walking events

Anyone know of any future events that can be completed by walking whether its 5k , 10k or half or full marathons , don't matter which as i just trying to find some that i may do as i can only find mostly runs and not sure if you can enter them but walk the course instead


  • I know you could have at the GSR today but guess that probably not much help.



  • thanks , good to know for the future . I have also contacted chester half for 2013 to see if I can walk . More events that can be placed here the better as i be able write em all down

  • check out the Long Distance Walkers Association website... they organise lots of long distance races which are done by walkers and runners alike. some of the events are beyond marathon distance, but lots are shorter or have shorter alternatives. for example, i'm doing the forthcoming White Cliffs Challenge in Kent, which has an 18 mile option (which I will run, but plenty of people will walk)....

  • +1 for the LDWA events. Not done any myself as I'm in Scotland and they're mostly in England & Wales, but I have a friend in Telford who's done quite a few of their walks and he says they're great - very cheap, well organised, friendly, you can take your dogs along with you, and he says the food provided is always great...

  • Extreme Energy events are walker friendly - you can enter one day of a multi day if you want.

  • Cancer research do a walking marathon called shine. I did the Manchester one a couple of year's back.
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