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I started running in January thus year, and after a little break for a couple of months when i injured my leg, I have really got into my running recently. I have recently increased my distance and tried to work out a good pace over long distances. This week I have managed to do 10 miles in about 1 hour 45, but towards the end of my run I am really really exhaused. The only trouble is is that I would love to do a marathon next year. Any tips on how I can train and improve my distance? Thanks


  • I haven't ran a marathon but I'm thinking about it.

    From what you said above I would suggest you need to get a bit more comfortable over your long runs before you push too much further. I can run 1/2 marathon in 1:45 with out much trouble and assumed if I dropped the pace I would cruise to a longer distance.

    Tried it the other day and felt fine until I got to 2hours then it became gruelling.

    My advise would be to keep working at it, run a couple of halves until that distance becomes comfortable then look at some marathon plans.

    If you look at the easier one of these it is still quite a lot to take on and I would say you probably want enough of a base to be comfortable on a 2 hour run before you start. Week 6 starts with a 3 hour run. That's going to hurt.

    You will probably get much better advise from someone with actual marathon experience on here but as you had no responses so far I thought I'd give you something to consider.
  • Longer and slow, just slow down a bit, and take it a bit further each week, get on a training plan, there are great ones on here, personally I use and setup a plan can choose how far away your marathon is etc...
  • Thanks, slow and steady seems like the plan. Think getting an actual plan in place is a great idea, and keep working at it. May try a 2 hour run at a comfortable pace soon.

    Thanks for the advice


  • 10 miles in 1:45 is pretty much where I was about a month or so ago (including the really exhausted bit!). You've got ages if you want to a marathon next year, I'm doing one in under 5 weeks as my first.

    Just get on a 16 week plan like the ones on here, I started from practically zero running in the preceding 24 months (5 or 6 sub 8 milers total training and the GNR last year, that nearly killed me in 2:09, then nothing until this) and can now run a fairly easy 20 miles in training in around 3:30 but it was hard getting there and took a lot of time doing slow long distance runs which seem to be the trick. I noticed even walking for long sections of the long slow run to recover still massively improved my endurance week on week as it seems to be time on your feet moving that matters, not the speed.

    The biggest thing I noticed while training is that my endurance increased (and speed) significantly as I lost weight - if that is an option for you. I'm over 10 kg lighter than when I started 11 or 12 weeks ago due to decent dieting and sticking to the training plan (6 ft and 94kg to 84 kg).

    The other key thing is to book the marathon now so you can work toward it, keeps you motivated, especially if you book a 5K, 10K, and half marathon along the way so you know where you are up to.
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