7th Folkestone Rotary Half Marathon 2012

Hi, does anyone know if there is a time limit on completing?


  • no idea, but the last completer to be on the results last year was over 5 hours, so I suspect not

  • Oh that's comforting, thanks . Not sure if ready to do this one or wait for Maidstone half!
  • Go for it - I did a half this weekend (my first) which I wasn't really ready for and I was slow, but I learned LOTS about kit and getting my nutrition/water right. What's the worst that can happen?!

  • I have an ankle injury which I obtained training for the marathon this year, which I couldn't do. I'm just worried trying to do a half, too early might set it off. It still niggles now when I up the mileage plus im only up to 9 miles at the moment .
  • Does anyone know if this is a flat or hilly course?  Looking for a quick run, possibly for a PB on this date. Thanks.

  • This course has two descents (both just after the start) and two ascents (at the finish). The rest of the course is flat as a pancake. I think it would be perfect for a pb as long as there is no wind.

  • Thanks Chris. image

  • The hill at the end is a pretty big one, starts right at the 20km mark. It is followed by a very slight but long and annoying ascent to finish.  Be ready for it!  PB might depend on how windy it is, I will be going for mine this weekend!

  • I'v entered now and as long as I finish sometime on Sunday I ll be happy. Don't forget to wave as you all fly past meimage
  • Definitely a PB course, providing it isn't very windy (it's out and back along the seafront). Basically, downhill/flat right up to mile 12, then a nasty hill (as Marc says, it's a tough one). By then you should have plenty of time in hand. As a rough "rule of thumb", at the 10 mile marker you should be on or about your 10 mile PB and it then becomes a question of holding on to the finish.

  • Thanks David.  How long does the 'big' hill go on for?  Good job I did some hill training last night!  Look forward to catching up with everyone on Sunday.  I think I will be the only Benfleet Running Club (Essex) participant so hopefully easy to spot - aside from the red hair!! Also looking forward to some fish and chips along the seaside afterwards. image

  • oiyouoiyou ✭✭✭

    Shoelaces, the hill is around 300m long and climbs around 30m. From the top it's around 1km to the finish with around 10m climb.

    All measurement are "ish" and from googleearth

  • Sounds like I won't be doing a sprint finishimage
  • Thanks oi.you - only a baby then!  Saw part of a video of a previous run and it seemed much steeper!!  We have a similar hill but longer in Brentwood Half Marathon, Essex for the last mile which is known as Cardiac Hill and which is always good 'fun'......!  Good look to all and no stopping and walking the hill. image

  • The hill probably isn't that bad really. What makes it hard is that it comes very near the end of the race when your legs are already tiring and you've been running for mile after mile at a steady pace on straight, flat ground. The hill is then a "shock to the system", mentally probably as much as physically.

    You run down it soon after the start, so you get some idea of what's in store !

    Nevertheless, it's still a quick course and you can aim for a time considerably faster than for example, the Deal or Canterbury halfs which are much hillier overall.

  • done this today i only started running in january sereously before that it was just proberly 4- 4 miles 3 times a week any way i ran my 1st half last month so i thought well no chance of pb today as that course was very flat . i had to stop at little boys room aftyer 1st half a mile then i thought omg ive got to make that time back even with walking up cardiac hill i still done a pb of 2 mins so im a very happy scott today cant wait for maidstone in 2 weeks time i will be ready for them hills of the north downs image


  • I did a pb yesterday too I think.  Was a nice and cool day and a bit of a tail wind on the way back from Hythe!  Was perfect conditions in my book.  

  • Tough first half against the wind but obviously helped having tail wind coming back in! The hill at the end was a real killer and really knocked me back and out of my stride for a few minutes but still managed to do a PB and come 6th in only my fourth half marathon so have to be pleased with that!!  image

  • Well done Shoelaces - 6th place and a PB is a great result !

    I found the race harder this year than previously. I think the headwind during the 1st half meant we had to work harder during the first 7 - 8 miles (particularly if you weren't part of a biggish group) and it took its toll later in the race. The winning time was certainly down on previous years, which is often a reliable indicator.

    Great race though, as always.

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