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Morning all, 

I've been running aroubnd 4 years, and do 10-25 miles a week depending on what events are coming up. I've stuck with Adrenaline GTS for several years having tried 4/5 makes and models. I can buy 1 pair and instantly run 10-15 miles without issue, and a 2nd identical pair and I'll get blisters within 4-5. The blister is always on the right foot, on the skin between the inner ankle and the sole. I'm on my 6th set and only 2 pairs cause the problems.

So I've just had my gait re-assessed and it's clear the motion control is correct, but my right foot moves in the shoe far more than the left, explaining the blistering on the right foot. 

The advice was to consider orthotics, but this is where I have the problem. Shops like sweatshop describe them as "Designed to absorb the shock caused by pounding the roads". Most articles describe them as correcting pain caused through injuries. Reading the forums here and the view is orthotics should only be used in a neutral shoe.

So my question is, what should I be buying to reduce the movement of my foot in the shoe?



  • Narrower shoes or a different lacing pattern or you could try visiting a Podiatrist for a proper gait assessment, I take what they say in stores with a pinch of salt!!!
  • Tighter lacing or different lacing pattern? Thicker socks? Thin insole in the right shoe under the shoe's own insole?

    Either that, or each new pair you get try them out first before deciding whether to keep them. Most decent shops will exchange shoes as long as they've not been worn outside, meaning you can give them a good test on a treadmill and still take them back if you don't like them. If some of the shoes are fine and some cause blisters within 4-5 miles, it should only take you an hour to work out if a new pair you've just bought are going to be okay or not...

  • I think the suggestion of orthotics seems completely mad, I would try everything else before even considering orthotics. Have you tried what the others have recommended? I would be trying thick socks bulked out with new insoles as a starting point.

  • Have you tried a extra sock on your right foot.
  • Interesting ideas.

    I found out Sweatshop do a heated-moulded insole that has a try-it-or-return-it policy attached. 

    Just need to try it out!

  • I had the same problem and used the solution booktrunk suggests.

    Cheap too.

  • I tried the heat moulded sole and it made things worse. tried other insoles that helped, but it lifted the foot so rubbing started on the heal. 


    booktrunk, your idea is the next one for me to try.

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    The upshot is my ankle muscles are too weak, and the inability to stand on one foot whilst balancing means any shoes are going to be a problem.

    Start with physio next week


  • What !!!

    Just shows you, don't listen to anyone on the Internet
  • Glad you have found what the problem is and can get it sorted, sounds like orthotics were not the answer. For me they took me from 18 months af back problems to running again. Cost £300 but worth every penny as far as I'm concerned

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