Fractured humerus


I'm looking for a bit of advice. I've completed the Couch to 5k programme and was 2 weeks into The Running Bug's 10k programme when, on Friday, I fell down the stairs and fractured the head of my right humerus. Since the arm has to be immobilised in a sling for 4-6 weeks, running is out of the question. However, I'd hate to lose all the fitness I have gained (and sitting around the house is going to drive me crazy). Does anyone have any suggestions for how I can best maintain a reasonable level of fitness please?




  • Hi Kim - I would go with Lunges, and maybe look up some core workouts too.

    Lunges are great training for runners, and there are plenty of videos around on Google/Youtube that will show you how to do them.  I always try to focus on keeping my second toe aligned with the knee and my back straight when I do them.

    Good luck!

  • If you have access to a stationary bicycle, use that. And/or go for walks, if that doesn't jar your arm too much.

  • Step machine in a gym? I'd imagine that could be done one-armed without too much bother. Walking fast on a treadmill set at an incline and holding on to the bar rather than swinging your arms?

  • Thank you to everyone who has replied. You've given me some good ideas. image

  • Good luck!

  • Just thought I'd update everyone. I've been doing some core exercises but unfortunately didn't get round to treadmill work (a combination of being unable to join a gym with a broken arm and lack of motivation). Thankfully the orthopaedic surgeons have cleared me to run so I'm going to go on my first post-injury run tomorrow. I'm curious as to how much fitness I will have lost. I thought I might just jump a few weeks back in my training programme and see how it goes. Anyone have any tips (and thank you for all of your advice before)?

  • Take it easy to start with. Don't get too disheartened about the amount of lost fitness initially, just increase your mileage gradually. Last year I was out for four months and had to re-start with 15-20 minutes gently on grass three times a week (max the physio would allow, given I was recovering from tendonitis). But four months later I was running a HM, and 8.5 months after re-starting I did my first 50K race, so the fitness does come back!

  • Thanks Debra. I won't push myself too hard. I'm just glad to be getting back to it.

  • go for a walk


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