Help please - Healthy foods?

Hi guys,

I'm sure this will sound very silly, but I'd like some advice on what foods to eat. Basically, I'm on a diet and trying to lose weight. Why am I on a running forum? I am starting running again too image so, I am eating porridge for breakfast every day, with either a banana or some raisins in it, which makes it actually quite tasty (without it, it's so boring)


But for lunch/dinner, I don't know any healthy foods which I like really. For lunch (I work in an office, so there is a microwave), but are sandwiches unhealthy?  I have started eating stuff like noodles/pasta/baked potatoes and stuff, which I know it's that healthy, but not that bad either? The problem is, I don't really like vegtables, which is obviously a pretty bad issue image

What foods are filling, and healthy?

Thanks for any help guys!


  • Hi

    Are there any veggies at all that you like? There are so many ways of making them palatable for fussy eaters e.g. grilling rather than boiling or steaming, adding dressing etc. basically you would be looking at low GI food - just read somewhere else on this forum that for example baked potato with tuna filling is low GI. Sandwiches can be good and bad, depending on filling and how much bread there is, but if you are trying to lose weight you want to keep the bread intake rather low. Apart from what you eat it is also important to make sure you eat small portions but frequently, to keep metabolic rate up.

    Your breakfast sounds perfect image
  • Well, I'm 18 (not necessarily a valid excuse), but I'm awful at cooking. So easy stuff to cook is great - Mum has gone away for a week haha, so I dunno what to do. I have stuff like pasta to cook.

    In terms of veggies, some of them aren't so bad - Lettuce, Peas, well not alot to be honest. I don't mind vegtables like peppers, carrots, onions and tomatoes when my Mum makes them in homemade stuff, like Curry, Chili, casseroles etc.

    I've researched GI a little bit,  but still not 100% sure what it is. I thought GI meant how filling a food is? to make you not hungry? or something? Argh, I don't know. 


    But in terms of losing weight, what foods are good?

    You say eat small portions but frequently. However (i'm not saying you are wrong!) but I heard it is good to eat 3 meals per day, and not to snack in between was very important?

    Argh, I don't know! image

  • All food is good in right quantities... There are various diets that tell you to cut carbs, or fats, but to get the right nutrition you want to keep things in balance.

    Eating frequently will keep you from feeling ravenous and overeating at less frequent meal times, but also will keep the metabolic rate up - if you starve yourself the body goes into energy conserving mode and slows metabolism. 3 meals may be ok - for me it wouldn't be enough and I would feel very hungry and overeat. Having said that, the 'meal' in this case can be a fruit and nut mix, or a protein bar. I gues the old advice about avoiding snacks was directed at stopping you from having a bag of crisp or a choc bar between main meals.

    You probably should log all your food - there are a lot of apps that give you calorie counts etc where you can set your targets

    There is a lot of advice on RW website about nutrition in general as well as which food to eat and to avoid if you want speific advice

    Good luck image
  • Click on here to here  and have a look for Sal's post about her pin interest board. There's lot of easy recipes on there, some that may get you liking vegetables againimage


  • I've lost 3 stone following the slimming world plan plus excercise. Slimming world works on the basis of low fat and cutting out sugar. Therefore you can eat pasta, meat, fish, vegetables, fruit in vast quanties. Meat does need the fat trimming off ( total pain with bacon it's the best bit). You can have low fat yogurts muller lights are the ones most members eat. Pasta, rice, Cous Cous are all good too.

    Mug shots with a salad are a great lunch for at work, try to use less convenience foods and cook more from scratch.

    As for the s a king between meals, that all depends on what you are snacking on, that could be where the damage is being done
  • Have a look at 'Optimum Nutrition 4 Sport' it is a great website. I 'discovered' the site after discovering 'aclimatising to fat burning' in various locations. Including 'Advanced Marathoning' by Pete Pfitzinger. I had never heard of it despite more years of competition than I care to admit! The author is saying that you should balance your carbohydrate, fat and protein intake; not exactly revolutionary stuff! He says that low fat = high sugar+salt. and I think he explains high GI foods saying that they are not good for you and why. I am 'aclimatising' myself at the moment and it is working for me (at the moment) would appreciate other opinions on the site

  • The only problem with reading the site (Optimum nutrition 4 sport) was the author made running a 100 mile ultra marathon sound easy! Consequently, I have entered my first 'ultra' in the Black Mountains 23rd March 2013.... as a birthday present to myself! The logic being that if 100 miles is so easy then 35 miles is just a stroll in the park! I am so screwed am I not? The men in white coats have a new customer!!!

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