how to change mouth breath to nose breath?

hi all , i just started rununing 3 month ago , i feel like iam ont the top of the world, it is not  easy but i love the challenge , the issue iam concerned about is breathing , i loose breath easily , i do not smoke , iam  36 female , iam 5 5 , and i weight 135 so iam 15 pounds overweight , the thing is i breath from my mouth , how to change that , and how to build up speed , ? how to deal the lactic acid pain ? thanks lov eyou all




  • You could duck tape up your mouth if you wanted to. But its easiest to just breathe through your mouth - you'll get air much easier that way. My mouth is far bigger than my nose!

    As to building up speed - just keep up steady running - most runs to be done at a pace you could chat at.  It takes a bit of time, but you will get faster. Consistency is the key. 

    Love you too !

  • Dear cougie , thank you so much for your replay , so is it ok to breath from one's mouth ? i did unofficial 5 k in 26 mintues ,  my  goal is to do 10 k  in 3 month any reasonable time to finsih ? thankssssssssssss

  • 54'09" sounds right for a 10k based on your 5k time (well done btw). There are many calculators that estimate your time based on other race times - clicky

  • dear andi thanks a million for you respond , you guys are the best , i feel so much encouraged and supported


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