want to improve my 10k and 16k times

hi all, ive been running now for just over a year and my times have come down slightly but i seem to have hit a wall as far as speed is concered, when i started i was running 5k in roughly 30min, i have managed to get that down to 22min, also the 10k i started at 60 min which is now down to 50min and so far ive not cut much time from my 16k which stands at 1hr 27min, was just wondering if anyone could suggest anything to help me increase my pace slightly ? just feel like im stuck at the moment lol i have the great south run coming up and id love to have a sub 80 min run

thanks in advance ;0)


  • A similar story to my own.

    Diminishing returns sets in. From the times you've posted above it looks like you need to get more long runs under your belt.

    What is your current training regime?

    How long and how regularly do you take long runs? How long is a long run for you?
  • I'm running 3-4 times a week usually 5-10k my long runs are usually the 16k which I only usually do once a week! Should I be running the 16k more than once a week then ?
  • have been looking at the bupa training plans and with a little ajustment ive come up with this, let me know what ya think

    • mon- 10k (steady)
    • tue -  10k (fast)
    • wed - rest
    • thur - 8k (steady)
    • fri - rest
    • sat - 5k (fast)
    • sun - 16k (steady)

    works out at 30 miles a week and 5 runs

  • Hi c22,

    Sorry for the delay in comming back to you.

    I would up your 16k run to 18-20k and vary the Tuesday run, do some intervals or tempo runs on Tuesday's. Say 10 x 400 m fast with 100m jog recoveries.

    I think this will give you better improvement overall.
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