guide me in the right direction. image 

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